“Passion” or “Panic”?

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“Passion” or “Panic”?  We are going about to grow our business from a position of Passion or position of Panic.  All selling and marketing should stem from a position of “Promoting”.  When we go about to grow our business from a point of “panic” we protrude force, struggle, strain, difficulty and stress and that can rarely produce the results we wantand never sustain the results we want.  However when we go about our business out of “Passion” we no longer try to sell, convince, persuade or force our way to a sale but “Promote our way to a sale”.

Passion marketing and selling is executed through educating, teaching and promoting.  Does a theater try to sell movie tickets?  Of course not yet they sell millions of dollars worth of them every day.  If they don’t try to sell tickets how do they sell so many of them?  By promoting the movie relentlessly through trailers, commercials, billboards, radio, television, internet, posters, flyers, bus signs, bench signs, taxi signs, blimps, fast food chains, and a ton of other menus.

With all this exposure and promoting they never once ask you or force you to buy a ticket.  The entertainment industry is driven from passion about the movie and have Mastered the “Art of Promotion”.  Here is the key, the film industry or theater industry does not worry about who will and who will not buy a ticket, that is not their concern because they know as long as they go about their marketing from “Passion and Promotion” the ticket sales will take care of itself!

My “Passion” is to help people eradicate lack from their life and replace it with Financial Freedom. This is why I am so dogmatic about helping people save and accumulate Gold Bullion. To learn how to take weak unstable paper money and put it into strong stable “Gold Money”.GoldFinancial disaster is about to hit us globally and especially here in America and unless you protect yourself now by purchasing a little bit of gold each week (as little as $65.00) you will not survive these coming crises.  Here are some very important facts about Gold that will give you rectal leakage if you do not own any Gold right now:

  1. If you start accumulating Gold you have a strong probability of getting wealthy
  2. If you fail to accumulate Gold you are almost 100% guaranteed to become broke
  3. The rich all around the world are stocking piling Gold in their vaults and the poor  ignorantly have no clue about that but like a cow going to the slaughter trade whatever gold they do have in exchange for the paper money the rich know has little value.
  4. The rich are doing something about the financial disaster that is about to hit, they are massively stocking up in Gold.
  5. The poor are doing absolutely nothing about the coming financial disaster, and pretend and act as though it is not coming.

Do you think that Gold is volatile and that Gold prices go up and down?  If you do not own any Gold I guarantee you answered “Yes”.  As long as you stay ignorant about gold you will never feel the urgency or create a strong enough desire to accumulate it.  Gold does not ever go up or down in price, it stays constant and stable.  It is the dollar that goes up and down.  Let me give you an example to understand this.

In 2003 I would go to my broker with 3 $100.00 bills and walk out with 1 ounce of Gold. Today I have to walk in with 13 $100.00 bills to walk out with the same 1 ounce of Gold.  The ounce of Gold did not change one bit, but the US paper dollar got weaker, buys less and takes more of them to purchase the same amount of Gold.

Gold is strong and stays strong, but paper money only gets weaker and weaker and will never bounce back in strength…ever!  And this is the thing you are breaking your back for to accumulate?  This is the system of the poor and ignorant and not that of the wise and wealthy.

I have been buying Gold Bullion since 1980 and here is the current system I use that thousands are using right now to grow rich and financially secure.  Accumulate small amounts of Gold each week (about a gram/$65.00) and tell others about this plan. It is that simple and anyone can do it but very few will…that is the sad part of it all.

In fact we have mastered a 12 week plan using this system that thousands are using around the world and earning over $40,000.00 a month.

Take a moment and just listen to these ordinary people who took heed to this Gold Message and are making this type of income on this simple plan.  The only difference between you and them other than their income is they chose to take action on this plan.

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It use to be “If you want to get rich you better own gold” now its “If you want to survive you have to own gold”

Don and Melinda Boyer




Shameless Self Promotion

stock-photo-15246083-green-businessman-in-touch-with-natureTo operate in the world of business and conducting it honorably, professionally, successfully and profitably is not for the faint in heart, timid, shy or fearful. It takes boldness, assertiveness, courage, risk, strength, faith and a willingness to exercise “Shameless Self Promotion”.  Success comes the day you get excited about “You” (or your company, product or service).

When you believe down deep in your heart your cause, mission and “you” are the greatest thing since the discovery of sliced cheese; your automatic promotion system will kick in.  This has nothing to do with ego, pride or greed; it has everything to do with understanding the rules of business, service, profit and success.

If you are going to create the income and lifestyle you desire, you are going to have to engage in an all out massive campaign of promoting you!

The story is told that Madonna before she was famous and discovered would write her name all over bus benches and walls.  When her boyfriend asked her why she did that she said “Someday Everybody will know the name Madonna”.  From the get go, she understood the dynamics of Shameless Self Promotion.

Here are five powerful ways to promote yourself and position yourself for higher income and business expansion.

1. Become An Author   This is by far the most effective and powerful way to promote yourself, be recognized in the marketplace as a leader and expert, put yourself ahead of your competition, penetrate markets you would otherwise be unable to reach, build credibility and lay a strong foundation towards building the trust factor with customers, clients and

Everyone has a millionaire within.

probable prospects.

2. Marketing Photos Marketing photos are photos you take with leaders in your industry and Celebrities and if possible have them hold up your product line.  The more photos you take the more impressive “You” become.  Taking photos with Celebrities and then posting them on your website and social media sites go a very long way in building credibility perception, and the more the marketplace sees you with the “in-crowd” the more they desire to do business with you.

3. Write A Daily Blog If you don’t like to write or have time to write a daily blog, hire someone to do it for you!  They are called “Ghost Writers”.  If you want me to write your blog I will be happy to do that, you get the credit I get the cash, works for me. Writing a daily blog is one of the best investments you could ever make in promoting yourself and business.  The key to all business success is to create an audience, turn that audience into a loyal following, which will organically turn them into paying customers.

4. Get On You-Tube Start creating some informational or entertaining videos.  You can get your own YouTube channel and can post as many videos as you like.  In fact, the more you post and publish the more web time you will have.  You have no need to fear that you have no camera talent.  Look at Dr. Oz, this guy in my opinion has to be one of the most untalented individuals that ever stepped in front of a camera yet millions of people watch his show.  To have a lady come on your show on national television and talk about “Vagina Farts”…you have got to be kidding me, but Dr. Oz did it!

Look, if Donald Trump can step in front of a camera with the hair dew he wears, you should have nothing to fear to get in front of one and start filming.  By the way, I think Donald Trump and Dr. Oz are great guys and I have the most utter respect for both of them.  They are true champions in their field, and both prove that it takes no skill or talent to be successful on television, so get your buns in front of the camera and start filming!

5. Get Others To Promote You One of the biggest benefits of being a published author in our Power of Mentorship books is that you have 19 other well establish leaders, some who have lists that are over 100,000 all promoting the book, and because you are in the same book, they are in fact promoting you to their private customers and contacts.  I was with a good friend a few years ago in a book store where he saw our books on a shelf.  He looked at me and said, “You are the only guy I know who gets other people to write their book and you get all the credit for it”.  It sounds funny and crazy, but it is true, that is called the power of having others promote you or “Shameless Self Promotion”.

Hope you enjoyed today’s blog.  Thank you for sharing us around the world and at home.  We strive to bring you the best marketing and money-making information available and put it in a personal and fun format.  We appreciate all of you who read our daily blog and whatever you do today join our Free Inner Circle Membership at www.DonBoyerAuthor,com

Don and Melinda Boyer