The BIG Tooth!


The other day I had noticed that I been really wound up tight for some time now, and with the work pace that I and Melinda keep its very easy to get caught up in it and not pay attention to mental signals that say “Yield” “Reduce Speed” “Curve Ahead” “Watch Out for Deer” and even the big red one that says “Stop”.   As I was emotionally flying pass all these signs the final one came on Monday morning when I went to brush my teeth and my front bottom tooth fell out and went down the drain!

Now I take excellent care of my oral hygiene and spent 26k on dental implants fixing my smile back in 2006.  When that tooth fell out I looked like a Boxer that lost a fight! As I stood there looking at myself in the mirror and this big giant gap in my teeth it came crashing down on me that I have been so consumed with work that along the way “I Lost My Peace” and now I lost my cotton picking tooth.

If you don’t recognize that you lost your Peace the next wakeup call is you may lose your teeth! It took two visits to my dentist and two days without a tooth to get it back in and replaced. I have one of the top cosmetic dentists in California and this dude is not cheap.  The good news is, it made me kingly aware that I lost my Peace in my heart.  It was a strange thing to happen since Melinda had been gone for two days on family business and I was “home alone”.

For the two days that I sat at home with the wind whistling through my missing tooth I had a serious talk with myself and God and realized the plan and path to prosperity is to keep “God in your heart and Gold in your pockets”.

Peace is the only thing that will safely navigate us through the storms of life and gold is the only road map that will get us through financial struggles in life.  Peace is priceless even though it’s free from God when you ask Him for it and Gold is still affordable that anyone can obtain it.

Position yourself with Peace and Prosperity it really is the only way to live.  My peace is back in my heart and my tooth back in my head, got gold in my pockets and I am a thankful man.

Don and Melinda Boyer

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