Achieve Financial Freedom


Do I have to buy $65.00 of Gold each Week…?  That would be like a solider going into a fierce combat asking his Commanding Officer “Do I have to put Bullets in my entire gun’s chamber”?

When Zig Ziglar’s dentist told him he is going to have to start flossing his teeth, Zig said “All of them?”  His dentist replied “Of course not, just the ones you want to keep”.  The daily success email has been one of our most beloved and well desired product lines we have ever developed and from the beginning its has been a platform of “Inspired Training” with the objective to help you achieve financial freedom.  Therefore over the years we brought to your attention ideas on marketing, prospecting, business, relationships, health, time management, leadership and financial insights.

Our aim has been and will continual to be to help you reach your financial goals and eliminate lack and shortage from your life.

Many people have asked why the sudden exposure about Gold Bullion, for which I would give the following answer.

  1. If you reflect over the years I have written on many occasions on the importance of owning Gold Bullion, and publically stating for years that I been buying it since 1980.
  2. The critical state of the US paper money, economy, debt and coming financial crises.  One may have fire insurance on his home and make no big deal about it.  However, when your house is on fire at 3:00 a.m. you let out a commotion that raises the dead!

Many people think I am exaggerating on the decline of our currency but in an open chart from the US Mint-Federal Reserve they state that it cost 9.4 cents to make a nickel and 1.8 cents to make a penny.  Now tell me how any sane person can believe a nation, a currency and economy that are trillions of dollars in debt can continue to go on as is.  It cost more to make money than money is worth.  The chart attached shows this and you can see at the bottom of chart it’s from the US Mint-Federal Reserve. (Chart brought to our attention from Mentorship student Jai Ray) Thanks Jai for this insightful tip!

Up until now I can see how most of you have no Gold at all, you cannot be blamed for this because you were not educated on Gold Bullion and current currency.  However now that I have been sharing with you this education of Gold and have even given you a plan that the most humble income can afford ($65.00 a week) if you do not start your accumulation of Gold now, when the crises hit you will have no one to blame but yourself.

The wealthy in America are loading down on buying Gold and world countries are stock piling and hoarding it.  You might want to slow down a minute and ask yourself why?  We should all be extremely grateful for the wealthy American business tycoons who are willing to tell us the truth and share their knowledge about Gold.  I can assure you that many other foreign countries do not what you to know about this while they are stockpiling all the Gold they can.

Everyone needs Gold…and you do too!

Don and Melinda Boyer 

“Our mission is to educate you about the importance of owing Gold Bullion so that you can make an intelligent decision about your financial future”

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