“How Much Gold Do You Own?”


“How Much Gold Do You Own?” 

“Leadership Is Not Permission to Dominate, Leadership Is Permission to Protect”

When I look back over the past 34 years of my career I realize that all my Mentors did one thing and that was to help me focus on becoming a “Proficient Leader” for each one knew that Leadership is the foundation of all wealth and success.  They also knew Leadership starts at home, with you.  I was trained at 19 years old by my Mentors on leading myself to develop discipline, excellence, vision, determination, persistence, faith, honor, loyalty, courage and class.  I had to lead myself in these areas before I could ever develop to a point that I could lead others. 

“Challenges Make the Strong Stronger and the Weak Weaker”

Therefore Choose to Be Strong! In whatever profession you are in your ultimate goal is to take on the role and move into the position of leadership. However, many people mistake management for leadership and that is a deadly mistake if you are in the “Team Building Business” which is one of the highest paid professions in the world.  They say if you are a leader and no one is following you then you are simply taking a walk. The true role of leadership is anything but glamorous but in fact one that is of service.  Leadership is many times a very lonely road.  While others are home resting you are up working late into the night and early morning to help and be a service to people.  It is a role that is undervalued and underappreciated.  Most of the time you are the first one to a meeting (setting everything up) and the last one to leave (cleaning everything up).

The crowds enjoy all the value you bring and the service you provide and after the party is over they zoom out with their presents without saying thank you.  This however is a very small price and sacrifice in comparison to knowing that as a true Leader you are changing lives and creating destinies for good people.  And just to put the icing on the cake, it pays so well in income that you will live like a King or Queen with Financial Freedom!  Use your business to “build people” don’t use “people to build your business”!

“It Feels Good to Own Gold”

Don and Melinda Boyer

  “Our mission is to educate you about the importance of owning Gold Bullion so that you can make an intelligent decision about your financial future”

“Professional Finisher”

shaking hands

It’s easy to start things but difficult finishing things.  One of the greatest culprits to success is not learning how to become a “Professional Finisher”.  Millions of people are full of talent, skill, ability, ambition, motivation, knowledge, education, connections, faith, vision, and intention but still find themselves broke, financially challenged and still not achieved their major dreams.  I am sure you know lots of people like this, and in fact you may be one of them yourself.  What is wrong with this picture?  Why are the dream puzzle parts not fitting?  Why is the cake not baked?

In our Mentorship program I deal with the majority of people that fit into this group and help them figure out what is wrong.  After all the mechanics are said and done, the basic underlying problem is that they are fantastic at starting things, they bang out of the gate like a race horse on steroids, they blaze across the sky like a shooting star but never succeed because they have never developed the “Art and Skill” of being a “Professional Finisher”.

Many things come into play when we talk about this subject, because there are times that we must exit from a business, plan, system, industry or product.  Working hard on things that don’t work, don’t make them work, yet this is the plan millions of people are on.  Every business and project has 3 parts;

  1. The Entry (starting point)
  2. The Staying (growing point)
  3. The Exit (sell it, dump it, die and pass it on)

Becoming proficient in these three areas are extremely important if your goal is success and financial achievement.  This is learning the “Art and Skill” of “Professional Finishing Power”.  Our job as far as Melinda and I are concerned is to help people “Save Money and Earn Money” instead of Spend Money.  There is nothing more fun that helping people and making money. And there is no better income than earning income from the efforts of other people.

It’s pure joy to wake up every morning, go to our computer back office and see money put into our account because of the work and effort of those we Mentor, train and teach.  We get paid because of their success!

For all of you who are struggling financially, or who desire to set yourself up for a comfortable retirement or those who hate their job and career, Melinda and I live to help you find a better way, and a way out of those conditions.  And here is the important thing, it’s so simple and it does not cost you a dime to start.  You simply have to contact us and we will show you the way.

You have the skills, talents, gifts, ability and desire, you just need to learn the skill of becoming a Professional Finisher”.

Don and Melinda Boyer

Do You Have The Millionaire Habit?

“Saving a Part of Your Income Each Week and Putting It into Gold” 

“Our mission is to educate you about the importance of owning Gold Bullion so that you can make an intelligent decision about your financial future”

Give Up

Giving-up-quoteSometimes you have to “Give Up” before you can “Go Up”.  Give up?  That sounds strange coming from a Self Help Expert.  Think about it, if you want excellent health and you smoke, you will have to “Give Up” smoking, if you drink you will have to “Give Up” drinking, and if you eat poorly you will have to “Give Up” junk food if…Good Health is your objective.

The same is true in business.  There are some customers, clients, relationships, contacts, networks, products, associates and businesses that you have to “Give Up” before you can progressively “Go Up”.  Giving Up on things that no longer work be it people, places or things is “Never Easy” but “Absolutely Necessary” to move on, move up and move forward.  It is always painful to exit relationships be it business or personal even though they are no longer working and have become toxic.

I am always saddened when I have to finally “Give Up” on someone and walk away.  My Mentor taught me it is the saddest day in the life of a protégé’ when their Mentor steps out of their life.  My medical doctor told me on one visit “When you stop caring about your health is the day I stop caring about your health”At first I was highly offended at his comment but on the way home I realized what he said was right and truthful.

As long as you hang on to and refuse to “Give Up” the things that no longer work or serve you they will continue to eat away your success, energy, time, life, finances, health and business.  People have refused to “Give Up” smoking; excessive drinking and a host of other addictions and those things put them in their grave.  Business owners have refused to “Give Up” bad customers and/or employees and it drove them into bankruptcy.

I do my best to serve and acquire the Right people and discipline; no force myself to “Give Up” the wrong people.  By doing this I am able to do more good for people while at the same time be the best I can be.  Take a look at your life and business and see if there is anything you need to…”Give Up” in order for you to “Go Up”

Don and Melinda Boyer

Do You Have The Millionaire Habit?

“Saving a Part of Your Income Each Week and Putting It into Gold” 

“Our mission is to educate you about the importance of owning Gold Bullion so that you can make an intelligent decision about your financial future”

“Strike Gold”


“Strike Gold”  Millions of people flood into Las Vegas and hit the gambling tables and slot machines with high hopes and intentions of “Striking Gold”.  It is a sad and pathetic system that lures the ignorant into more financial misery, debt and hopelessness. Those that take that route, I don’t blame (not approve) them for trying to drink the pain away.  However, there is a much better and easier way to “Strike Gold” and that is to acquire it one gram at a time.

I have been acquiring Gold since 1980 and the joy and thrill of getting another piece of Gold is unlike any other feeling you can imagine.  To see your wealth grow one Gold gram at a time is exciting, rewarding and most of all profitable.  I am still amazed to watch how Wealthy people amass their fortune, and how financially challenged people blow their money.

Wealthy people are those who build their assets…then build their lifestyle.  I encourage people every day to earn as much money as you can in the field of your choice only take a little of that money and save it in Gold.  If you got on a saving plan of just getting Gold one gram at a time (about $65.00) you could save your way to a financial fortune.

Gold in your bank feels a lot better than having nothing in your bank.  Don’t wait for things to improve, make the improvements now by acquiring some Gold.  I assure you in the very near future you will be glad you did.

“Strike Gold” it’s in your power…one gram at a time.

Don and Melinda Boyer

Do You Have The Millionaire Habit?

“Saving a Part of Your Income Each Week and Putting It into Gold” 

“Our mission is to educate you about the importance of owning Gold Bullion so that you can make an intelligent decision about your financial future”

The Monkey And The Nut That Killed Him…

Every business has 3 cycles; a time to get in, a time to stay in and a time to get out!  For many professionals and business owners not understanding these business concepts gets them into big financial trouble and has bankrupt many.  The timing of these cycles is extremely precise and offer little room for error.  It’s kind of like those big revolving glass doors, if you jump on it to fast your face is going to slam into a plate of glass and you will pick yourself up with fewer teeth than you started with in the morning.  If you exit too late, you are going to catch a foot or a hand in the door jam and you will yell like Hell!

It takes just the right timing to enter and exit on those revolving doors.  I do not know who the genius that invented them was but they should require a fearmedial doctor installed at each door.  Far too many people go into business thinking it is a lifetime ordeal.  The business may have a long life span but it is rare that it stays with one owner or one family.  On the other hand, many people have got into the right business at the wrong time and lost everything they had including their mind.

The other culprit is getting out too soon.  People jump ship because of rough waters, challenging times and slow growth periods.  Most everyone is familiar with the true story of 3 Feet from Gold recorded in the famous success book “Think and Grow Rich” written by Napoleon Hill.  It is the story of a man who was digging for oil and after much time, money and work was invested with no results, he decided to quite and sold all his oil drilling equipment to the junk yard.  An engineer started studying his map and realized that the oil seeker was just three feet from black gold!  The engineer purchased the oil equipment for a few dollars, moved it three feet over from where the last man left off and became a wealthy oil tycoon.

BusinessQuitting and getting out of a business too soon is most likely the number one mistake made by both armature and professional entrepreneurs.  The reason being, business is no place for the faint in heart, the weak, the complainer, the excuse maker, the bull shit expert, or the fearful.  If you cannot make a decision or make up your mind, don’t go into business or it will drive you out of your mind.  For these reasons, many people get into business only to get out way to soon. If you are going to succeed in business you have to be as tough as King Kong and at times it will not hurt to look like him too.

But out of all the three cycles of business, the most deadly culprit and death trap of all is staying in a business too long.  Thus my headline, “The Monkey and the Nut that Killed Him”.  They tell me one of the main ways that monkey hunters in the Amazon Jungle hunt moneys is by taking a coconut that has been hollowed out and drilling a small hole at both ends and slipping in a small nut.  Then they take that coconut and tie it to a tree.  Before long, a monkey comes by and sticks his hand inside the coconut to grab the nut.  When he does the hunters come walking up comely and easily captures him because when the monkey grabs the nut and makes a fist he cannot remove his hand.

Now the money knows what is coming, he is yelling and jumping up and down and trying to yank his hand loose (with the nut) but finds it impossible to do.  All that monkey has to do is let go of the nut and he could easily slip his hand out of the coconut and go free, escaping capture.  But for whatever reason, that monkey will not let go of that nut and thus gets captured.

That is a perfect illustration of entrepreneurs staying in a business too long even though they can see the end coming.  They refuse to let go and get out.  Many times they do not know how to get out, sometimes the emotional bond is too strong, for some they have been beaten down so bad they do not have the strength to let go.  But for too many, they are like that money and choose sheer stupidity and refuse to let go of the nut that is about to kill them.

The three cycles apply not only to business ownership but also to working careers.  Your income, lifestyle, health and peace of mind are determined by your ability to maneuver your way successfully through these three business and career cycles.  One of the most important things you can do before you enter any business venture is have a plan of action for all three cycles.  Know when to get in, know how long to stay in, and most important know when its time to save your ass and get out!

Take a look at where you are right now and ask yourself what cycle are you in? Because the understanding and timing of business cycles are so important, it is critical that you find an experienced Mentor to help you with this process.  You cannot put a price tag on Mentorship, it is priceless and the value is beyond measure.  Cycles are inevitable finding a Mentor to help you is optional (on your part).

Special Note: Relax…When you see my offers they are designed to give you the essential tools and resources you need to help you achieve everything you desire.  Here is where the “Relax” part comes in.  You will only respond to our offers when the “Timing” is perfect for you and not a moment sooner…I Guarantee It!   

When someone does not respond to an offer it is simply because the “timing” is not right for them, and when they do respond it’s because the “timing” is perfect for them and both situations are a good thing! So relax and feel safe reading our resource offers, it’s not about selling its all about timing and you are in control of that not me.

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Don and Melinda Boyer