“It Feels Good To Own Gold”!

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I am here to tell you “It Feels Good To Own Gold”!

Can anyone tell me how in the world we are already at the latter end of 2014? It was just 2012 yesterday…right?  Wow, how time just flies by and that is why the most successful people in the world protect, guard, manage and maximize their time.  They live everyday to squeeze the most “juice” out of each day.  Life is about living, and living on your terms whatever those terms mean to you.  Do you know why most people are not living their dreams…don’t answer that because I will tell you.  “They cannot afford to at this present moment”.  When we come to think about it, it is a sad thing to have so much available to us, so much to have and enjoy and the only thing that keeps us away from those good things is “Money” or more precisely put the “lack of money”.

Now here is the fact, “There is No Shortage of Wealth or Money in the World”.  Wealth does not go away it simply exchanges hands, from person to person, from Generation to Generation.  Think about all the wealthy icons, how much money do you think Henry Ford made in his life time?  Did he get to take one dime of all those millions of dollars he made in his life time? Nope, but his wealth is still here on earth with his family still working.

If there is no shortage of wealth on the earth than why are most people broke.  Why don’t they have their fare share of money to live their dreams? It is due to their personal choice of things.

You get to choose to practice what broke people do and continue to stay broke and struggling or you get to choose to practice what rich people do and create financial freedom.

Rich people spend less than they earn, put some of what they save into superior currency of Gold bullion and increase their earning capacity.

Broke people spend every dime they earn plus money they don’t have on credit cards, don’t have a dime in savings, and search their closets like a pirate seeking treasures to find any gold jewelry they can so that they can go and sell it!

You are on one of these two plans and whatever plan you are on explains your present conditions and predicts your future outcome.  Ask yourself today what plan you are on, it’s a sobering question. Do yourself a great favor and read the book “The Richest Man in Babylon”.

“It Feels Good to Own Gold”

Don and Melinda Boyer 

  “Our mission is to educate you about the importance of owning Gold Bullion so that you can make an intelligent decision about your financial future”

Seasons for Your Harvest


If you ever bought a new car from a dealership you know what a hectic, all day battle that is. In fact after 8-10 hours everyone from sales people, managers and you are wore out bloody mess and you drive off with your new car needing a week to recuperate from that battle.  Welcome to the world of Sales!  Now, do you want to be part of that mess?  I do not know about you but I run from that junk as fast as I can.  The great new is, you can run and operate a professional profitable business and even sales career without using these types of tactics.

You see everything in life is based on “Seasons”.  If you understand that you will know every person that is exposed to your “Offer” is either ready for it or they are not.  They are either “Harvest Ready” or they are Green.  If you eat a green banana it will only give you the runs so why eat it?  I have had many customers, clients and prospects give me the “Monazuma Revenge”. It was my own fault, they were green and I tried to make them ripe or harvest ready.

Today I run a highly revolved, extremely effective marketing system that only deals with people who are “Ready” for my offer.   This makes such a pleasant experience for everyone involved and makes business a “Journey of Joy” instead of a Night Mare from Elms street.  This is the realm of “Non Selling” and one of service and instruction.  The key factor to operate this kind of marketing system and business expansion is to discipline yourself to “Never Eat Green Fruit”.

If someone tells you they are not ready or interested in your offer…”Believe Them!”  They are telling you the season or timing of your offer is not right for them at this time and that is fine.  How will you know if someone is Harvest Ready?”  The entire transaction will be one of ease and joy.  I had the privilege this week end to help one of my team partners Lesley Adams bring on a new wonderful couple into the business and the entire transaction was Energizing” for everyone.

If you want to make more money, have more success increase your joy factor “Stop Selling and Start Sorting”.  That is a Master Key to Riches!

Don and Melinda Boyer

Do You Have The Millionaire Habit?

“Saving a Part of Your Income Each Week and Putting It into Gold” 

“Our mission is to educate you about the importance of owning Gold Bullion so that you can make an intelligent decision about your financial future”

Turn your Paper Money Into Gold

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There are two major things I always strive for:

  1. Multiply my (financial) seed (by sowing it)
  2. Turn paper into Gold!

During the dark ages “Alchemists” would work on trying to mix elements together to produce Gold.  I am told that even people like Isaac Newton and Nostradamus took this study of trying to create Gold serious.  Of course they failed for Gold cannot be manufactured. The interesting thing about Gold is that there is a very limited supply of it and there is not enough for everyone and that is one reason why it is so desirable and precious.  Ask any wealthy person and they will tell you “It’s foolish and financial suicide not to own some Gold”. 

The Alchemist dreamed of taking base metals and turning them into Gold, the fairy tale writer dreamed and wrote about a “Goose that lays Gold Eggs” and the little green man searches for the Pot of Gold at the end of the Rainbow.  

Of course we would all love if these “fictitious” tales were true but we all know they are not but… There is one such tale much like these fictitious ones except this one is real.  You can actually turn “paper” into Gold.  You see, that is exactly what we do when we acquire Gold Bullion.  We are taking paper money (which is losing its buying power by the day) and turning it into pure Gold.  In the end no intelligent person believes that paper currency or paper money will last and is stable.  Paper is paper and it does not have much value in and of itself, even if it is green.  In 1971 Richard Nixon took the US dollar off of the Gold standard making the US currency backed by nothing more than the paper it’s printed on.  This way the Government can print as much of it as it wants creating the illusion that “All is Well and Prosperous”.  Just look at our economy and you will see the wisdom in that theory.

Take some of your money that you work so hard for and turn it into Gold and let Gold work hard for you!

Don and Melinda Boyer


Do You Have The Millionaire Habit?

“Saving a Part of Your Income Each Week and Putting It into Gold” 

“Our mission is to educate you about the importance of owning Gold Bullion so that you can make an intelligent decision about your financial future”

Getting What We “Want” Depends Upon What We “Do”

Business system and competition concept

Getting what we “Want” depends upon what we “Do”.  Everyone wants things but very few are willing to do the things that will get them the things that they want.  I use to think this was a strange thing but I have learned that this is simply the natural behavior patterns of one’s deep seated beliefs and past conditioning.  And this program keeps running keeping us on the same pathway and keeping from us the things we truly want and desire.  It’s a vicious cycle but the good news is it can be broken.

No matter what business or enterprise you are in, 99.9 percent of you reading this want to become financially independent.  Here is the financial freedom plan that will allow you to become wealthy while you maintain your current business and enterprise.

  1. MSI Multiple Streams of Income.  If you research any multimillionaire you will find they all have multiple streams of income.  It is one of the most fundamental and non negotiable rules of wealth that exist among the rich. Do you have more than one income stream?  If not don’t except to become Financially Independent.
  2. Saving Do you save a certain percent of your income and pay yourself first? If the answer is no, you have not developed the wealth habit and cannot expect to become rich and financially independent.
  3. Currency Are you consistently moving a portion of your paper money (which is losing buying power each day) into Gold money which is growing stronger each day and has been for the past 6000 years? If you are not, then you have the possibility of being a high income earner but not positioning yourself to become financially independent in the future. Please remember “high incomes” do not create financial independence, they only create a false sense of security that will eventually cause you to come crashing down to earth like a lead balloon falling out of the sky.

There are only two ways to create wealth, money at work and people at work. The rich use the system of “people” at work (employees, teams, and/or down lines in NM) but the wealthy use both money and people to create and sustain wealth and financial freedom.  Make sure you are maximizing your earning potential to hit your destination of financial freedom by using these three methods of wealth.  I will be happy to teach you how I maximize business, money and profits.

Don and Melinda Boyer


“Our mission is to educate you about the importance of owing Gold Bullion so that you can make an intelligent decision about your financial future”

“Passion” or “Panic”?

Gold Book

“Passion” or “Panic”?  We are going about to grow our business from a position of Passion or position of Panic.  All selling and marketing should stem from a position of “Promoting”.  When we go about to grow our business from a point of “panic” we protrude force, struggle, strain, difficulty and stress and that can rarely produce the results we wantand never sustain the results we want.  However when we go about our business out of “Passion” we no longer try to sell, convince, persuade or force our way to a sale but “Promote our way to a sale”.

Passion marketing and selling is executed through educating, teaching and promoting.  Does a theater try to sell movie tickets?  Of course not yet they sell millions of dollars worth of them every day.  If they don’t try to sell tickets how do they sell so many of them?  By promoting the movie relentlessly through trailers, commercials, billboards, radio, television, internet, posters, flyers, bus signs, bench signs, taxi signs, blimps, fast food chains, and a ton of other menus.

With all this exposure and promoting they never once ask you or force you to buy a ticket.  The entertainment industry is driven from passion about the movie and have Mastered the “Art of Promotion”.  Here is the key, the film industry or theater industry does not worry about who will and who will not buy a ticket, that is not their concern because they know as long as they go about their marketing from “Passion and Promotion” the ticket sales will take care of itself!

My “Passion” is to help people eradicate lack from their life and replace it with Financial Freedom. This is why I am so dogmatic about helping people save and accumulate Gold Bullion. To learn how to take weak unstable paper money and put it into strong stable “Gold Money”.GoldFinancial disaster is about to hit us globally and especially here in America and unless you protect yourself now by purchasing a little bit of gold each week (as little as $65.00) you will not survive these coming crises.  Here are some very important facts about Gold that will give you rectal leakage if you do not own any Gold right now:

  1. If you start accumulating Gold you have a strong probability of getting wealthy
  2. If you fail to accumulate Gold you are almost 100% guaranteed to become broke
  3. The rich all around the world are stocking piling Gold in their vaults and the poor  ignorantly have no clue about that but like a cow going to the slaughter trade whatever gold they do have in exchange for the paper money the rich know has little value.
  4. The rich are doing something about the financial disaster that is about to hit, they are massively stocking up in Gold.
  5. The poor are doing absolutely nothing about the coming financial disaster, and pretend and act as though it is not coming.

Do you think that Gold is volatile and that Gold prices go up and down?  If you do not own any Gold I guarantee you answered “Yes”.  As long as you stay ignorant about gold you will never feel the urgency or create a strong enough desire to accumulate it.  Gold does not ever go up or down in price, it stays constant and stable.  It is the dollar that goes up and down.  Let me give you an example to understand this.

In 2003 I would go to my broker with 3 $100.00 bills and walk out with 1 ounce of Gold. Today I have to walk in with 13 $100.00 bills to walk out with the same 1 ounce of Gold.  The ounce of Gold did not change one bit, but the US paper dollar got weaker, buys less and takes more of them to purchase the same amount of Gold.

Gold is strong and stays strong, but paper money only gets weaker and weaker and will never bounce back in strength…ever!  And this is the thing you are breaking your back for to accumulate?  This is the system of the poor and ignorant and not that of the wise and wealthy.

I have been buying Gold Bullion since 1980 and here is the current system I use that thousands are using right now to grow rich and financially secure.  Accumulate small amounts of Gold each week (about a gram/$65.00) and tell others about this plan. It is that simple and anyone can do it but very few will…that is the sad part of it all.

In fact we have mastered a 12 week plan using this system that thousands are using around the world and earning over $40,000.00 a month.

Take a moment and just listen to these ordinary people who took heed to this Gold Message and are making this type of income on this simple plan.  The only difference between you and them other than their income is they chose to take action on this plan.

Karatbars Testimonials

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It use to be “If you want to get rich you better own gold” now its “If you want to survive you have to own gold”

Don and Melinda Boyer




Short Cuts Never Pay!

Business people

Short Cuts never pay…they cost!  This is why my Millionaire Mentor never took them, nor ever tried to get the “Rock Bottom” price on anything.  He knew that “we get what we pay for” and knew that law cannot be manipulated or beat.  He said the way to the top both in riches and happiness is by buying the best and honoring its price tag.

If you look at the unhappiest people on earth both those who are broke and rich are those who are constantly looking to save a dime on everything.  It amazes me to see gas stations filled to the brim when they lower gas prices 3 cents.  The lines, the people getting mad, getting into fights over the pumps just to save 3 cents.  It’s a miserable way to live.

I felt the pain of this dysfunctional system the other day.  Our normal procedure in our warehouse is to ship all products out UPS.  Since I don’t work in our warehouse and I had a package to ship I thought I would just save some time and ship it out flat rate postal.  Hey it only cost $12.00 bucks what a deal.  The only problem was they messed up on the delivery, the customer never got his package, it made me look bad and I had to resend the package overnight UPS and it cost me $118.00.  It made my Mentors words 30 years ago ring out loud and clear; “Mr. Boyer never take short cuts in life and never worry about saving a dime, to do so will cost you a fortune”.

Look at your life and see if it is riddled with trying to take short cuts and save a dime here and there.  I am told that my mother never washed our cloth diapers (this was in the 50’s) she just threw them out. I guess this is why my father held down three jobs!  Her comments were, “I’m not touching that Mess”.  When it comes to taking short cuts in life and business and trying to save a dime, take on mom’s advice and say, “I’m not touching that Mess!”

Don and Melinda Boyer


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If you have followed and worked with me for any length of time I have shared with you how at the young age of sixteen I would go down to skid road in Los Angeles, California by myself every Friday night and give the homeless people money.  From my teenage years I had this unrelenting depth of compassion for the lack and struggle I see in people. In my early twenties when I would see homeless people tears would stream down my face as I whispered a prayer “Please God make me a Millionaire so I can help these people”.  The reason I do what I do with our Mentorship programs is based on that compassion for people.  On Saturday Melinda and I went to an auction that was for the estate sale of the Legendary Rock Star Tom Petty.  It was not that he died, but went through a very bad divorce and the majority of the possessions had to be liquidated.

As I watched many people with deep pockets pay outrages sums of money for these items without blinking an eye, there were many there that only had a few dollars to spend.  As these people would bid there small bids were soon wiped out by much higher bids and I watched the disappointment and sadness on their face as they were not able to purchase anything.  One lady was there for over 9 hours (we stood 12 hours) always bidding and being disappointed.

Finally an old scarf came up for bid that nobody wanted (his bed was valued at 40k and sold for about 3k) and she got it for $40.00.  The joy on her face was amazing because she was able to get something (that nobody else wanted).  My heart and compassion went out to this lady and sadness filled my heart.  An unbelievable surge of determination once again griped my soul to help everyone I can to become financially independent and enjoy all the good life has to offer.

It took me years of hard dedicated study and tens of thousands of dollars educating myself to find the key and secrets to riches and how to help anyone obtain wealth and financial freedom. And now that I have those exact plans how to do it, I reach out every day and invite and compel people to let me help them eradicate lack and obtain riches in their life.

Many times I feel like Noah preaching to the masses of his time to enter the Ark and be safe and prosper.  Most days I come across people who are “Overwhelmed” with stress and problems.  But do you realize you can be “Overwhelmed” with success, joy, health, and riches!

The greatest gift we can give to anyone is to teach them how to help themselves and this is the true meaning of Mentorship. I hope you make a decision to come join us in our Mentorship family.

Don and Melinda Boyer


The Mentors Code of Ethics:  If you are a coach, speaker, trainer, author or Mentor it is your responsibility to do everything you can to become the best you can be, utilize and maximize every tool in our industry in order to help and reach as many people as you can.  This is the code of ethics of every true Mentor

Earn 100k annually as a Board Certified Mentor: We are the only Official Board Certification Course in the world with Mentorship Curriculum from top International Leaders like Bob Proctor, Brian Tracy, Les Brown, Marie Diamond, Vic Johnson, JimRohn, Denis Waitley, Zig Ziglar and Don and Melinda Boyer. Visit us at: http://www.mentorshipcertification.com/home.html