Our subconscious mind is designed to prosper, promote, increase, heal and guide us into every good thing and keep us safe at all times.  And the only thing we need to do to tap into those wonderful benefits is to program our creative mind to those things by using our thoughts and imagination to see and think those things we desire in our mind on a constant basis.  When you think about something, mediate on it, dwell on it, and verbally affirm it the time and place will come that you will actually “Believe It” and then you will see those things show up in your physical world and reality.

When most people start off wanting to change their life and results and start using these methods to change their thinking they do not believe in their heart those things are true because they cannot see them with their physical senses and therefore believe those thing they are saying do not exists.

If you discipline yourself to practice these mental skills and determine to think independent of your current circumstances the time will come that your faith will match your thoughts and words and then your results will be the next thing that lines up to your thoughts, words and faith.  Make it a daily practice to say everyday…

“My Subconscious Mind Guides and Prospers Me Today” 

Every morning I set my attention to help 20 people a day improve their life, relationships and finances.  I know without a shadow of a doubt that I can drastically improve any one’s life and help them create balance, harmony and financial freedom in their business with 3 simple tools.  It is my intense desire that we may be a service and help to you to create the life and lifestyle you desire.

Don and Melinda Boyer

“It is my sincere prayer that something I write or something I say unlocks the greatness within you”.  I am asking you to let our team help you create financial freedom in your life through our 1 Year Mentorship Program.  Together we can get it done…I Guarantee it! For information about our Mentorship program email us and we will send you our “Money Magnet” audio that gives you the details.

I Hope Things Get Better…

Have you ever heard any one say “I hope things get better”?  Of course you have and perhaps this is even something you say on a consistent basis.  Many people are buckling under the pressure of everyday life of business, work and finances.  I had a stranger ask me today if I ever bought Lotto tickets. I told him no, never.  He glazed off in deep thought and said, “It’s the only way out of this financial misery everyone is in”.

When you do not understand or practice the fundamentals of sound business principles then you don’t have much choice but to live your life on the basis of “I Hope Things Get Better”.  The problem with this philosophy is that things rarely get better but has an automatic tendency of getting worse!  Living this way is like speeding down the highway, closing your eyes and let go of the steering wheel and then “Hope Things Get Better”.  You can see why they rarely do.

The good new is however, you can move from “I Hope Things Get Better” to “I Know Things Are Going To Get Better”.  The transition comes when we do certain things that we know will cause things to get better.

I have a lot of people tell me their problems and after I let them ramble on for a while I ask them a simple question; “What are you doing about them”.  That usually gets that same symptom of the bottom lip begin quivering, the top lip start moving but no words come out.  Then out of some kind of desperation they let out a Monster growl like Ahhhhhhhh!

Everyone goes through tough times; it is a process and cycle of life.  The jjimrohn_seated_2late and legendary Jim Rohn called them the Seasons of Life.  The important thing to comprehend is the importance of developing the skill of doing proactive actions that change those challenging times.  When you are practicing the fundamentals of business you move from “I Hope Things Get Better” to “I Know Things Will Get Better” because you are doing the things that will make them better.

Here are a few things you want to do to keep you in the realm of “Knowing Things Will Get Better”.

  1. Daily Activity Prospecting daily is crucial element to help you navigate through the cycles of business.  It is your deed of guarantee that things will get better when you hit a dry spot or selling slump. 
  1. Daily Marketing  After all is said and done, after all the fancy wrapper is stripped away, the impressive vernacular is put back, when the make up comes off selling comes down to a numbers game.  The numbers game, its old, its simple, but its accurate and dependable.  The degree of your long-term success in selling and business will be a reflection of how many people hear your offer. 
  1. Massive Exposure   The old saying of “It’s not what you know but who you know” has a twin sibling “Its not who you know it’s who knows about you”.  The more people who know about you, your company and product line the more business you are going to do.  This is based on the law of the built-in market.  There are thousands of people worldwide that want to buy what you are selling.  And the only reason you have not gotten rich so far is not enough people know about you.  Once your name, branding, company or product hits massive exposure the momentum of increase in business and profits begin to grow exponentially. 

So when things get tough and challenging (and they will) you can look people in the eye and say “I Know Things Are Going To Get Better”.  And iflaw of attraction anyone ask how you know that you can simply tell them…”Because I Am Doing the Things to Make Them Better”.  Knowing and practicing these three business insights will help you get a better night sleep, remove fear and stress from your heart and renew your strength to keep moving on!

Special Note: Relax…When you see my offers they are designed to give you the essential tools and resources you need to help you achieve everything you desire.  Here is where the “Relax” part comes in.  You will only respond to our offers when the “Timing” is perfect for you and not a moment sooner…I Guarantee It!  

When someone does not respond to an offer it is simply because the “timing” is not right for them, and when they do respond it’s because the “timing” is perfect for them and both situations are a good thing! So relax and feel safe reading our resource offers, it’s not about selling its all about timing and you are in control of that not me.

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Hope you enjoyed today’s blog.  Thank you for sharing us around the world and at home.  We strive to bring you the best marketing and money-making information available and put it in a personal and fun format.  We appreciate all of you who read our daily blog and whatever you do today join our Free Inner Circle Membership at

Don and Melinda Boyer

The Worst Payers Are The Biggest Complainers…

The legendary Jim Rohn said that “Success Leaves Clues” and that is so true.  On the other hand, bad customers leave clues as well.  What I have jjimrohn_seated_2found to be true after 30 years in business are the prospects and customers that put you through all kinds of demands, ask for unreasonable extras, complain the most, and contribute the least pay the worst.  Those who want and demand the most gives the least.

The moment I start smelling a “Rat” I kick their ass out as fast as I can and refuse to do any kind of business with them, and I suggest that if you find customers trying to crawl into your business camp that demand more and wanting to pay less, you do the same.  There is only one thing worse than having no customers and that is having bad customers.

Perhaps you’ve heard the story of the little bird. He had his wing over his eye and he was crying. The owl said to the bird, “You are crying.” “Yes,” said the little bird, and he pulled his wing away from his eye. “Oh, I see,” said the owl. “You’re crying because the big bird pecked out your eye.” And the little bird said, “No, I’m not crying because the big bird pecked out my eye. I’m crying because I let him.”

I see so many business owners and professionals going through so much misery and taking so much crap from demanding, unrealistic customers because their business is so bad and the economy is so harsh.  Both realities are unnecessary.  The problem is that they have no proven marketing plan in place in order to “Attract Their Perfect, Ideal Customer”.  We bend over backwards, do the unreasonable and go the extra ten miles to please and accommodate our customers.  I have personally taken calls from customers at 3:00 A.M. because in their part of the world it’s 10:00 A.M.

Our constant business goal is to over deliver and under promise.  Our main goal is to serve our customer base and have each member become “Outrageous Fans”.  We give tens of thousands of dollars worth of materials to our customer base and potential customers Free and Postpaid.  We want people to know that we are “Givers” not “Takers”.

The Art of Living WellIn essence, our company does not sell anyone anything, what we do is Give, contribute massive support, and make available resources and platforms to help you achieve the goals, dreams and lifestyle you desire.  All of our thousands of customers have never been sold one item, they have all chosen on their own accord to take advantage of the tools, resources, and opportunities we have available and that is how we created a following of “Outrageous Fans”. 

The first step to peace of mind and financial freedom is to stop working and dealing with bad customers.  Accepting and trying to please bad customers will bankrupt your peace, health, business and bank account.  Make a sign and hang it somewhere you can see it everyday…”I Don’t Need Bad Customers, They Don’t Pay, They Cost!” 

The truth of the matter is, the world is filled with perfect ideal customers just waiting to do business with you so that you both enter into a relationship that becomes a win-win for all parties concerned. Listen, we can’t choose our family we are born into, but you sure can choose your Customers. Never, Never forget that!

My good friend Connie was dealing with a horrible, bad paying customer and I asked her why she was doing it.  She said “I don’t know, I am not making any money on this customer and he is a nightmare to deal with”.  I was so pleased when I got an email from her two days later saying, “I fired that guy and I have never felt so good and free in my life!”  Way to go Connie!

Here are the Facts:

  • There are tens of thousands of ideal, good paying, perfect customers in the marketplace right now. 
  • There are more customers than you could possibly serve in your lifetime. 
  • You must find a way to implement a marketing plan to find and attract those ideal customers. 

Here is the Million Dollar Secret to attracting your ideal customer, retaining current customers and increasing your bottom line profits…”Position Yourself As An Expert”

And the number one way to do that is by becoming a published author.  Do you realize that the word “Author” is the first part of the word “Authority?”  When you become a published author the marketplace looks at you as one with “Authority”.

Contact me today and I will show you how to become a Published Author ingroupbooks 30 days!

Well that wraps it up for today, as always, your daily readership is always appreciated along with you sharing us with friends and family.  We love your posts, and positive comments and its an honor to have you follow us.

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Enjoy and Celebrate Life…

Don and Melinda

Forget Plan B If You Don’t Have Plan A

Almost on a weekly basis I talk with individuals who try to explain to me a new business concept or explain what exactly their company does.  After 30 to 45 minutes of patient listening I have no clue of what they are trying to say and the strange thing is, neither do they!  It is just a bunch of exciting garble that eventually ends up producing absolutely nothing.

The Journey MovieAt a pool side, asking the man next to me what he did, it took him 30 minutes of non stop talking to finally explain that he was into Network Marketing.  I remember another time an individual trying to explain the answer to my simple question of “What do you do for a living?” Taking 15 minutes to answer the question he said that he was a “Multiple Transporter of humans to a higher level”.  I wasn’t trying to be funny but I said, “You are a Bus Driver?”   I was a hundred percent serious!

If you are going to even have the remotest chance of doubling and tripling your income you must know what business you are in.  Now that seems like anyone in business would be able to answer that, but shockingly I have found less then two percent could give me the correct answer.  To cut through all the blubber of garble trying to figure out and explain what you do, all business comes down to just two things.  Learn this and your money worries will be forever over.  All business comes down to…

“What Do You Want To Sell,

And How Do You Plan To Sell It?”

One main reason professionals and business owners are drowning financially is because they are surrounded with tons and tons of Business Blubber that does not allow the business of cash flow to reach their enterprise which is Attracting and Retaining Customers.  If clients are paying my $500.00 per hour consulting fees they can ramble on non stop until their Poly Grip Glue dissolves and their choppers begin to wobble.  However, if you are on my time, the moment you start to get lost in a mixture of Business Blubber (which is usually the first 3-5 minutes) I cut through the chase and say; 

“Just Tell Me… 

“What Do You Want To Sell

And How Do You Plan To Sell It?” 

The most important ingredient to over all success is having a plan, more specifically a proven marketing plan.

Talent plus skill with No Plan leads to endless ramble and zero profits.

Capital, talent, and skill with No Plan end in tears, endless ramble and zero profits.

Little skill, little talent, little capital, little brains plus a Proven Marketing Plan can lead to Extraordinary Profits and Success!

Unfortunately, most marketing plans that professionals and business owners follow barely bring in enough results to keep the doors open let alone doubling and tripling their annual income.  When my Mentors taught me how to use the “Painless Prospecting” and “Painless Selling” method that attracted to us is a flood of perfect customers and created an atmosphere of buying instead of an environment of selling, I asked them “Why in the world doesn’t every business use this system?” 

He just smiled politely and said, “Mankind has been inflicting self pain and misery since the garden and have refused to do things the painless way…and nothing you can do can change that choice for them. Only they can make that choice.”  As those words of wisdom fell from his lips and he got in his car and drove off, the main thought in my skull was “Gee he has a cool Mercedes!”  I am a perfect example; you don’t need a lot upstairs to strike it Rich…you just need a Proven Marketing Plan To Attract More Customers.

We cannot express enough how much we appreciate all of our daily readers, and for posting your “Likes” response. Keep sharing us with your friends and family and whatever you do, join our Exclusive Inner Circle Membership.  It’s free and I promise you, the benefits and materials you get every month are priceless!  Join today while there is still a limited time to enroll.  Just go to to register.

See you all on Monday and remember, no need to focus on plan B until you have mastered plan A.

Don and Melinda Boyer

Tough As Nails

“News Flash”

If you are going to survive let alone thrive in business you have to be “Tough As Nails”.  Being in business for yourself many times means being in business by yourself and that can be a very daunting experience.  Yes we may have supporters, vendors, and business associates and maybe even employees, but the bottom line is when everyone else goes home, we are left with all the responsibility of business on our shoulders.  There are many times in business that you have to make hard, difficult, sometimes gut wrenching decisions and that requires you to be tough as nails.

Sometimes when you are stuck in business and the wolf is coming to get you, you have to chew your own foot off to break free and escape.  As one man said, “You can’t crawl out of the mud you have to Explode Out of the Mud!”  Listen, Superman or Superwomen have nothing on the Business Entrepreneur.

BusinessIf you are a true Business Entrepreneur even the devil himself gets rectal leakage when he sees you coming!

I often think back to my mentor the late legendary Jim Rohn tell a group of us when we were facing difficult times, “Don’t pray for things to get easier, pray that you get stronger”.  So much wisdom in so few words; I wish I could sit here and tell you that I could make you successful and although the marketplace is filled with “Gurus” who proclaim they can guarantee you success (after you send them $29.95) the truth of the matter is…

“No one can guarantee you Success the best we can do is offer you tools that give you a Fighting Chance to Succeed” 

Ultimately, success or failure is the sole result of what we do or don’t do; the action we take or fail to take leads us down the path of success or the path of failure.  The choice alone is ours.  As a speaker, Mentor and success coach for the past 30 years, the hardest thing I have had to over come was my desire of wanting success for others more than they wanted it for themselves.  Taking that stance creates more pain and disappointment than you want to bear and the fact is, you cannot force anyone to take the necessary actions to give them what they claim they want…Success.

The American Dream of Financial Independence is Alive and Doing Well, and you can have that Dream if…You Simply Take the Time to Learn How to Get It. 

That statement will do more than cause you to double and triple your income, that bit of advice will take you into the Millionaire Zone.  If you are not at the financial place that you want to be at, it’s because you simply have not yet learned how to do it.  When I look back on all the good fortune as well as all the failure I have experienced in business I could pinpoint the “Why” it happened in both circumstances.  Let me share it with you to save you some heartache.

When I succeed it was because I filled by gun chamber with daily, massive, marketing and prospecting bullets and when I failed, I did not. It is as simple as that.  If I had to go into the jungle of business and I only had one tool or weapon I could take, it would be a proven marketing system.  In the world of business you have King Kong, Big Foot and Godzilla all wanting to slap your buns with yellow mustard and eat you like a hot toasty sandwich.  The only way you can defend yourself (and your buns) is having a rock solid, proven marketing system that attracts customers into a buying environment.  As long as you have that you can thrive in the marketplace.  As far as all the other pitfalls of business…well you can handle that because you are “Tough As Nails”.  Right now, there are hundreds of thousands of people buying what you are selling; my closing question to you is…What are you doing to make yourself visible to all those customers who have money in their hand?  A proven marketing plan makes you stand out like a Neon Sign to those who want to put money in your bank account.

If you are not using our “Painless Prospecting” and “Painless Selling” system you are working way to hard for way to little.

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I will see you tomorrow when I share more insights to help you make you more successful! And hey, thank you for continuing to share us with others.

Don and Melinda Boyer

For the Woman Entrepreneur

If you could guarantee to double and perhaps triple your income this year by simply giving away your e-book would you do it?

As crazy as it sounds, a whooping 60 percent would not do it.  30 percent would say they would do it, but never follow through and actually do it.  7 percent would do it and when they did not see results the next day or week quit and stop doing it.  Only 3 percent use this system but they are the ones who became wealthy in their industry from it.

As amazing and wild as this fact is, there is a very concrete reason for this.  Let me ask you; is giving away an e-book easy to do?  Yes of course, it is painless and cost zero to do.  That is not the problem, the problem is…. It is easy not to do!

The legendary and late Jim Rohn always said doing the things that bring Success is easy to do, but they are also easy not to do, and for that very reason most people never reach their dreams.

So although giving away an e-book to double and triple your income this year is easy, simple, painless and costless to do, studies show that it is the top 3 percent of high income earners and internationally known leaders that follow this system of giving away books to grow their business and income.  Everyone from Bob Proctor, Brian Tracy, and Vic Johnson to Dan Kennedy give away e-books to build their empires.

However, on top of the main fact that giving away e-books to double and triple your income is easy to do and easy not to do, I found 5 other reasons why speakers (and business owners) choose not to follow this system of giving away books.

Reason Number One:  They simply cannot get a mental or visual picture of themselves giving away e-books as a marketing method to increase business growth.  They never have done it in the past, they do not know anyone personally who is doing it and therefore have no mental or visual reference in their mind of giving away books.

Reason Number Two:  They have never heard of this system of giving away books to grow your business and income and therefore do not have a clue how to go about putting it into practice or even know who to turn to in order to get help in leaning how to do it.

Reason Three:  Wrong paradigms about books; most people believe books are designed to be sold, and have a hard time accepting that books can be used to create wealth.  If you sell a book it returns coins to your purse, if you start giving away books, it returns a fortune to your bank account!  Giving away a book does not diminish its value or content, in fact, the higher quality in content and format, the higher return in more customer attraction and retention.

Reason Four:  Giving away books feels uncomfortable and out of my comfort zone.  Here is the great Wake Up Call, we are doing business in a devastated economy and the only place that sales and customers gather is outside your comfort zone.  Working outside of your comfort zone is the only way, and I mean the only way to survive in this upside down economy.

Reason Five:  It is beneath me to give away books.  Listen, our Ego is not our Amigo!  Our ego will drive us to the poor house if we are not careful.  I would rather be humble and rich, well fed and well dressed, than be broke with a massive Ego.  As professional speakers and leaders, we have no trouble growing a healthy Ego, in fact, most of the time our trouble comes from uncontrolled massive Ego growth.

Now, let’s bring this home with 5.5 questions.

  • You want to double or triple your income this year Right?  Yes!
  1. Giving away an e-book is easy and painless Right?   Yes, of course.
  2. It cost you absolutely no money to give it away, Right?  Yes.
  3. You do want more sales, customers and clients, Right?  Yes.
  4. You know this is something you can easily do, Right?  Yes.

I will teach you how to easily and quickly put this marketing e-book give away system to double and triple your income and provide you the opportunity to be a co-author in our upcoming Power of Mentorship book along with Bob Proctor, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar and many others, so now the 5.5 question to you is “Will you say….Yes to coming on board with us?”

I am not looking to convince, persuade or sell the 97 percent of professionals who say no to our offer, that is called “insanity selling” (which most professionals practice) instead, I am looking for the 3 percent of winners who already exist and are out there ready to double and triple their income with this easy system of giving away an e-book.  If you are one of the 3 percent ready to expand and explode your business and income, contact me today at 562-237-8039 or send an email to and I will show how in less than 10 days you will be published and on your way to using the most powerful customer attraction system on the planet!

How Effective is your Business Card?


As a speaker like any other profession, you need more customers, speaking gigs, and more bottom line profits.  So let me ask you, how many clients, referrals and money can you directly trace back to being results of your business card?

The fact is, business cards and brochures as important as they are when everything is said and done are really poor performers in the area of marketing and generating revenue.  The three major reasons are:

1.Business cards have been used for 100 years and have exhausted its uniqueness.

2.Everybody uses them, and no matter how fancy or how much money you spend on them, it does not make you stand out from the rest of the business cards your competitors are passing out.

3.The fact is, far too many business cards end up in the trash can.

However, there is one type of business card that Never ends up in a trash can, which is really not a business card but a book that functions as a business card on steroids!

Most professionals and even many authors do not understand the many functional uses of a book to generate new business, new customers and fresh revenue.  Most believe that the only function of a book is to create revenue from selling it.  But the truth of the matter is; a book sold brings a few coins to your wallet but a book given away returns Financial Independence.

My personal friend and mentor Bob Proctor taught me this secret of using a book as a lead generator.  He uses it to generate millions of dollars of revenue and every known International speaker/author uses this same system.  I proved this system works by creating the Power of Mentorship book series that now have 220,000 printed copies in the marketplace and a million e-book versions in the marketplace worldwide.

I would like to personally invite you to become a co-author in our upcoming Power of Mentorship book which features Bob Proctor, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar and many other recognized leaders.  These books convey the top teachings of all these leaders, and would feature your chapter in the book and we will teach you how to both sell the book and more importantly use it as a lead generator.

And the fact is, using the digital format of the book, giving it away as a gift, bonus and lead generator makes your marketing efforts extremely effective with zero cost.  Top that off with the fact that you can put your book into the hands of potential clients instantaneously and globally makes this the most powerful marketing tool on the planet.
Here are 5 major reasons to become a co-author in our upcoming Power of Mentorship book.

It positions you as an expert in your field
It gives you credibility being featured with International leaders
It gives you another product to generate revenue
It becomes your business card on steroids
It is the most effective marketing tool on the planet with zero cost

If you have any interest in becoming part of this upcoming book, please send me an email at

Until then, I wish you the best of Success!

Don Boyer
Creator of The Power of Mentorship book series