What are you Trading for It Today?


What did you trade your day for yesterday and what are you trading for it today and what are you going to trade it for tomorrow? We can think about many items that are valuable but when it comes down to it, days are one of the most precious and valuable elements in life.  You see, once we spend that day, be it invested well, enjoy it or blew it, that day is gone forever, never to be used or captured again.

Millions of people trade their days for fear, worry, anxiety, stress and unhappiness. This is a poor trade off for something that is as valuable as a day.  What we must demand in trade for each one of our days is peace, harmony, joy, happiness, fulfillment, energy, and health which equate to be a good investment on our part.

Everyone has problems, everyone deals with things that are unpleasant and uncomfortable but that does not mean that we must exchange our day for unhappiness. Along with lots of success I have had lots of failures in my life personal, financial and business and I found how to keep those failures from destroying me.  This is my system I use; In everything I do I give it everything I have, full out, full commitment and do the “Very Best I Can” that way no matter how the chips fall be it the way I want them to or the opposite of what I want I can walk with my head held high knowing in my heart I did my best and nobody can ask for more than that.

I like what Dr. Fred Price said, “I gave up worry and stress years ago because it never solved anything”.  I have found most of the stress, worry and fear we go through are nothing more than the results of poor planning, poor choices and poor decisions we made in the past.

In fact I would be willing to say that over 90 percent of all our financial problems stem from poor choices. Not turning some of your paper money into gold is a bad money choice that will bite you in the “End” (that is a double whammy end).

Make better choices and you will enjoy better days. Demand full quality for exchange of every day that goes by and for goodness sake whatever you do, sock away some Gold!

Don and Melinda Boyer


Do You Have The Millionaire Habit?

“Saving a Part of Your Income Each Week and Putting It into Gold” 

“Our mission is to educate you about the importance of owning Gold Bullion so that you can make an intelligent decision about your financial future”

The Journey of 2008


If you did not read yesterday’s email, go back and read it or you will not understand what I am talking about today.  With that being said lets continue the story…

January 4, 2008 we flew back home and I went back to work as usual, ready to keep the pace we left with.  Still not really knowing what was wrong I just put it on the back burner and continued to work.  However by March I had noticed that my list seemed asleep.  Meaning sales had been down and sluggish and my following customer base just was not responding like normal. I remember telling a friend of mine “My List has fallen asleep and I need to wake them up”.  I was half way joking not really being concerned about it because we were still making a lot of money and I figured it was a slump that would soon pass.

By October of that year 2008 it started becoming acutely visible that something now was drastically wrong.  My list was not waking up and I started seeing people who once had a lot of money now suddenly starting to struggle.  Financially our companies were still fine and we even were expanding in some new areas.  By the end of the year of 2008 when our taxes were done we were down about 100k from 2007.  Still not worried or scared but was certainly concerned now.  Something strange was happening in the fact that many wealthy people I knew were finding themselves in financial trouble for the first time in their professional lives and while incomes were going down the price of Gold kept going up.  That was an alarm bell I did not hear or recognize.

As 2008 closed we had new plans, new formats and new products and we were going to turn things around in 2009 by…  (We will pick up story tomorrow)

Don and Melinda Boyer     DonBoyerAuthor.com

Do You Have The Millionaire Habit?

“Saving a Part of Your Income Each Week and Putting It into Gold” 

“Our mission is to educate you about the importance of owing Gold Bullion so that you can make an intelligent decision about your financial future”

Your Financial Dream


The number one reason why most people never reach their financial dreams and goals is due to a deep rooted negative belief about money that resides in the subconscious part of the mind that is not detected by the conscious mind.  In other words what we know intellectually is completely different from what we believe inwardly in our heart.  Let me give you a real example of what I mean.  I have people swear up and down that they want financial freedom so I start my dialogue that goes like this:

Don: Do you see the importance and wisdom of spending less than all you earn?

Dud: Absolutely!

Don: Do you see the value of saving a little bit of money each month and putting that into stronger money like Gold?

Dud: Absolutely.

Don: Could you save just a small portion of your income each month and keep it for yourself?

Dud: Absolutely.

Don: Will you start on that plan to get the financial freedom you said you want?

Dud: Not right now…

This is actual conversations I have with people.  On the surface this sounds like complete insanity until you understand how deep rooted beliefs that we do not even realize we have keep us stuck in the financial conditions we hate.  This is why many high income earners are on a mission to spend everything they make even though they desperately want to stop.  I have had lunches with high income earners who want to stop spending so much and at that very table go through $100.00 on high end alcohol drinks.  The point is not the money they spent on alcohol, it is the objective they want is directly opposite of what they do.  This once again is due to the inner beliefs about money.

When people tell me they are in financial conditions they don’t like I ask them if they want to do anything about it.  They always say yes but rarely do the simple things to change it!

Don and Melinda Boyer


Do You Have The Millionaire Habit?

“Saving a Part of Your Income Each Week and Putting It into Gold”


“Our mission is to educate you about the importance of owing Gold Bullion so that you can make an intelligent decision about your financial future”

System of Wealth Creation


The money you spend is gone forever, the paper money you have gets weaker by the day, but the Gold Money (gold bullion) you save gets stronger by the moment, grows in value, becomes greater in buying power and multiples in numbers.  Last month I guarantee with 100 percent accuracy that you spent $65.00 be it on a one time purchase or accumulative but that money went from your hands to someone else.  Now just think instead of spending that $65.00 which is gone forever had you put that same $65.00 in a gram of Gold Bullion.  That exact same $65.00 would be growing and working to liberate you from financial pressure and create financial freedom for you.  Its mind blowing when you realize that financial freedom is just a “tweak” away from what we are now doing.

The fact of the matter is the days will pass, the month will be gone and you will spend $65.00 but how you spend it today creates the future you experience tomorrow.  Most of us want instant relief when we are under financial pressure but rarely does financial pressure come instantly or the relief from it instamatic. If you really are sick and tired of being sick, tired and broke here is the 3 step formula to fix it forever.

  1. Spend Less than you earn
  2. Turn a small portion of what you save into Gold Bullion
  3. Increase your earning capacity

I have helped put many people on this fast track system of wealth creation and they are well on their way of eliminating financial pressure and creating financial freedom.  How cool is that.  I can help you as well.  All you need to do is just contact me!

Don and Melinda Boyer


Do You Have The Millionaire Habit?“Saving a Part of Your Income Each Week and Putting It into Gold” 

The Richest Man in Babylon

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“Our mission is to educate you about the importance of owing Gold Bullion so that you can make an intelligent decision about your financial future”

Things that go Boom!!!


Some question why I would be working on the fourth of July.  If I earned my living and created my wealth through working I would indeed have my head examined.  However what I do is not work but passion, love, excitement and what I do is a 4th of July Celebration everyday of the week.  But it didn’t always start out that way.  In fact my first journey way back 24 years ago started out by being the first guy that ever got kicked out of an Amway Meeting!

It starting by having a CEO I knew ask me one day if I was making all the money I wanted. Instantly I could smell Networking Marketing a mile away.  He had that goofy glazed look in his eyes and I knew he was heading me in waters I did not want to go.  But I had no choice but to play along because he was the guy who signed the yearly contract I had with his company.

He soon rushed me out to his car and opened his trunk and gave me a bucket with 6 types of cleaning products in it and told me to go home and use them.  A few days later he called me and wanted to know where I lived and if he could come over and see me.  I told him, “My you are a fast mover aren’t you” (I guess his version of flowers and candies was that bucket of cleaners he gave me). Anyway he got me to go to his house to hear an Amway Millionaire share his story.

So I said sure I will go, and gave him a big (fake) possum grin.  But this young fox had a plan.  I called my best friend Manny and told him to go with me so we could say we could not stay because he had to pick up his wife.  As I entered the house that day we were instantly introduced to the Network Marketing Millionaire.  His first words were, “Great to meet you guys are you here for the whole meeting”?

Instantly I went into my well thought out plan, “Well I said, my friend has to go pick up his wife and my kids are waiting at the city pool and… He put his arm around us and said he understood as he opened up the door and closed it behind us.

I was shocked and looked at my friend and said, “I think we just got kicked out of the Amway Meeting”!  As I walked away I thought to myself that if I ever did do Network Marketing I wanted to be like that guy.

He was a Network Marketing Millionaire because he recognized we were not ready and too stupid to see the opportunity he had to offer that could have made us rich.  So as we drove off in my friend’s clunker that blew black smoke out of its back pipes, he drove home that night in his brand new Mercedes.

Don and Melinda Boyer


Do You Have The Millionaire Habit?

“Saving a Part of Your Income Each Week and Putting It into Gold” 

 “Our mission is to educate you about the importance of owing Gold Bullion so that you can make an intelligent decision about your financial future”

The Power of Respect

Loving your Spouce

What is the bonding cement of all successful relationships be they personal, business or professional? “Respect” Once respect is gone the relationship is dead, it’s like trying to hold up a body without a skeletal frame work. No amount of denial, fake laughter or words of “forgiveness’ will heal or mend the wound. Unfortunately once respect is lost it’s almost impossible to regain.  Many people think they lose respect for someone because they get angry or upset with them, but anger does not mean the loss of respect. A relationship can bounce back from anger, disagreements and even arguments, but if you detour into a loss of respect it is usually over.

The best way I have found to deal with relationships that have gone into disrespect is simply to forgive and end them.  To try and “forgive” and continue with the relationship only causes the disrespect to continue and cause “emotional infection”.  Because we are human we are going to do things that will cause people to lose respect for us, and people will do things that will cause us to lose respect for them.  That is simply a part of life.

You never want to lose respect for anyone, however when it does occur in business you can live, survive and continue to thrive.  But never allow yourself to lose respect for your spouse or family.  Let love reign supreme so that no matter what occurs you never lose respect in that arena of your life.

If you have lost respect for something or someone forgive it, bury it and move on to healing and restoration. Never under estimate the power of “Respect’.  It will build or destroy fortunes.  Here is the interesting thing, many times losing respect for someone is due to our own personal hang ups and someone losing respect for us was a byproduct of their own problems.

The answer I have found is to do your very best in everything you do and that way no matter how the chips fall you can walk with your head held high.  If you do that, you can live and operate in peace when the element of “Respect” fly’s out the window.

If you Respect your financial future, do yourself a favor and turn some of your paper money each week into superior Gold money.  Nothing feels better than saving and having that Gold stuff in your bank.  When  you look at your Gold you will know that you own that money, the rest of the money you earned is gone to the creditors, stores, merchants and a host of others things that you gave your money too.

Don and Melinda Boyer


“Our mission is to educate you about the importance of owing Gold Bullion so that you can make an intelligent decision about your financial future”

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Gold Bullion

Getting What We “Want” Depends Upon What We “Do”

Business system and competition concept

Getting what we “Want” depends upon what we “Do”.  Everyone wants things but very few are willing to do the things that will get them the things that they want.  I use to think this was a strange thing but I have learned that this is simply the natural behavior patterns of one’s deep seated beliefs and past conditioning.  And this program keeps running keeping us on the same pathway and keeping from us the things we truly want and desire.  It’s a vicious cycle but the good news is it can be broken.

No matter what business or enterprise you are in, 99.9 percent of you reading this want to become financially independent.  Here is the financial freedom plan that will allow you to become wealthy while you maintain your current business and enterprise.

  1. MSI Multiple Streams of Income.  If you research any multimillionaire you will find they all have multiple streams of income.  It is one of the most fundamental and non negotiable rules of wealth that exist among the rich. Do you have more than one income stream?  If not don’t except to become Financially Independent.
  2. Saving Do you save a certain percent of your income and pay yourself first? If the answer is no, you have not developed the wealth habit and cannot expect to become rich and financially independent.
  3. Currency Are you consistently moving a portion of your paper money (which is losing buying power each day) into Gold money which is growing stronger each day and has been for the past 6000 years? If you are not, then you have the possibility of being a high income earner but not positioning yourself to become financially independent in the future. Please remember “high incomes” do not create financial independence, they only create a false sense of security that will eventually cause you to come crashing down to earth like a lead balloon falling out of the sky.

There are only two ways to create wealth, money at work and people at work. The rich use the system of “people” at work (employees, teams, and/or down lines in NM) but the wealthy use both money and people to create and sustain wealth and financial freedom.  Make sure you are maximizing your earning potential to hit your destination of financial freedom by using these three methods of wealth.  I will be happy to teach you how I maximize business, money and profits.

Don and Melinda Boyer


“Our mission is to educate you about the importance of owing Gold Bullion so that you can make an intelligent decision about your financial future”

“Passion” or “Panic”?

Gold Book

“Passion” or “Panic”?  We are going about to grow our business from a position of Passion or position of Panic.  All selling and marketing should stem from a position of “Promoting”.  When we go about to grow our business from a point of “panic” we protrude force, struggle, strain, difficulty and stress and that can rarely produce the results we wantand never sustain the results we want.  However when we go about our business out of “Passion” we no longer try to sell, convince, persuade or force our way to a sale but “Promote our way to a sale”.

Passion marketing and selling is executed through educating, teaching and promoting.  Does a theater try to sell movie tickets?  Of course not yet they sell millions of dollars worth of them every day.  If they don’t try to sell tickets how do they sell so many of them?  By promoting the movie relentlessly through trailers, commercials, billboards, radio, television, internet, posters, flyers, bus signs, bench signs, taxi signs, blimps, fast food chains, and a ton of other menus.

With all this exposure and promoting they never once ask you or force you to buy a ticket.  The entertainment industry is driven from passion about the movie and have Mastered the “Art of Promotion”.  Here is the key, the film industry or theater industry does not worry about who will and who will not buy a ticket, that is not their concern because they know as long as they go about their marketing from “Passion and Promotion” the ticket sales will take care of itself!

My “Passion” is to help people eradicate lack from their life and replace it with Financial Freedom. This is why I am so dogmatic about helping people save and accumulate Gold Bullion. To learn how to take weak unstable paper money and put it into strong stable “Gold Money”.GoldFinancial disaster is about to hit us globally and especially here in America and unless you protect yourself now by purchasing a little bit of gold each week (as little as $65.00) you will not survive these coming crises.  Here are some very important facts about Gold that will give you rectal leakage if you do not own any Gold right now:

  1. If you start accumulating Gold you have a strong probability of getting wealthy
  2. If you fail to accumulate Gold you are almost 100% guaranteed to become broke
  3. The rich all around the world are stocking piling Gold in their vaults and the poor  ignorantly have no clue about that but like a cow going to the slaughter trade whatever gold they do have in exchange for the paper money the rich know has little value.
  4. The rich are doing something about the financial disaster that is about to hit, they are massively stocking up in Gold.
  5. The poor are doing absolutely nothing about the coming financial disaster, and pretend and act as though it is not coming.

Do you think that Gold is volatile and that Gold prices go up and down?  If you do not own any Gold I guarantee you answered “Yes”.  As long as you stay ignorant about gold you will never feel the urgency or create a strong enough desire to accumulate it.  Gold does not ever go up or down in price, it stays constant and stable.  It is the dollar that goes up and down.  Let me give you an example to understand this.

In 2003 I would go to my broker with 3 $100.00 bills and walk out with 1 ounce of Gold. Today I have to walk in with 13 $100.00 bills to walk out with the same 1 ounce of Gold.  The ounce of Gold did not change one bit, but the US paper dollar got weaker, buys less and takes more of them to purchase the same amount of Gold.

Gold is strong and stays strong, but paper money only gets weaker and weaker and will never bounce back in strength…ever!  And this is the thing you are breaking your back for to accumulate?  This is the system of the poor and ignorant and not that of the wise and wealthy.

I have been buying Gold Bullion since 1980 and here is the current system I use that thousands are using right now to grow rich and financially secure.  Accumulate small amounts of Gold each week (about a gram/$65.00) and tell others about this plan. It is that simple and anyone can do it but very few will…that is the sad part of it all.

In fact we have mastered a 12 week plan using this system that thousands are using around the world and earning over $40,000.00 a month.

Take a moment and just listen to these ordinary people who took heed to this Gold Message and are making this type of income on this simple plan.  The only difference between you and them other than their income is they chose to take action on this plan.

Karatbars Testimonials

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It use to be “If you want to get rich you better own gold” now its “If you want to survive you have to own gold”

Don and Melinda Boyer




“Gold Rush Booms”


I want you to stop and realize for a moment that 2014 is now half gone.  With half of the New Year gone you must take a serious look at your financial conditions and ask yourself if you are hitting your money and business goals so far.   If the answer is no you have to seriously shake yourself and do something about it.  Before you blink we will be in December and do you really want to go through another struggling Christmas?

Right now we are in one of the biggest “Gold Rush Booms” since the late 1800’s but here is the big difference.  In the old Gold Rush Days it was the common working class that had the wisdom to sell all they had and seek to acquire Gold but in this 21st Century “Gold Rush Boom” it is the wealthy people who are stashing not the cash but the Gold.  However this great new Gold Rush Boom is not available just for the rich but the average income earner who has the wisdom to turn a small amount of their “weakly paper money” into Gold Money.  If you will just look at the history of prosperity you will realize that “Gold” was the central theme.  It started in the Garden of Eden when God created Gold and called it “Good”.

The rich are not buying and saving Gold because the price is going up but because the paper dollar is going down!  If you understand that statement you will not only save yourself from financial disaster in the near future but become financially independent.  I can understand that you can question my view point because I am not a “Financial Adviser” and although I have been heavily buying Gold Bullion since 1980 here is a Gold Expert you should listen to.

Nick Barisheff, CEO of Bullion Management Group, controls over $550 Million in physical gold, silver and platinum…

Here is what he says about Gold prices over the next few years:

$10.000 oz. Gold   http://www.karatbars.com/?s=donandmelinda

I want to acknowledge and congratulate all our followers who have contacted me to find out how we transfer just $65.00 of our paper money into Gold money each week that enables us not only to create financial freedom but to stockpile real wealth in Gold Bullion. Once again I invite you to contact me to let me show you how you can implement a simple plan that pays you for saving your money in Gold and sharing your knowledge with others.

Don and Melinda Boyer


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What is your Mission?

The law of attraction will fund your needs, wants and desires so that you can get busy and focus on your life’s calling, assignment and mission. Do you know what is your calling and mission is here on planet earth?  What are you passionate about? What keeps you so excited that you wake up early and stay up late working on it? Each of has a mission to do and once we discover what that mission is we can then start positioning our self to become unstoppable.  I learned many years ago that my mission is to help people eradicate lack from their lives.  Today my entire focus is to put the right tools in your hands so that you can produce the right results in your life.  Now here is the interesting thing, we must seek those who want our help not need our help.  Many times what we need we don’t want because of the price in time, effort, discipline and sometimes money it will cost us.  Find out what you are suppose to be doing and then make a decision to do it…at any cost!

Don and Melinda Boyer


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