Where There Is Smoke There Is Fire…

At a private lunch with Brian Tracy and the cast of the Journey Movie (www.EmbracetheJourney.net) Brian was sharing some outstanding business advice with all of us.  One thing he said that really stood out and rang a bell with me was; “When you are sharing your business opportunity with your friends and they tell you they are Broke…Believe Them!”  Not only did I laugh so hard I almost CIMG0733farted but I didn’t because I have strong butt muscles, it also took me back in memory 30 years when I would ask, plead, beg and try to convince broke people over and over to buy my product or join my company.  That is like trying to get an infant to be your limousine driver.  Having a mother who was a savvy business owner and entrepreneur, I grew up in an environment of business lingo.  One thing my mother always would say, and I can remember it as far back as 8 years old (I will be 54 this Friday June 14, 2013) is “Where There Is Smoke, There Is Fire”.  After 30 years in business what Brian Tracy said and what my mother used to say is so true.

What I have experienced in all these years of business and working with thousands of people in every field is this, “What you first find in a person, you will find more of it down the road”.  It has never failed when there are signs of trouble up front with a company, a prospect or customer, rough waters will be the platform of that relationship.

When dealing with perspective customers and clients watch out for these warning signs…

  1. If they are broke walk away and don’t try to force your product on them, you will usually lose your product and your profit. 
  1. If they want a payment plan it’s usually a pretty good sign they are broke. 
  1. Those who want to pay less want the most in return. 
  1. If they cannot make a quick buying decision go get a rectal exam, it’s a lot less painful than dealing with this kind of person. 
  1. If they are difficult in the first meeting, lots of unreasonable requests on their part will be in your future. 
  1. Most difficult prospects and customers have a pattern of taking advantage of people and make that their method of operation. 
  1. If they want to make payments they will usually default or find fault with your product or service and try to get it for free or a discount. 
  1. And last but not least, like Brian Tracy said, when they tell you they are broke…believe them.  And as my mom would say…where there is smoke, there is fire! 

Early detection and knowing what signs to look for in dealing with potential and future customers will save you thousands of dollars and untold amounts of grief and misery.  Many years ago I was given a bit of advice from a very wise network marketing Mentor.  The meeting had already started and I was waiting for my guest in the lobby pacing back and forth. I spent a small fortune on dimes in the phone booth (this was way before cell phones were around) trying to call this person at home and of course no answer, (they had not invented answering machines yet either).

As it got later and later and my heart kept sinking deeper and deeper a wise Mentor looked at me and she said; “It’s better to find out early that they are not the right ones than later when you have invested time and money in them”. 

don and brianLearn to qualify your customers and you will make more money, have more peace and love your career a whole lot more.  So the next time you are giving a presentation to someone and you smell smoke, run like Hell and call 911 because there is fire just around the corner!

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When someone does not respond to an offer it is simply because the “timing” is not right for them, and when they do respond it’s because the “timing” is perfect for them and both situations are a good thing! So relax and feel safe reading our resource offers, it’s not about selling its all about timing and you are in control of that not me.

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Don and Melinda Boyer