Why not try mixing “prayer” to your daily routine, you may find that is does wonders in combating stress, anxiety and fear.  A simple prayer of “Gratitude” goes a long way in bringing about peace in our heart and life.  As we all seek to do more, gain more and be more, the overload of this type of lifestyle can take its toll on our lives.  I shared with you a few weeks back how I woke up one day and realized I lost my “Peace”.  I was in such a mode of work and passion overload that life had to have one of my front teeth fall right out of my head in order for me to wake up and slow down.

When you are a professional speaker it is a heck of a thing to smile and look like a boxer who lost the fight!

It was a “Fire Alarm” that got my attention.  Since then my peace has been restored (and my tooth too!) and Melinda and I make it a early morning habit before we do anything else to spend a little time in prayer and being thankful for our life and all the good things we are blessed with. We also say a prayer for you and over you that you would receive every blessing in life God has for you.

Many times the best way to speed up is to slow down!  Take some time out from your stressful and busy day and just be good to yourself. Go get a foot massage, take in an afternoon movie, sleep in for once and enjoy life.  Remember Prosperity without Peace is no prosperity at all.

Need more money?  Try giving some away.  To the natural mind that sounds like insanity yet it is a Universal Law that works. You plant a seed you reap a harvest.  No one thinks a farmer is crazy because he uses this system.  Over the past 34 years I have given my way out of financial jams into financial abundance on many occasions.  In fact in 2004 I wrote a book about it where I highlight some of the wealthiest men on the earth like J.C. Penny, and John D. Rockefeller, and many others who went from broke to wealth using this system of giving.  It worked for them, it’s worked for me, and it work for you too.

Don and Melinda Boyer

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