The Gift…

Every human being on the planet was given a special gift at birth.  For some it was musical, others mechanical, athletics, business, the arts, compassion, visionary, organizational, detail and a host of other ones.  The great journey of life is to discover your gift and make full potential of it.  To find it, develop it and treasure it is one of the great success secrets of life.

sunset and happy manThe important thing to remember is everyone has a gift within and it is designed to use without to benefit one self and others.  The great tragedy of life is the untapped, undiscovered and wasted Gift that lies within.  They say the graveyard is filled with buried treasure because of all the books, ideas, businesses, tools, answers and cures that died with the people who never developed them while they were alive on earth.

What is your gift?  Why are you here on planet earth and what are you meant to contribute?  Everyone has been given a Gift.  The discovery and then the development of your Gift is what makes life fulfilling, exciting, adventurous, and a key factor in bringing monetary wealth into your life.

The other important aspect to be aware of is that most people are multiple gifted, they have been given many gifts and each one must be discovered, developed, nurtured, maintained and put to use.

For me, I enjoying using my gift of helping people turn the “Simple into the Profitable”.  Our world is filled with way to many things that are complicated. When I was growing up you had a house phone with zero options, now our phones are space age and so advanced that it’s spooky!  I did not become a cussing man until I got an Iphone…(Melinda, how do you get this stupid #@%*^@!%^% to work!!!)

You want a simple formula for creating wealth in your life;

“Wealth comes from knowing what others don’t…even the simple things you think others should know but they don’t”. 

“Others are getting paid for knowing things you don’t” (but could and should know). 

A man was at the market and was looking over 2 loaves of bread that were exactly the same, however one had a price of $2.00 and the other was $2.75.  When he asked the clerk what was the difference between the two exact loaves of bread, the clerk paused then said “The loaf that is $2.75 cost more”.   I think this Jack Ass was twin brother to the auto mechanic who went on a call when a friend of mine had his car break down on the road.  The mechanic came out, looked under the hood, pounded on this and pounded on that then closed the hood.  He walked over to my friend who asked “What’s wrong with my car?”  The mechanic looked at him and replied “It’s broke down”.

This is the reason I tell Melinda sometimes, everyone drinks but me and I groupbooksam the one who needs it the most!  It’s Friday so let’s have a little fun with one more of my true but funny stories.  I got an email back yesterday from a member that I was offering a really valuable free gift to.  Now remember, this member got a free membership with lots of great content over the past three months, we also sent him a physical package of books, CD’s DVD’s with a retail value of over $300.00 absolutely Free and Postpaid.  He never sent one penny to our company, and received hundreds of dollars with of products from us at no cost.  Then when I sent an email to our members offering to write an ad copy piece for them for free he sends me an email that says;  “I cancelled my membership three weeks ago and I never got a refund”.  A Refund!  A refund on what???  Is this guy smoking his crusty shorts while watching porno flicks?

I am mailing this guy the biggest “Jack Ass Trophy” I can find because he just won the Biggest Jack Ass of 2013 Award.

Can someone give me a break around here and throw me a bone or Blue Moon!

Well that wraps it up for today, thanks for sharing a laugh with us, find your gift and bring it to the world.

My Best,

Don and Melinda Boyer


Mental Gold

goldmedalFrom Childhood I have been fascinated with the history of the Gold Rush days.  Tales of wonderful true stories of those brave men and women who staked everything they had and endured unfathomable conditions in the hopes of striking it rich. Hitting that vein where gold flows like honey from a comb.  Indeed there were some who did exactly that but those folks were few and far in between.

Our earth is filled with billions upon billions of dollars worth of gold but no matter how vast the supply is, somewhere at some point there is a limit.  We may never know what that limit is, but there is a limit.  However there is one gold mine on earth that its resources are unlimited and inexhaustible.  It has more wealth in it than all the gold on earth.  The great news is, this gold mine belongs to you and you can pull out as much wealth from it as you desire.

You do not need a treasure map to find this gold mine nor do you need expensive equipment to mine it out.  Where is all this gold?  It is in your mind, it is called Mental Gold.  You see, all wealth is a by-product of ideas; before any product ever hits the market it is first created in some ones thoughts.  It was first mental gold (an idea) before it was turned into thinkingphysical gold (money).

There is more money, wealth and gold in your mind than all the wealth that was in King Solomon kingdom.  The gold in your mind is unlimited and inexhaustible.  It is where all riches come from.  It is the starting point the creation of all wealth and riches.  You can real pan gold from the rivers of your mind.

Just like you have to go within a natural gold mine to bring it without, you must also go within to bring mental gold without.   Here are 3 easy steps to mine the gold that is in your mind.


You must acknowledge the fact that all wealth starts with ideas. Every product, service, business, house, trailer, shirt and shoe came from an idea.  Some thought it first, than brought it forth.  Right now you are just one idea away from becoming a millionaire.  You are one idea away from having a cash flow stream that has no end.  One idea and two words made one man a millionaire at the turn of the century.

Bottle it! That is how sodas went from the fountain in drug stores to bottles in the home.  A man sitting in a drug store enjoying his soft drink thought What a great idea to have this in a bottle.  He went to the soda company and said I have an idea and want a million dollars for it.  Did he get his million dollars?  Well, let me ask you, have you ever drunk a soda from a bottle?

Know what you want

Know exactly what you want.  Ninety five out of a hundred people have no clue of what they really want.  When you order your food at a restaurant do you ask for a specific dish or do you just say bring me some food?  If you have to know what you want and be specific at a restaurant, does it seem unreasonable that you would have to know what you want in life in specific terms in order to get it?

The reason why most people are challenged with not knowing what they want is because they have been trained and programmed by people and experiences not to go after their dreams because to do so only leads to frustration, disappointment and pain.  Although this is a true fact for millions of people, it does not have to be this way.  You can reach all of your dreams you can have what you want and be who you want to be.  This blog is teaching you how to do just that.

The second thing that trips people up from knowing what they want is they cannot figure out how in the world they could get it.  They go into their knowledge bank in their head and cannot find the answers so they just accept the fact they cannot have what they truly want.  Let me put a 20 foot speaker next to your ear and shout with a high-powered microphone…

It is not your job to figure out how you are going to get the things you want; your only job is to figure out what you want!

Everyone is so plugged up with how they are going to accomplish their dreams.  Who told you it was your job to come up with a plan on how to accomplish your dreams anyway?  Who made you Master Substance of the Universe?  The reason why you struggle with getting what you want is you are trying to do a job that is not yours.  If you want light in your house, your job is to turn on a switch but instead you are rubbing two sticks together like a crazy person trying to generate electricity to light up the room.

No wonder life is so hard for most people; they do not even know what their job and responsibility are in life.  If you try to produce gold (riches) with your hands you will break your back.  If you produce gold (riches) from your thoughts you will break the bank.  What do you want to do?  The choice is yours.

Every time you know exactly what you want and are crystal clear about it, it is like having a pan full dirt taken from a river bed that is filled with gold and you are swirling it around to expose those nuggets.  You are panning gold from the river of your mind!

Thinking Right

Thinking right means training yourself to only think on the things you want.  law of attractionThinking wrong is thinking on things you do not want.  Most people allow their thinking to be dictated by the things that are going on around them.  If your rent is $1500.00 a month and your check book says you only have $900.00 in it are your going to let that affect your thoughts?  98% of all people will and then start thinking about all the things they do not want; asking people for a loan, a phone call from the landlord and a ton of other negative things that your mind can come up with.  Does this help solve the problem?  No, it only extends and prolongs the pain of those conditions, but the worse thing those negative thoughts do is create the same lack  in the future repeating themselves again.  The only thing that will change those circumstances around for good is to force, train and discipline yourself to keep thinking and looking at the things you really want.

Am I saying that if you were in that condition that just thinking about what you want (the full amount of rent money) would make the shortage of money just pop out of thin air?  No!  No more than if you were starving and you took a carrot seed put it in the ground and expect it to pop up a full-grown carrot in 10 minutes so that you can eat it.

You may still have to go through whatever uncomfortable actions you have to take to get the rent money, but what thinking right will do is get you to a place that you never have to face have those kind of conditions again.  Please understand that thinking right does not deliver you from unpleasant conditions, it is a creator of producing pleasant conditions for your life. 

Right Thinking creates the future

Not erase the past.

What you now have in your life is a product of your past (thinking, paradigms and actions) what you will have tomorrow is a product of your present (thinking, paradigms and actions).  You can guarantee a great tomorrow by creating great thoughts today.  When you focus and think about the things you want today it will show up in your future.  This happens by law not chance.  Therefore the truth of the matter is…

You manufacture tomorrow Today!

No one can control your thoughts but you.  Your thoughts are the only thing in life that you have 100 percent control of.  You can think what you want when you want and nobody can change or alter that but you.  Are you choosing your thoughts based on what you want or are you letting your circumstance dictate your thoughts according to have you have?  Unless you are thinking of the things you want you will always keep getting all things you now have.  This is always true because life is based on set laws not morality, chance or good luck.

Your future is not in the hands of the stars or crystals, or prophets but in the power of your thoughts and actions.  Your thoughts predict your future not people and things.  People may influence your thoughts that create your future, but in the end it was your thoughts that created it.

If you want to have wealth, riches and a magnificent life you can have it.  It all starts with right thinking and right thinking means thinking on things you want and not on all the things you do not want.  It is as simple as that.

Thank you for spending time with us today, we know your time is valuable and time is the only resource we cannot ever replace once its spent and that is why we strive everyday to bring you information that will make you think, laugh, maybe pass some gas, but most of all, Inspire you to be the best you can be and that includes your ability to produce value and earn money…lots of it!

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