Create Big Dreams

White fluffy clouds in the blue skyMake your Dreams so Big you don’t have time for Drama.  Make them so magnificent that you don’t have time to get “Distracted”. Make them so personal and desirable that you don’t have room to get “Discouraged”. Create Big Dreams and then…set small goals?  Hugh? What?  Did Don get affected by the Blood Moons did he grow a hump on his back, hair on his butt and lose his marbles too?  No, no, no.  The reason most people give up on their dreams before they achieve them is because they set their goals the exact same size of their dreams.

Your Dream is your desired destination and your goals are the steps that get you there.  If your goals are too high you will not be able to reach them and it will halt your entire Journey and you will abandon your dreams.  Yes create a big Dream then go about every day setting doable, reasonable and achievable daily goals.  The way we reach our dreams is to keep moving towards them and never stop.  Like A.L. Williams was famous for saying “All you can do is all you can do but all you can do is Enough”! 

This is why our Gold saving plan is so effective, you set a goal to become financially free and you start that journey by simply saving a Gram of Gold per week about $62.00 USD.  People want to wait to start saving or getting Gold when they can afford it, but unfortunately that day never comes so you have to create it.

Go out and conquer the world just go and do it one day at a time!

“It Feels Good to Own Gold”

Don and Melinda Boyer

  “Our mission is to educate you about the importance of owning Gold Bullion so that you can make an intelligent decision about your financial future”

Seasons for Your Harvest


If you ever bought a new car from a dealership you know what a hectic, all day battle that is. In fact after 8-10 hours everyone from sales people, managers and you are wore out bloody mess and you drive off with your new car needing a week to recuperate from that battle.  Welcome to the world of Sales!  Now, do you want to be part of that mess?  I do not know about you but I run from that junk as fast as I can.  The great new is, you can run and operate a professional profitable business and even sales career without using these types of tactics.

You see everything in life is based on “Seasons”.  If you understand that you will know every person that is exposed to your “Offer” is either ready for it or they are not.  They are either “Harvest Ready” or they are Green.  If you eat a green banana it will only give you the runs so why eat it?  I have had many customers, clients and prospects give me the “Monazuma Revenge”. It was my own fault, they were green and I tried to make them ripe or harvest ready.

Today I run a highly revolved, extremely effective marketing system that only deals with people who are “Ready” for my offer.   This makes such a pleasant experience for everyone involved and makes business a “Journey of Joy” instead of a Night Mare from Elms street.  This is the realm of “Non Selling” and one of service and instruction.  The key factor to operate this kind of marketing system and business expansion is to discipline yourself to “Never Eat Green Fruit”.

If someone tells you they are not ready or interested in your offer…”Believe Them!”  They are telling you the season or timing of your offer is not right for them at this time and that is fine.  How will you know if someone is Harvest Ready?”  The entire transaction will be one of ease and joy.  I had the privilege this week end to help one of my team partners Lesley Adams bring on a new wonderful couple into the business and the entire transaction was Energizing” for everyone.

If you want to make more money, have more success increase your joy factor “Stop Selling and Start Sorting”.  That is a Master Key to Riches!

Don and Melinda Boyer

Do You Have The Millionaire Habit?

“Saving a Part of Your Income Each Week and Putting It into Gold” 

“Our mission is to educate you about the importance of owning Gold Bullion so that you can make an intelligent decision about your financial future”

The Journey of 2008


If you did not read yesterday’s email, go back and read it or you will not understand what I am talking about today.  With that being said lets continue the story…

January 4, 2008 we flew back home and I went back to work as usual, ready to keep the pace we left with.  Still not really knowing what was wrong I just put it on the back burner and continued to work.  However by March I had noticed that my list seemed asleep.  Meaning sales had been down and sluggish and my following customer base just was not responding like normal. I remember telling a friend of mine “My List has fallen asleep and I need to wake them up”.  I was half way joking not really being concerned about it because we were still making a lot of money and I figured it was a slump that would soon pass.

By October of that year 2008 it started becoming acutely visible that something now was drastically wrong.  My list was not waking up and I started seeing people who once had a lot of money now suddenly starting to struggle.  Financially our companies were still fine and we even were expanding in some new areas.  By the end of the year of 2008 when our taxes were done we were down about 100k from 2007.  Still not worried or scared but was certainly concerned now.  Something strange was happening in the fact that many wealthy people I knew were finding themselves in financial trouble for the first time in their professional lives and while incomes were going down the price of Gold kept going up.  That was an alarm bell I did not hear or recognize.

As 2008 closed we had new plans, new formats and new products and we were going to turn things around in 2009 by…  (We will pick up story tomorrow)

Don and Melinda Boyer

Do You Have The Millionaire Habit?

“Saving a Part of Your Income Each Week and Putting It into Gold” 

“Our mission is to educate you about the importance of owing Gold Bullion so that you can make an intelligent decision about your financial future”

Wisdom Gumbo

Today I want to share a mixture of thoughts, ideas, insights and wisdom that I have gathered over the past 54 years of my life.  I call it “Wisdom Gumbo” because today’s blog has no real structure or format and includes a little bit of everything that creates a whole lot of good!

Have Class! One of the good fortunes I had as a child was having a mother who was a very “classy” lady and nurtured and mentored my brothers and I to have “class” in everything we did from how we treated 3people with respect, how we conducted business (she was a true entrepreneur) to how we dressed and groomed our self. ( Here is a picture of myself as a child.)  A couple of years ago I wanted to see how many books I could find on the subject of “Class” and I could not find one book on the subject and it dawned on me the reason why was because so few people have any.  Having “Class” is a real art, and it takes time and work to develop it, however, it is well worth the investment because it makes life so much better for you and others.

Consider The Source  A few months back my In-laws were in need of a new car, so I decided to give them our new honda fit (which was our second car).  Going back down to just our Mercedes, we needed a little run around putt putt car.  So we went down and purchased a new 2013 Nissan Cube.  I will admit this car has a certain look to it, and you have to be of a certain personality to drive one.  When our 6 year old granddaughter first saw it, she looked at Melinda and she yelled out, “Grandma, you got a Toy Story Car!

Anyway, the other day a perfectly healthy man was on the corner smoking cigarettes and begging for money. As I was at the stop sign, he looking at the Cube said to me; “It must get good gas mileage, but it’s an ugly piece of crap”.  My first response was anger but then I realized who was making the remark, a bum (by choice) with no car!  So, the next time someone offers you a rude or mean comment, consider the source.

Work on You Someone once said to me, “Life is not that hard” Are you kidding me, Life will kick your rear end so high up you will walk around Hunch Back.  Life is tough, challenging, as well as rewarding and fulfilling thinkingand in this Journey it is very easy to get caught up and filled up with stress.  Whenever things are not going right, or I am stressed out and feel like I have more projects than time, I know the only way to fix things is to fix me.  Take a time out and refocus on you, your peace of mind, the spiritual condition of your heart and emotions.  Let go of all the heartache in life and give it to God, because the Bible says “He Cares For You”.  It is amazing how much peace can come when you just utter a simple prayer of Gratitude.  We are not designed to be Superman or Superwoman, we cannot be all things to all people so relax and take some time just for you.

Passion Find out what you want to do and then go for it!  Stop dreaming and start doing. Have the guts and the nuts (no class there…sorry) to go after what you really want.  Stop selling yourself short.  Be willing to pay the price, to do whatever it takes to create the lifestyle you desire.  Spark up your passion and go for it.  Bring a death sentence to excuses.  The biggest book in the world is the “Book of Excuses” and most people are best selling authors in it.  Will it be hard? Will it be scary?  Will I fail a lot?  Yes, Yes and Yes…but Success is worth it all.

Love Your Spouse Melinda and I have now been married for 13 years and Loving your Spouceit has been the best 13 years of my life.  She is my best friend, business partner and loyal companion. When you look at us, we are the most opposite kind of people on the planet.  She is warm and fuzzy and loves to be around people.  I am old grumpy and like being alone.  Her favorite time is when we go to Disneyland; my favorite time is when we are leaving Disneyland! But despite our differences, our marriage is Heaven on Earth because we have chosen to “Love Our Spouse” above all the millions of little things that can make you jump out of your skin.

Make a Decision to Succeed All success starts and ends with one thing, making a decision to succeed.  Be it in your health, marriage, relationships, business or finances, when you come to that “place” where there is no more talking, no more B.S., no more farting around, and you come and make that decision, you will find that your success destination is just around the corner…and that is a good thing.

Have You Failed? We all have, therefore don’t sit back, jump up and make a come back! Forgive yourself, forgive others and then hit the F5 button…the refresh button. Start over, start fresh and start strong.

Well there you go, some good old fashion “Wisdom Gumbo” to help you kick start your success into high gear.  Let’s make this week a week we can walk down the street whistling and when someone asks how things are going, we can smile and say…”Business Is Booming”. 

Thank you for visiting with us today, keep on sharing us with your social media network, leaving your positive comments and if you want your business and income to “Boom” join our Free Inner Circle Membership.  It cost nothing to join, but the benefits it pays will “Blow Your Shorts Off”.  Join today at

Psychology of Prospecting

If you are going to win, prosper and get way ahead of this business game, whether we are in a great economy or an upside down economy you are going to have to be…Obsessed, Consumed, Focused, Dedicated and 100% Sold Out to daily “Selling and Marketing”.

The Journey Movie

The Journey Movie

This formula and this formula alone is the great secret behind any kind of sustainable business and financial success.  Every business that follows this system wins and prospers, everyone that does not follow this path eventually fails no matter how great their product or service is.

You will be amazed, the harder you work in this area of selling, the more the “Law of Attraction” works and the more your faith will produce “Miracles”.  There are few business problems that “selling” can’t fix.  Any person or business that is in financial trouble can “Sell their way out of the Crisis”.  With that being said, it is amazing how many professionals and entrepreneurs focus on everything else but selling and marketing.

Here are four dynamic systems that if you put into place starting today, you can double your income in the next 120 days or less.

  1. Understand Selling.  The most important aspect of selling is to get your noodle on straight about this subject; you have to have a proper paradigm of selling right out of the gate.  So, here is my definition or paradigm of selling: “Selling means providing provision and solving problems for the right people at the right time”. 
  1. Painless Selling.  Painless selling is a providing a product or service to people who are ready and willing to buy and/or ready to have their problem solved. You do not have to convince, persuade, push, beg or plead for them to buy; you only have to provide them with what they want and need. Selling is all about timing. 
  1. Painless Prospecting.  The way to practice “Painless Selling” is finding those ready to buy customers to serve and the way to find them is through “Painless Prospecting”.  Painless Prospecting is knowing how to use an e-book (or printed book) as a marketing lead generator.  Giving away an e-book that you co-authored with top leaders is the fastest, easiest and non-intrusive way to turn a complete stranger into a loyal paying client. 
  1. How to Use Painless Prospecting.  When I was a kid there was a commercial for the tootsie roll pop.  The caption was how many licks does it take to reach the tootsie roll center?  They asked Mr. Wise Owl that question to which he replied, “Well, let’s see; One, Two, and on the third lick he bit into it and said…Three”.   When I saw that I thought, the little bastard cheated!  In order to practice “Painless Prospecting” I use some very specific tools because when it comes down to it, effective prospecting is never about those you seek, but the seeker (you) itself.  Prospecting is a game that is played and won or lost in the head. So here are the tools to win the game. 
    1. When I prospect everyday, I do not view myself as a hunter out to kill game so I and my family can eat and have enough money to pay my bills.  I view myself as a Coast Guard out on a mission to help those who are in need of my services and products.  I am out to seek and to save.  Therefore, when I am prospecting on line (sending out e-books) I wear my bright red and orange T-shirt that says “Search and Rescue”. It keeps me mentally on track. 
    1. Decide up front how many No’s it will take before you quit and give up.  For me, its 10,000.  Therefore when I get number 7 or 8 No, it means nothing to me in comparison to the 10,000 number before I give up! 
    1. Deck of Cards.  No matter what you sell or market there are thousands of people out there that are ready to buy from you.  Your job is to find (rescue) them or make yourself visible so they can find you.  Therefore, I keep a deck of cards on my desk to remind me to keep flipping because I know without a doubt the Aces are in there and I will find them if I just keep flipping. 

I encourage you to put these systems into place and watch your business and income go up as the economy keeps going down. Now for those of you who are ready to double and triple your income and start using our “Painless Prospecting and Painless Selling” by becoming a co-author in our upcoming Power of Mentorship book, email me today at so we can get you started.

As I sign off, once again thank you for reading the post and sharing it with your friends, family and contacts.