Short Cuts Never Pay!

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Short Cuts never pay…they cost!  This is why my Millionaire Mentor never took them, nor ever tried to get the “Rock Bottom” price on anything.  He knew that “we get what we pay for” and knew that law cannot be manipulated or beat.  He said the way to the top both in riches and happiness is by buying the best and honoring its price tag.

If you look at the unhappiest people on earth both those who are broke and rich are those who are constantly looking to save a dime on everything.  It amazes me to see gas stations filled to the brim when they lower gas prices 3 cents.  The lines, the people getting mad, getting into fights over the pumps just to save 3 cents.  It’s a miserable way to live.

I felt the pain of this dysfunctional system the other day.  Our normal procedure in our warehouse is to ship all products out UPS.  Since I don’t work in our warehouse and I had a package to ship I thought I would just save some time and ship it out flat rate postal.  Hey it only cost $12.00 bucks what a deal.  The only problem was they messed up on the delivery, the customer never got his package, it made me look bad and I had to resend the package overnight UPS and it cost me $118.00.  It made my Mentors words 30 years ago ring out loud and clear; “Mr. Boyer never take short cuts in life and never worry about saving a dime, to do so will cost you a fortune”.

Look at your life and see if it is riddled with trying to take short cuts and save a dime here and there.  I am told that my mother never washed our cloth diapers (this was in the 50’s) she just threw them out. I guess this is why my father held down three jobs!  Her comments were, “I’m not touching that Mess”.  When it comes to taking short cuts in life and business and trying to save a dime, take on mom’s advice and say, “I’m not touching that Mess!”

Don and Melinda Boyer

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“If you are a coach, speaker, trainer, author or Mentor it is your responsibility to do everything you can to become the best you can be, utilize and maximize every tool in our industry in order to help and reach as many people as you can.  This is the code of ethics of every true Mentor”


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This may come as a surprise to you but I don’t believe in “Salesmanship”.  Now I don’t expect everyone to agree with me on this, nor do I think my philosophy on this subject works for everyone. However, I have created a financial fortune by refusing to be a salesperson and become an “Un-bias Decision Collector”.  When I present an offer or opportunity to someone and I have to ‘sell them on the idea to buy it” that product is not for them.  I let people know up front I am only after a decision not an effort to sell them anything.

Using this format has allowed me to go into every presentation at peace and knowing that I have the prospect’s best interest at heart while keeping clear that I am not responsible for people just responsible to people.

Do you know why UPS drivers are always running and hustling? It is not just because they are good workers, no they drop the package off, get it signed for and then run off the porch as fast as they can because every network marketer in the world tries to recruit them or sell them their product line.  Larry my UPS driver makes deliveries four or five times a week to us, many which are our network marketing products we use and I have never once bugged him about what I take or drink.  Why?  He knows what those products are and if he wanted to know more about them he has this little thing floating around in his skull called a brain and he would ask me about them. Therefore until Larry asks me about them…”No Soup for You”! 

I do have some people get a bit upset when I tell them this product is not for them and refuse to allow them to rape and violate my ear for 30 minutes with their excuses why the opportunity is not for them.  Never let a prospect abuse your ears and time.  A decision does not come with a multitude of shades and versions and it does not take an hour to articulate.  It is a one word element (yes or no) and takes about 3 seconds to verbally articulate.

I stream line who I talk to about our product line by first sending them automated information via reports and audios so they know exactly what it is, how it works, what it can do for them and how much it costs.  Once a prospect goes through all our marketing funnels, when they get on the line with me 98 percent say “Yes” to our offer in five minutes or less.

In the end it comes down to “you cannot say the wrong thing to the right person or the right thing to the wrong person”.  Yes or no is fine with me just give me your answer in nine seconds or less!

This is how you use systems and protocol to earn a six and seven figure income in any industry or any company.  This is what we teach all our Mentorship students in our 1 Year course.

Don and Melinda Boyer

“It is my sincere prayer that something I write or something I say unlocks the greatness within you”.  I am asking you to let our team help you create financial freedom in your life through our 1 Year Mentorship Program.  Together we can get it done…I Guarantee it! For information about our Mentorship program email us and we will send you our “Money Magnet” audio that gives you the details.



The very first steps to improving any aspect in your life is take “Responsibility” to change things and then sit down and figure what you need to do to improve things.  Many people feel overwhelmed, over stressed, frustrated and fearful which are all emotions that do not improve things.  When things need to change where do we start?  We start at the very core of the matter and start changing our thinking.

If you are under financial pressure start thinking (and saying) “I release the fear of losing money, and I receive the flow of money in my life”  If you keep saying and thinking this over and over throughout the day, when you go to bed and when you wake up you will amaze yourself at the results you will get.  What you think and say will actually start to happen!

This is an easy exercise you can do, the problem is it is an easy exercise “Not” to do and unfortunately here lies the culprit for the majority of people.

If not willing to change your thinking and speaking you can forget about changing and improving your conditions.

Don and Melinda Boyer

“It is my sincere prayer that something I write or something I say unlocks the greatness within you”.  I am asking you to let our team help you create financial freedom in your life through our 1 Year Mentorship Program.  Together we can get it done…I Guarantee it! For information about our Mentorship program email us and we will send you our “Money Magnet” audio that gives you the details.


Our subconscious mind is designed to prosper, promote, increase, heal and guide us into every good thing and keep us safe at all times.  And the only thing we need to do to tap into those wonderful benefits is to program our creative mind to those things by using our thoughts and imagination to see and think those things we desire in our mind on a constant basis.  When you think about something, mediate on it, dwell on it, and verbally affirm it the time and place will come that you will actually “Believe It” and then you will see those things show up in your physical world and reality.

When most people start off wanting to change their life and results and start using these methods to change their thinking they do not believe in their heart those things are true because they cannot see them with their physical senses and therefore believe those thing they are saying do not exists.

If you discipline yourself to practice these mental skills and determine to think independent of your current circumstances the time will come that your faith will match your thoughts and words and then your results will be the next thing that lines up to your thoughts, words and faith.  Make it a daily practice to say everyday…

“My Subconscious Mind Guides and Prospers Me Today” 

Every morning I set my attention to help 20 people a day improve their life, relationships and finances.  I know without a shadow of a doubt that I can drastically improve any one’s life and help them create balance, harmony and financial freedom in their business with 3 simple tools.  It is my intense desire that we may be a service and help to you to create the life and lifestyle you desire.

Don and Melinda Boyer

“It is my sincere prayer that something I write or something I say unlocks the greatness within you”.  I am asking you to let our team help you create financial freedom in your life through our 1 Year Mentorship Program.  Together we can get it done…I Guarantee it! For information about our Mentorship program email us and we will send you our “Money Magnet” audio that gives you the details.

Think your way to Success


If you find yourself over whelmed and full of stress it is simply because you are trying to reach your goals, solve your problems and live your life from the power of your conscience or intellectual mind.  In other words, you are trying to figure out how to live, survive and thrive but the problem is our intellectual mind is not designed for that.  And when we try to force it to do a job it was not intended to do we find we do not get what we want but do inherit struggle, stress and frustration from that plan.  For years I read in the Bible “Cease from your labor and enter into His rest”.  And for years I wanted to experience that but had no clue how to do it, mainly because I did not know anyone who was doing it or knew how to do it.  I had no “Cease from your labor and enter into His rest” mentor to show me how.  My feeble attempts got me nowhere but confused.  Then one day after months of saturating my mind with wealth, success and prosperity thoughts it suddenly hit me, I got it.  I realized the way to cease from your labor and enter into His rest is stop trying to figure out how to live and just start saturating my mind with what I want and without my intellectual help the law of attraction brings to me everything I need to fulfill what I want!  I no longer stress for what I want or struggle to get it, I just think, meditate and saturate my mind with what I want, rest and bingo it comes to me.

To mediate is to saturate your mind and thinking, so when you worry and stress you are mediating and saturating your mind with fear and things you don’t want which brings you those exact things.  Change your mental gears and you will change your outer world.

Don and Melinda Boyer

“It is my sincere prayer that something I write or something I say unlocks the greatness within you”.  I am asking you to let our team help you create financial freedom in your life through our 1 Year Mentorship Program.  Together we can get it done…I Guarantee it! For information about our Mentorship program email us and we will send you our “Money Magnet” audio that gives you the details.

Personal Economy


Wonderful Wednesday March 12, 2014

When it comes to your Personal Economy the best thing you can do to make it what you want it to be is to understand Seasons. There are other certain things you want to keep in mind and pay attention to as well.  For example;

  • Your opportunities are not limited, so why settle for a limited income? 
  • Most people spend way too much time focusing on the outgoing of their money, instead of putting all of their energies on the incoming of their money.  You will never get rich trying to cut back and save money.  Do not concern yourself too much with what you are spending, but on ways to improve what you are earning. 
  • Learn how to spend money, not save money.  Sure saving money is important and I think we should all be doing it, however, how you spend money is by far more important.  In order to spend money right, look at the results that spending will bring.   I will spend $100.00 at Barnes and Nobel without blinking an eye.  Why?  Because the knowledge I get from those books result in ideas that I turn into thousands of dollars in profits.  Over the past 30 years if I state that I spent $10,000.00 on buying lunches on perspective clients, it would be an understatement.  Much of all that money was wasted on clients who did not qualify for lunch.  Today, I take people out and will be happy to pick up the tab no matter how much it is, after they signed the contract! 
  • The biggest ROI (return on investment) that has worked for me is investing in marketing, exposure, building lead generating products, positioning myself as an expert, branding and associating with industry leaders. All this costs money, but it is little money in comparison to the big money it brings in.  I do not waste my money on conventional advertising when street smart marketing is so much more effective. 
  • Everyone wants to be associated with you if they know you are associated with the alpha dog.  You do not need to be the top gun; the big honcho you just need to be in association with them and people will be attracted to you like bees to a honey comb. 
  • Here is the most important information I can share with you in this email.  For the most part, the challenges many face today is not due from lack of competence, but stems from being unprepared for the inevitable down turn of the economy better known as the winter season.  From the time civilization begun to engage in commerce there has been cycles of lack and abundance.  It follows the natural rhythm of nature; spring, summer, fall and winter.  Financial shortage, lack of cash flow and money struggles today are not the byproducts of business failure, but failure to plan for the winter season. 
  • During the winter season, you plant much but reap very little. The ground is not conducive to produce an abundant harvest.  You labor much and produce little.   If you stocked your panty well in the season of plenty, you will have plenty in the season of shortage.  The problem for many is that they failed to stock the pantry in good times, and now when the land yields little for the much seed you plant, you have nothing to sustain you from your bare pantry.  There is a great lesson in the Bible about Joseph and the 7 years of plenty and the 7 lean years.  You should read it sometime. 
  • In the winter season if you did not stock up from the season of plenty, you engage and have to endure a survival experience until the winter season passes.  If you have a well stocked pantry you will Thrive in the winter season because it is a buyer’s market.  Things that cost thousands of dollars in the season of plenty can be purchased for pennies on the dollar in the winter season.  Why?  Businesses are not selling from a position of Thriving but rather from a position of Surviving. 
  • The best thing you can do right now is work smart; that means work hard to survive this winter season while you plant seeds to reap big when things change to a season of plenty.  But remember, just because it is a season of plenty does not guarantee you will prosper, nor just because it is a winter season guarantees you will suffer.  The steps you take, the relationships you build and the actions you put forth is the deciding factor of what you experience in a season. 
  • Whatever you do, know that you have the Power and Ability to change your Personal Economy to be what you want it to be.  Choose well my friend! 

Don and Melinda Boyer

Business Is Not a Game!

groupbooksBusiness is not a Game!  In a game you have a winner and a loser.  Business should not be conducted where one wins and one loses and that is why true business is not a game but a relationship of service and mutual benefit to all parties.  Your life, business and income will go so much smoother and grow much more rapidly when we go about it with the “Service Mentality”. Now here is the real secret to that.  Your first priority service is to yourself and your ability to have all your needs met and become rich.yes I mean wealthy, Millionaire Status if you please.   When you learn to tap into the “River of Plenty” that God has designed and given you and all your needs are met, you will fly out of bed every morning with “Joy Unspeakable” and diligently seek who you  can serve, help and bless.   It’s when our financial needs are not met that business and life becomes a struggle.

All financial lack, or lack of any kind for that matter is simply due from
not understanding how to work the laws of life the correct way.  It is as
simple as that.  The good news is, you can lean and master them and turn things around in your life in a very short time.   Life is spectacular and designed to be enjoyed.  Does that mean challenges and roadblocks will disappear from our life?  Of course not, it just means you will find the Golden Gem in each situation in life and you will no longer look at things as problems but opportunities.   Let me give you an example of this;  I recently had to go onto taking insulin shots, which one has to give themselves right in the stomach every day.  When I share this with people in sincerity they say “I am so sorry”.  I share with them not to be because every morning I wake up and thank God for the insulin, I have so much “Gratitude” for medical science to help keep me healthy and live long. Without Insulin shots people with diabetes (who need the shots) would die without it.

With the insulin shots my body feels great and allows me to function
physically at my best!  I have had people tell me, “I thought you believed
in divine healing?”.  What do you think advance medical science is?  Do you think it comes from the devil?  Now, for the past 30 years I have been an advocate of natural living and health and for many years I had the wrong belief about doctors and modern medicine.   I still live naturally with vitamins and green products but now adding modern medicine to the plan helps me live life to the fullest.

Yes one could look at giving yourself a shot in the stomach as a horrible
thing, or one can find the Golden Gem and turn it into a thing of great

I share this personal story with you today so that you can understand no matter what life throws at you, you can still Win!

Don and Melinda Boyer

“Inner Contentment”

Loving your Spouce

“Inner Contentment” is the root of all the things we desire in life.  The only reason we desire financial independence, extraordinary relationships and complete health is because we believe those things will bring about that “Inner Contentment” that our soul seeks and craves but for most people their conscience mind is completely oblivious to this fact.  And the truth of the matter is many of those things do in fact bring about the contentment and happiness we seek, at least for a while.

Does that mean we cannot have “Inner Contentment” while we seek to acquire or manifest the things we desire? No of course not, in fact the real secret is that we can obtain that “Inner Contentment” while we seek those things, and if we learn how to obtain it before actually having those things in the physical realm, that Inner Contentment will carry over when they do show up and continue to stay long after those material things have passed away from our life.

The “Secret to Life” is what I will be teaching about in our 2014 Boot Camp.  This is an exclusive event that will be by invite only, I hope you make plans to part of this life changing event.

You can have what you desire, be who you want to become and do whatever you want if you simply take the time to learn how life really works…and it works by divine immutable laws.  If you are not bursting with faith, excitement, hope and concrete plans to make 2014 the most magnificent year of your life you and I need to talk!  Forgive all things you were not happy with in 2013 and say a prayer of gratitude for all the things you were able to accomplish and make it through this year.

Don and Melinda Boyer

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Live your Life

The Power of Mentorship Books

“Live your life as though you had an assured life span of 125 years…because you do!”  Doesn’t that thought and mental affirmation make you feel fantastic!  God created you to be a Master of the Earth and Environment.  If you do not believe this go back to the Bible and read the first 3 chapters of Genesis.  We are either creating life or reacting to life and I assure you creating life is a lot more fun, prosperous and fulfilling than living a miserable life of reacting to it.

There is an easy way and a hard way to life, and unless you have been taught the Secret formula of life that is based on scientific natural and Universal laws, your life will be one of lots of hard work and few rewards.  The good news is, you can learn the Universal and Immutable laws that govern success and make your life a Magnificent Creation instead of an Enduring Existence.

Make 2014 a year to “Live and Love Life and Create a Magnificent Journey”. 

Don and Melinda Boyer

P.S. Make sure you get information for my 2014 “Master Life Formula” Boot Camp.  It is the first boot camp that we have ever done where I reveal the Secret Formula of Life that was taught to me by my Millionaire Mentors.  It will teach you how to succeed and why life has been such a struggle up to this point in your life.

Daily Success

The Power of Mentorship Books

As we all gear up to make new goals, new dreams, and new ambitions for the New Year of 2014 here are 3 things to implement that will “Drastically Improve” every area of your life if you make a habit of practicing them:

  • 1.      Practice Reciprocity.  Every time someone sends you a lead, helps you with information or does anything in the form that helps you personally and professionally, immediately seek ways to see how you can bless, help, support and benefit them.  This will cause your personal and professional relationships to flourish.

 2.      Practice Giving without Expecting Anything Back (from that person).  This is the exact opposite of receiving.  Give without any strings attached or ulterior motives.  When we give from this position we automatically put the law of the harvest into motion and God through His Universal Law of Life will reward us back with more than we gave. 

3.      Add 12 New Quality People to your Network.  Our network creates our net-worth. Seek to upgrade your business and professional relationships and eliminate the ones that have a negative impact on you.  Keep in mind the only way you attract quality people into your life is by you first becoming a “Quality” person.  Always invest in you to become the best you can be.  As my legendary and late Mentor Jim Rohn taught me many years ago…”If you want to attract quality people you must first become attractive”.  Become a person where people pay you high dollars to just to be around you and absorb your wisdom, knowledge and success.  

Have a Blessed Week-End, see you on Monday…(via email).

Don and Melinda Boyer