What’s the Value of Mingling With Millionaires…Priceless!

Over the years I have had the good fortune to associate and work with the highest paid, most well-known and recognized business leaders in the world like Brian Tracy, Bob Proctor, Les Brown, Marie Diamond, Jim Rohn and Zig Ziglar just to name a few. I can tell you from personal experience that the knowledge, insight, information and wisdom that I gained in their presence is priceless.  And it is for this very reason that if Network Marketing did not have a pay structure plan attached with it I would still get involved in it for the priceless education, wisdom, knowledge and insight you gain from associating with Successful business leaders.

Andrew Carnegie called this kind of price less association a “Master Mind Group” and considered it one of the most important ingredients and secrets to wealth acquisition and long term success.  This is one of the Success Principles Napoleon Hill wrote about in his all time best selling classic book “Think and Grow Rich”.  The day you truly understand all the dynamics that Network Marketing offers, you will immediately adopt it as one of your MSI in your business and wealth portfolio.

Network Marketing is one of the most powerful, professional and advanced business structures you could ever get involved in for financial independence.  This is why business moguls and Billionaires like Donald CIMG1014Trump and Warren Buffet endorse and are big advocates of the business model of Network Marketing.  It is the professional structure of this industry that causes most blue collar and the common work force employee to fail in this industry.  You cannot enter the industry of Network Marketing with the mindset, attitude and business habits of the workforce and expect to succeed.

If Network Marketing is anything, it is a professional organization that transforms the working class into the upper class in a very short time and puts people who are on the lower side of the pay scale to the higher side of the pay scale.  Network Marketing does not change a person’s income, it changes the person and that person in turn changes their income.  I am always amazed of the people who join Network Marketing with the goal to become wealthy and then quit because they found out they have to get product on auto-ship every month to qualify for commissions.

This is why they drive around in broken down, junkie old Mercedes Benz that barley runs.  There is only one thing worse than owning an old broken down Mercedes and that is…owning two of them!

What starts the cycle of Success in Network Marketing?  I have found three main things.

  1. You have to be “Fed Up” As my good friend Vic Johnson says, “You have to be sick and tired of being sick and tired”.  Just because people say they are fed up, they rarely are and that is why they choose to only complain about their misery instead of change it.
  2. You have to be “Hungry” The best teacher and example of this concept is my friend Les Brown.  He is a living example of being a booming success that was based on his hunger to succeed.  I remember talking with him on the set of my movie “Embrace the Journey” where we talked about his famous line “If you don’t keep fighting for the things you want, the things you don’t want will automatically take over”.
  3. You have to Get “Fired Up” Fire never continues without being constantly fed. The fire of your desire will quickly go out if you do not keep feeding it.  When your fire goes out your dreams grow cold and your bank account freezes over in lack.  Nothing will throw gasoline on your fire like the inspiration you get from the association and training you get from the Millionaire leaders in Network Marketing.  Your fire can be stone cold blue, not an amber in sight, and you get on a company conference training call and by the time it ends you will be so fired up that your shoes start to smoke!

If you are ambitious, fed up and hungry for success and financial freedom I invite you to invest 3 minutes of your time and listen to this pre-recorded message at 646-222-0072.  If you like what you hear and want to learn more contact me and I will show you how to create a six figure income with our company and team.  You have two choices in life, learn to accept it or take the responsibility to change it.  The choice is always yours.

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Don and Melinda Boyer

Wisdom Gumbo

Today I want to share a mixture of thoughts, ideas, insights and wisdom that I have gathered over the past 54 years of my life.  I call it “Wisdom Gumbo” because today’s blog has no real structure or format and includes a little bit of everything that creates a whole lot of good!

Have Class! One of the good fortunes I had as a child was having a mother who was a very “classy” lady and nurtured and mentored my brothers and I to have “class” in everything we did from how we treated 3people with respect, how we conducted business (she was a true entrepreneur) to how we dressed and groomed our self. ( Here is a picture of myself as a child.)  A couple of years ago I wanted to see how many books I could find on the subject of “Class” and I could not find one book on the subject and it dawned on me the reason why was because so few people have any.  Having “Class” is a real art, and it takes time and work to develop it, however, it is well worth the investment because it makes life so much better for you and others.

Consider The Source  A few months back my In-laws were in need of a new car, so I decided to give them our new honda fit (which was our second car).  Going back down to just our Mercedes, we needed a little run around putt putt car.  So we went down and purchased a new 2013 Nissan Cube.  I will admit this car has a certain look to it, and you have to be of a certain personality to drive one.  When our 6 year old granddaughter first saw it, she looked at Melinda and she yelled out, “Grandma, you got a Toy Story Car!

Anyway, the other day a perfectly healthy man was on the corner smoking cigarettes and begging for money. As I was at the stop sign, he looking at the Cube said to me; “It must get good gas mileage, but it’s an ugly piece of crap”.  My first response was anger but then I realized who was making the remark, a bum (by choice) with no car!  So, the next time someone offers you a rude or mean comment, consider the source.

Work on You Someone once said to me, “Life is not that hard” Are you kidding me, Life will kick your rear end so high up you will walk around Hunch Back.  Life is tough, challenging, as well as rewarding and fulfilling thinkingand in this Journey it is very easy to get caught up and filled up with stress.  Whenever things are not going right, or I am stressed out and feel like I have more projects than time, I know the only way to fix things is to fix me.  Take a time out and refocus on you, your peace of mind, the spiritual condition of your heart and emotions.  Let go of all the heartache in life and give it to God, because the Bible says “He Cares For You”.  It is amazing how much peace can come when you just utter a simple prayer of Gratitude.  We are not designed to be Superman or Superwoman, we cannot be all things to all people so relax and take some time just for you.

Passion Find out what you want to do and then go for it!  Stop dreaming and start doing. Have the guts and the nuts (no class there…sorry) to go after what you really want.  Stop selling yourself short.  Be willing to pay the price, to do whatever it takes to create the lifestyle you desire.  Spark up your passion and go for it.  Bring a death sentence to excuses.  The biggest book in the world is the “Book of Excuses” and most people are best selling authors in it.  Will it be hard? Will it be scary?  Will I fail a lot?  Yes, Yes and Yes…but Success is worth it all.

Love Your Spouse Melinda and I have now been married for 13 years and Loving your Spouceit has been the best 13 years of my life.  She is my best friend, business partner and loyal companion. When you look at us, we are the most opposite kind of people on the planet.  She is warm and fuzzy and loves to be around people.  I am old grumpy and like being alone.  Her favorite time is when we go to Disneyland; my favorite time is when we are leaving Disneyland! But despite our differences, our marriage is Heaven on Earth because we have chosen to “Love Our Spouse” above all the millions of little things that can make you jump out of your skin.

Make a Decision to Succeed All success starts and ends with one thing, making a decision to succeed.  Be it in your health, marriage, relationships, business or finances, when you come to that “place” where there is no more talking, no more B.S., no more farting around, and you come and make that decision, you will find that your success destination is just around the corner…and that is a good thing.

Have You Failed? We all have, therefore don’t sit back, jump up and make a come back! Forgive yourself, forgive others and then hit the F5 button…the refresh button. Start over, start fresh and start strong.

Well there you go, some good old fashion “Wisdom Gumbo” to help you kick start your success into high gear.  Let’s make this week a week we can walk down the street whistling and when someone asks how things are going, we can smile and say…”Business Is Booming”. 

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