Millionaire Habits

The response, excitement, hunger, requests and participation in Gold Bullion that we have been writing about has been mind blowing! Because unlike any other product line, the two things that everyone needs and wants is to save their money and earn more money.  Gold Bullion and the system we use do just that.  To help clarify what the “Millionaire Habit” that I so often write and speak about is, it’s simply a pathway to financial freedom that comes down to the simplistic discipline of “Spending less than you earn and turning what you save into Gold”.

We advocate trade in the fast food, ding dongs, hot dogs, over priced coffee and soft drinks and the billion of other things that are killing and robbing you and exchange it instead for Gold Bullion. Instead of filling your lungs with smoke, your gut with junk and poisoning your liver with booze, fill up your vault with Gold!

This system and practice does not interfere with your current business or occupation, it is simply a wealth plan that works with the current income you now have despite where that income comes from.  People that get upset about this I let them know it has nothing to do with leaving their product or company so therefore their rectal leakage is unnecessary!

Millions of people race off every day in the pursuit of finding financial freedom, but as you well know that path is laden with potholes of disaster.  Most rush off without a proper map how to get there and go on pure desperation, hope and excitement.  That plan will kick your rear end so high up you will look hunch back.  Let me give you a true and tested map that will help you navigate the pitfalls in your quest for riches.  It’s called “The Richest Man in Babylon” and was written in 1926 by a self made millionaire who wanted to give back and help people.  It has helped millions of people become financially free including myself since I read it for the first time way back in 1980 (which by the way was the year I first started in Gold Bullion).

You should read this book, no study this book like a one eyed pirate studies a treasure map.  I have been hoarding and studying this book all these years. If you do not have a copy of the “Richest Man in Babylon” I will send it to you for free.  Just go to this Mentorship link to request it

Don and Melinda Boyer

Do You Have The Millionaire Habit?

“Saving a Part of Your Income Each Week and Putting It into Gold” 

“Our mission is to educate you about the importance of owing Gold Bullion so that you can make an intelligent decision about your financial future”

Save Your Way to Wealth


If you ask any true wealthy person they will tell you that you “Save” your way to wealth, yet the average person is out there trying to “Spend” their way to wealth.  They purchase the flashy car, expensive jewelry, over large homes, exotic vacations, and all the latest electronic toys on the market.  Now I am not condemning those things or saying one should not have them.  What I am suggesting is that style is more of the behavioral habits of a high income earner and not one of a true millionaire.

In fact, you should do yourself a favor a read the bestselling book “The Millionaire Next Door” a study and survey of the average Millionaire and you will learn that they live lives  far different than the average high income earner.  The authors of that book asked one Millionaire what was his favorite beer?  He replied “Free”.  Of course I am not advocating a lifestyle of depriving yourself of the comforts of life, in fact that is one major purpose of financial freedom is to enjoy life and without the finer things in life that is hard to do.

The real question at play as I see it is “Priority System”.  How you go about earning your money, saving your money, spending your money to create and sustain wealth.  If you took out a $100.00 bill and laid it next to $100.00 worth of Gold you would find three major factors at play.

  1. Both are real currency
  2. Paper money is only getting weaker in buying power and going down in value
  3. Gold money is getting stronger in buying power and going up in value

The question is what kind of currency do you want to save and build your wealth on? Do you want more paper money which is of a weaker power or Gold money which is far more superior money?  Your answer to that question will determine your sustainable wealth status over the long run.

Don and Melinda Boyer 

“Our mission is to educate you about the importance of owing Gold Bullion so that you can make an intelligent decision about your financial future”