The Starting Point

Have you ever needed to tackle a very important but extremely daunting task? You stand there scratching your head and wonder “Where in the heck do I start?” Many times our dreams and goals of owning our own business, how to solve business problems and how to just double and triple our income can be like that daunting task; where do we start?

It can be a confusing, frustrating and fearful phase to be in, however, any task no matter how big, complex, daunting or difficult it may be can be accomplished if we simply know where to start.

The starting point for Success is not skill, talent, capital, networks, tools, ability or support.  All Success starts with…”Desire”.  I remember many, many years ago how a trip to Disneyland forever changed my life and future.  I had taken my children to Disneyland and like many young parents, trying to raise a family, it was not easy.  Those were the days they still gave you tickets to get on the rides at Disneyland (many of you reading this were not even born yet).  Anyway, we had to pack our lunch because I could not afford to pay the high prices for the horrible food they served at the park.  However the change came when my kids asked to have a toy like all the other kids in the park and I had to tell them, “Not this time, maybe next time we come”.  

All of a sudden it hit me like a ton of bricks; “I am not going to live in a realm of I can’t afford it while living in a world of opportunity” I was so angry, so disgusted, so ashamed, so frustrated I wanted to go and Kick Goofy in the nuts! (Excuse my frankness and language). It was that desire that turned me from Janitor to Millionaire.  The key for me was that I had True Desire, not fools gold desire.

True Desire Is:  A desire that will not give in to disappointment, setbacks, challenges, excuses, other people’s negative comments, quitting, pain, work, time, and lack of money, lack of education, lack of experience, lack of skill and talent or the devil himself.

Fools Gold Desire Is:  A wish disguised like a desire but gives in and quits to disappointment, setbacks, challenges, excuses, other people’s negative comments, quitting, pain, work, time, lack of money, lack of education, lack of experience, lack of skill and talent and the devil himself.

The interesting thing is that Desire is not only the starting point; Desire is also the “Sustaining Point”.  You should write that down, imprint it on your mind and tattoo it on your butt if you must, but never forget this insight.

The saddest thing I come across on a weekly basis is 95 percent of people contacting our office who have major business and financial challenges, or stuck in low paying jobs that they hate and tell me with gusto that they want change and success only to be unwilling and refuse to do the things they could easily do to make those positive results a reality. To make matters worse, they then offer me an Excuse Why They Can’t make those changes at this time.  Its like throwing a lifeline to a drawing person in the Ocean only to have them refuse the rope, crying for help as they sink down to spend their remaining days with Charlie Tuna at the bottom of the Sea.  Success in life does not ask us to bring talent, skill, ability, money to start the Success Cycle, it only asks us to start with “Desire”. 

If you have the desire to double and triple your income and/or to improve your life, then I personally invite you to abandon your excuses and come join our Exclusive Inner Circle Membership Group.  We personally Mentor you and send you every month over $300.00 of materials Free and Postpaid.

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The only thing I cannot provide for you is… “Your Desire To Succeed” you my friend must provide that element.  95 percent of you will not, but the 5 percent of you that will, I can without doubt, help you reach your dreams for a better life and income!  Sign up today at 

Until we saddle up tomorrow partner, this is Yippee-I-Yea saying By…just kidding it’s really me (Don) and Melinda!

P.S. If you are wondering what happened to the 95 percent of people that walk away?  I’m not sure but I think they are running after Goofy to kick him!

Prospecting is like picking up Rocks…

Prospecting is like picking up rocks, the majority of them are worthless, a few downright dangerous because they have snakes, scorpions and spiders under them, but there will be those few that are priceless diamonds that fill your bank account with “unlimited wealth for a lifetime” The Mastermind Groupbenefits and results of a lifetime commitment to effective daily marketing is a “unlimited wealth for a lifetime”.  Prospecting is a 3 step process; Pick Up, Inspect, Keep or Toss”.  Prospecting is not about you getting rejected by people, it’s about you rejecting people.  Your marketing system has to be one where every No is an intentional response and result of you First rejecting them as a client.  In a comical aspect it would be like looking for only those who have a brain and people jumping up and saying, “Don’t Choose Me, I Don’t Have One!”  Every No is just like that, and when you view it as such the pain of No’s is not that painful.

Our “Painless Prospecting” and Painless Selling” marketing system only attracts those who I can help and benefit and that are ready to buy while simultaneously flushing out and rejecting those I can’t.

Here are the three main components to double and tripe your income.

  1. You need the right audience
  2. You need the right message
  3. You need the right system 

Here is how we use these components in our company.

  1. Our right audience is the right individuals that have been attracted to us and flushed out the wrong ones with our Painless Prospecting and Painless Selling system. 
  1. Our message is we take the Pain out of Prospecting and Selling as you grow rich. 
  1. Our system to attract the right customer, reject the wrong one and do it fast, easy and painlessly is by giving away our e-book we co-author with International leaders.

However, the main and most important aspect to these three components and what makes them work is my secret ingredient called…

The Bing, Bang, Boom

“The How and Why Complete Strangers

Happily Send Me Hundreds of Thousands

Of Dollars”

I share this secret ingredient on a CD that I make available to all our Exclusive Inner Circle Members.  If you have not signed up to our Free Inner Circle Membership yet, do so today at while enrollment is still open.

In closing, as you prospect just remember, some rocks you keep, most you reject and a few will make you wealthy for a lifetime so keep on prospecting those rocks!

See you tomorrow, and keep sharing us with your friends.

Don and Melinda

“It Doesn’t Make Any Sense”

My older brother Charlie has a saying that drives me and everyone else crazy.  Every time something does not seem logical to him (which is about a thousand times a day) he shouts out, “It doesn’t make any sense”!  Even though his constant statement is as annoying as missing front teeth while eating corn on the cob, it give us a good insight to success and failure in business.

The world of business and the marketplace is a very unique, dynamic to work and serve in because it defies logic and common sense.  However the oxymoron is that although it defies common sense and logic it operates on set principals. If you know, understand and operate on these set principals you will succeed famously, if however you do not know these business laws no matter how integrity based, quality driven your product or service is, you will meet with bitter disappointment.  Let me give you an example.  We offer a very high quality Exclusive Inner Circle Membership free of charge where we send every month free of charge and postpaid (we even pay for the shipping) over $300.00 worth of materials, DVD’s, CD’s and books on the most cutting edge marketing and sales material available on the market to our members.

Now logic and common sense would say anyone with one eye and half a brain would jump on this free offer faster than ants on sugar. Someone would have to be crazy not to take advantage of this kind of offer, right?  I mean please, nobody is that stupid to say no to that kind of offer…right?  Now if we based this free service on that logic and common sense we would have failed miserably. But because business does not operate on logic and common sense but on principals we know that as incredible as this free offer is, only 7 out of every 100 would take advantage of our offer. Then 3 out of those 7 would ask us to stop sending the free package after 90 days because they did not have time to study and use the material.

Someone who does not understand the principal of business and only operates in logic and common sense would ask; “What is the catch? How could you possibly afford to give away $300.00 worth of materials every month and even pay for the shipping?” Or as my brother Charlie would say; “It Doesn’t Make Any Sense”.  The answer is simple.  Only about four percent of all those who say they want to double and triple their income are willing to do the necessary actions to make that a reality.

chriswisebookTherefore logically, we could not afford to offer this free service if business was based on that which is logical, but we do it successfully because business is based on principals.  Can you see the difference?  Is this starting to make sense for you?   Here is another true example.  Many professionals and business people operate their business on high alert to extract money from the marketplace, better known as the customer and then proceed to provide service and products. That is just pure logic and common sense, right?  The problem is, logic and common sense will not fill your wallet with money but instead empty it.

Business principals dictate that in order to get we must first give, before we make a withdrawal we must first make deposits.  This is why our system of giving away high quality products of e-books, printed books, DVD’s, CD’s, and memberships work so effectively in growing our business, customer and client base as well as our income.

If you want to succeed in business you must learn the laws and language of business and realize business does not operate on the premise of logic and common sense. And because of this fact, we see the most talented, high potential, extremely gifted people fail simply because they base what they do on logic and not principals.

In closing let me share with you 5 things to double and triple your income.

  1. Raise your Prices by 20 percent and raise your value and service to your customers and the marketplace by 95 percent. 
  1. Get Rid of nasty, caustic people in your life even if they are big customers, important vendors or long time friends.  These people do not make you money, they take money from you. Listen if you want hemorrhoids the size of balloons, and bleeding ulcers keep dealing with caustic people…you will get there sooner than later. 
  1. Work Harder but smarter.  Don’t torture yourself (and everyone else around you) cold calling, pressure selling, and stress, but instead use our system of “Painless Prospecting” and Painless Selling”.  You will be far more effective, far less stressful and be far more successful. 
  1. Be a Nice Person.  Hey I get it, with all the daily stress in life, dealing with people and all their issues, financial pressures, being an “A” personality and having a pet at home that farts, it is darn hard to be a nice person all the time.  But I have found that having a pocket full of money is the fastest pathway to being a Nice Person!  So the moral of this tip?  Double and triple your income…and for the pet with bad manners, try changing their diet. I think that is what Kramer did with his horse Rusty that ate all those beans. 
  1. Become a Co-Author in our upcoming Power of Mentorship book.  It’s the easiest, fastest and most profitable way to start yourself on the path to a double and triple income increase. 

As always, thank you for referring all your friends, family, contacts to our blog.  Make sure you become one of the top 4 percent who reach their financial goals and join our Exclusive Inner Circle Membership today before we close enrollment. 

O-la until ma•ña•na (tomorrow)

P.S. If you are ever in a store and hear someone shout out “It Doesn’t Make Any Sense” ask him if his name is Charlie?  It just might be my brother!