“Think Independent of Circumstances”


One of the greatest gifts we have been given to create wealth and financial independence in our life is “Imagination”.  Because of this great gift we have been given we are able to “Think Independent of Circumstances”  If you are earning 50k annually you can think and imagine yourself earning 300k annually.

If your current business is generating 100k annually you can think and imagine it earning a million dollars annually.  The great thing about imagination is that it is unlimited, has no restrictions and is controlled 100 percent by our choice.  The most powerful thing about imagination is that it becomes our reality in the physical realm.

No matter what your current circumstances are in business, cash flow, relationships, or health you can drastically improve them and create them to be what you want them to be through your “Imagination”.

Imagination is your wealth gift and tool from God to enjoy and create a magnificent life.  On the flip side imagination used wrong as in the form of worry will create all the things you don’t want therefore make sure you use it for what it was designed to do…create the good in your life.

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Don and Melinda Boyer

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