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This may come as a surprise to you but I don’t believe in “Salesmanship”.  Now I don’t expect everyone to agree with me on this, nor do I think my philosophy on this subject works for everyone. However, I have created a financial fortune by refusing to be a salesperson and become an “Un-bias Decision Collector”.  When I present an offer or opportunity to someone and I have to ‘sell them on the idea to buy it” that product is not for them.  I let people know up front I am only after a decision not an effort to sell them anything.

Using this format has allowed me to go into every presentation at peace and knowing that I have the prospect’s best interest at heart while keeping clear that I am not responsible for people just responsible to people.

Do you know why UPS drivers are always running and hustling? It is not just because they are good workers, no they drop the package off, get it signed for and then run off the porch as fast as they can because every network marketer in the world tries to recruit them or sell them their product line.  Larry my UPS driver makes deliveries four or five times a week to us, many which are our network marketing products we use and I have never once bugged him about what I take or drink.  Why?  He knows what those products are and if he wanted to know more about them he has this little thing floating around in his skull called a brain and he would ask me about them. Therefore until Larry asks me about them…”No Soup for You”! 

I do have some people get a bit upset when I tell them this product is not for them and refuse to allow them to rape and violate my ear for 30 minutes with their excuses why the opportunity is not for them.  Never let a prospect abuse your ears and time.  A decision does not come with a multitude of shades and versions and it does not take an hour to articulate.  It is a one word element (yes or no) and takes about 3 seconds to verbally articulate.

I stream line who I talk to about our product line by first sending them automated information via reports and audios so they know exactly what it is, how it works, what it can do for them and how much it costs.  Once a prospect goes through all our marketing funnels, when they get on the line with me 98 percent say “Yes” to our offer in five minutes or less.

In the end it comes down to “you cannot say the wrong thing to the right person or the right thing to the wrong person”.  Yes or no is fine with me just give me your answer in nine seconds or less!

This is how you use systems and protocol to earn a six and seven figure income in any industry or any company.  This is what we teach all our Mentorship students in our 1 Year course.

Don and Melinda Boyer

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