“How Much Gold Do You Own?”


“How Much Gold Do You Own?” 

“Leadership Is Not Permission to Dominate, Leadership Is Permission to Protect”

When I look back over the past 34 years of my career I realize that all my Mentors did one thing and that was to help me focus on becoming a “Proficient Leader” for each one knew that Leadership is the foundation of all wealth and success.  They also knew Leadership starts at home, with you.  I was trained at 19 years old by my Mentors on leading myself to develop discipline, excellence, vision, determination, persistence, faith, honor, loyalty, courage and class.  I had to lead myself in these areas before I could ever develop to a point that I could lead others. 

“Challenges Make the Strong Stronger and the Weak Weaker”

Therefore Choose to Be Strong! In whatever profession you are in your ultimate goal is to take on the role and move into the position of leadership. However, many people mistake management for leadership and that is a deadly mistake if you are in the “Team Building Business” which is one of the highest paid professions in the world.  They say if you are a leader and no one is following you then you are simply taking a walk. The true role of leadership is anything but glamorous but in fact one that is of service.  Leadership is many times a very lonely road.  While others are home resting you are up working late into the night and early morning to help and be a service to people.  It is a role that is undervalued and underappreciated.  Most of the time you are the first one to a meeting (setting everything up) and the last one to leave (cleaning everything up).

The crowds enjoy all the value you bring and the service you provide and after the party is over they zoom out with their presents without saying thank you.  This however is a very small price and sacrifice in comparison to knowing that as a true Leader you are changing lives and creating destinies for good people.  And just to put the icing on the cake, it pays so well in income that you will live like a King or Queen with Financial Freedom!  Use your business to “build people” don’t use “people to build your business”!

“It Feels Good to Own Gold”

Don and Melinda Boyer

  “Our mission is to educate you about the importance of owning Gold Bullion so that you can make an intelligent decision about your financial future”


Our subconscious mind is designed to prosper, promote, increase, heal and guide us into every good thing and keep us safe at all times.  And the only thing we need to do to tap into those wonderful benefits is to program our creative mind to those things by using our thoughts and imagination to see and think those things we desire in our mind on a constant basis.  When you think about something, mediate on it, dwell on it, and verbally affirm it the time and place will come that you will actually “Believe It” and then you will see those things show up in your physical world and reality.

When most people start off wanting to change their life and results and start using these methods to change their thinking they do not believe in their heart those things are true because they cannot see them with their physical senses and therefore believe those thing they are saying do not exists.

If you discipline yourself to practice these mental skills and determine to think independent of your current circumstances the time will come that your faith will match your thoughts and words and then your results will be the next thing that lines up to your thoughts, words and faith.  Make it a daily practice to say everyday…

“My Subconscious Mind Guides and Prospers Me Today” 

Every morning I set my attention to help 20 people a day improve their life, relationships and finances.  I know without a shadow of a doubt that I can drastically improve any one’s life and help them create balance, harmony and financial freedom in their business with 3 simple tools.  It is my intense desire that we may be a service and help to you to create the life and lifestyle you desire.

Don and Melinda Boyer

“It is my sincere prayer that something I write or something I say unlocks the greatness within you”.  I am asking you to let our team help you create financial freedom in your life through our 1 Year Mentorship Program.  Together we can get it done…I Guarantee it! For information about our Mentorship program email us and we will send you our “Money Magnet” audio that gives you the details.


Daily Success…

“Every day I am on my way to building a better life” Here is a motto and philosophy I live by and brings be spectacular results in life! Why not try it on for yourself and see if it fits?

overcomeToday’s thought and action is;

“Get rid of all the baggage that weighs you down, the little things you know you must do but hate doing!”  Procrastinating on things you don’t want to do but must do is a great energy leak and is like trying to swim across the ocean with a iron ball tied around your ankle.  Cut off those weights and soar like an Eagle.  Your vision and dream will take on a brand new zeal and excitement.

We believe in you…we suggest you do the same (believe in yourself).

Don and Melinda Boyer

Success Requires… Everything You Got!

groupbooksSome surveys report that 95% of people never achieve the success they pursue and some report that the number is as high as 97%.  Whatever the correct number is, the facts are conclusive that more people fail to reach their dreams that those who do achieve them.  It’s easy to dream about the lifestyle and income you desire, we put up dream boards, say affirmations until the poly grip glue on dentures dissolves, we write out goals, visions and statements.  These are all really good and necessary things to do, but we must address in spite of all these positive things we do, why so many fail to achieve their ultimate goals?

It all comes down to this, the high cost of success!  One of the wealthiest men on earth was asked what does it take to be successful.  He said: “It comes down to two things:’

  1. Decide what you want
  2. Find out the price of what you want and then pay for it 

When it comes down to individual success, everyone can afford it, but very few are willing to pay for it.  Have you ever had a booming year in business? Most people and companies have.  Have you ever faced a business slump? Of course, the answer for most professionals is yes.  But have you had a business slump last for 5 years?

I have, and it came right after the best year I had ever experienced.  By the end of the fifth year, I was delirious, exhausted, wore out in every aspect and completely devoid of answers and solutions.  During those years I did everything I knew how to do to turn things around and nothing worked.  I did everything that used to work that no longer worked.  There was not a rock that I did not turn over and by the end of the fifth year I had nothing left.

There was no more “end of the rope” no more “running on fumes” it was the worst business experience I ever faced and although I kept telling myself it will turn around, after 5 years that story gets very old.  But after 5 tough years the dry spell ended, I bounced back and came back stronger than ever and started creating “Record Success” all over again.  What you have to realize is that Success is going to cost you everything you got…and then some.

Here are 3 things you must due to avoid such a dry spell and slump:

stock-photo-17026598-holding-the-sky1. Let Your Hands Go:  I remember watching a boxing match years ago where the challenger was a very talented and worthy contender for the championship belt.  After every round, his corner kept yelling at him, “You have to let your hands go”.  Each round he was moving, dodging and bobbing but not punching very much.  At the last round, his corner told him the only way you can win this fight is by going in there and letting your hands go, there is no other way.  In business and pursue of your dreams, you have to get in there and let your hands go, you got to fight with everything you have, give it all you got and keep on swinging for the knock out!  For goodness sake Jr. get your ass out there and let your “Hands Go”. 

people2. Stand Up and Stand Out:  Standing up is what you do for yourself, standing out is what you do for others.  Standing up is about personal courage, facing down fear, not giving up or giving in.  It is about keeping faith and hope alive, it’s about picking yourself up after every knock down.  Even in the Bible, when great leaders where at the end of their rope and it looked like everything was lost and they were on the ground exhausted, crying and ready to give up, God would tell them, “Stand Up and Get Up”.  Standing out on the other hand is what you do for others. What you do to get noticed in the marketplace and found by your ideal customers.  What makes you different than everybody else?  What makes people want to do business with you instead of others?  What are you doing to make your future customers notice you?  Find out what makes you stand out, and then stick it out and get noticed. 

3. Pay the Price of Success:   Doing many radio shows, the host often asks me at the closing of the program what one last and most important tip I could give people about success.  My answer is always the same; “Success always cost, and it is never sold at bargain or discounted prices, and the sooner you understand and accept this, the faster you will experience success”.

Much failure and misery comes by trying to avoid paying the high price of Success.  Always remember, Good Luck is the by product of Hard Work.  After all is said and done, Success is going to cost you all you got and then some but it is well worth the asking price.  There is only one thing more painful and expensive than the price of Success and that is not paying the and letting your dreams go unfulfilled.

Hope you enjoyed today’s blog.  Thank you for sharing us around the world and at home.  We strive to bring you the best marketing and money making information available and put it in a personal and fun format.  We appreciate all of you who read our daily blog and whatever you do today join our Free Inner Circle Membership at www.DonBoyerAuthor.com

Don and Melinda Boyer