Today is a “Magnificent Day” simply because it has the potential to be soand the deciding factor will be up to you based on your choice of thoughts,thinking and action.  Here are a few things to help you make it not only aMagnificent Day but to build a Magnificent Life.

1.      Guilt Free Living:  Life is composed of mistakes and corrections.We all do things and say things we wish we didn’t but that is called being human.  The key is to understand this and be quick to forgive yourself and refuse to dwell in guilt.  Never beat yourself up with Guilt.  God does not hold you guilty so don’t you do it.  Now, never ever let anyone put guilt on you.  People try and use guilt on us to make us feel bad, to get their way or to manipulate us.  Guilt is the evilest poison anyone can try to put on you.

2.      Take Care of Your Health:  It’s the most important asset you have.Make healthy living a main priority and invest in your health with yourtime, energy and money?

3.      Don’t Waste Your Time:  Evaluate everything you do and who you spendtime with.  Life is far too precious to waste and throw away.  Wasting timewith people and things is a bad habit we sometimes form.  Break that habit.Beware of people who love to suck up and waste your time.  The cure to thatis put a fee timer on your time; I let people know up front my normal fee is$500.00 hour.  It is amazing how time wasters will disappear from your life.

4.      Master the Law of Attraction:  Your life will go so much better, youwill have far more joy, happiness, fulfillment, effectiveness and you willearn so much money the easy way you will wake up every morning with a heartfull of love and gratitude!