The Gift of Power


During this Christmas Season, all over the world gifts were exchanged.  And it’s great to be a giver of gifts, especially when those gifts are an expression of our love and appreciation on those we bestow them upon.  The kind of gifts we give people are only limited to our imagination, however there is one gift we should “Never” give away.  That gift is your “Power”.  Never give anyone your power…when you allow people to make you feel guilty, angry, upset, fearful, pressured, or any other negative feeling you are giving them your power.  You are allowing them to control you instead of you controlling you.  You are the one in control of your life it’s called Self Mastery, better known as your “Power”.

Take control this Season, and give gifts but never give your Power away! God gave that gift to you to create a spectacular, magnificent “Wonderful Life”.

Merry Christmas,

Don and Melinda Boyer