Are you Chasing the Carrot?

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Over the past 30 years working with thousands of people from a vast array of professions and the good fortune to work with the top international leaders in our industry it has allowed me to see a very clear pattern why 5% (5 percent) of people reach their dreams and 95% (95 percent) fail to reach them. It has nothing to do with the stars, mystery, luck, hard work in and of itself, spirituality, prayer, faith or anything else we would like to put the blame on.

Many success plans attempt to “Teach you how to Get There” (your dreams) however in this email I want to address what “Keeps you from Getting There” (your dreams).

Here are the top 5 things that keep the 95% (95 percent) chasing the carrot yet never getting it.

  1. All Talk No Action:  I am not sure if this is due in some cases from a nervous tic or it’s a soothing balm for the mind to ease the pain of lack and failure.
  2. Excuses:  My millionaire mentor told me 30 years ago I could make money or excuses but not both at the same time.
  3. Justification:  They become (angry and hostile) masters of convincing themselves that it’s not their fault for the lack of results and then go on a massive campaign to convince others of the same thing.
  4. Stay on the Same Plan:  Working hard on things that don’t work won’t make them work! Yet I see professionals circle the same failure path over and over until they drop dead.
  5. They Know Everything:  Someone once said if there was any topic you wanted to know about just ask a teenager…they know everything!  Sometimes we go from teenager to adulthood with that same behavioral pattern. 

In the past 30 years I have never seen anyone permanently damaged and could not make a comeback from taking a risk to follow their dreams.  In fact part of the equation of success is multiple failures better known as “education and training” to a higher level of living.  Every millionaire I know has had multiple failures, setbacks, bankrupted, disappointed, discouraged and the temptation to give up…but they didn’t and that is why the continued on to reach their dreams.  Take a look at these 5 failure traps and see if they are part of your life and if they are, dump them A.S.A.P.

Don and Melinda Boyer

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