“Problems We Solve”


We are known and remembered by the “Problems We Solve” or the “Problems We Create”.

The marketplace is very attracted to those who solve problems and will in fact pay high fees depending on the importance of the problems you solve. This is why I counsel business owners and professionals never “frustrate your customers and clients” but always seek to make your business culture one that is easy and user friendly.  We welcome problem solvers with open arms and appreciate their contribution to our life, but when we encounter a “problem creator” we want to run to the rest room and throw up!

There are some people no matter what, they always have problems, create problems and are a major problem.  The sad fact is, they don’t want their problems solved they just enjoy causing problems.  These people are extremely toxic and addicting and difficult to rid your business and life from, that is what makes them so dangerous.  It’s ok to be a “walking problem” when we are toddlers but hey when the diapers come off so should our problem making come off too.  Our Grandson E-Jay who is coming up to his first birthday is a bundle of joy who we love without measure, but that homeboy is trouble on two little legs.  Our house looks like a “Hurricane” hit it after he comes for a visit.

The other day Melinda went to go pick him up, and she wanted to take our Nissan Cube but I said no just take the new car.  As we left together in separate cars, I taking the Cube got to the corner when I had this major vision of E-Jay in the back seat slinging cookies, crackers and juice all over the leather seats in our brand new car.  I slammed on my brakes, made and instant U-turn and flew down the high way to catch up to Melinda.  Speeding with flashing lights and honking horn I finally caught up to hear and yelled “Pull Over”!

I jumped out of the car and said…I just had a Vision and it wasn’t good!  We traded cars instantly.  Let’s make sure as professional adults we get the reputation of being a “Problem Solver instead of people looking at us and having a vision of a “Burning Inflamed Hemorrhoid” on two feet better known as a pain in the rump!

Don and Melinda Boyer

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