How to Grow Your Business With a Gift…

The Bible contains some of the greatest success, selling, marketing and business growth secrets known to mankind.  They are secrets not because they are hidden but because so few employ them.  However, those that do use and put these solid principles into play find that their biblebusiness expansion and income growth begin to rise exponentially.  Before we go into detail what these business and marketing secrets are lets look at 3 methods that many professionals employ with the expectation and hope that this will increase their customer base, customer acquisition and client retention.

  1. Excitement: There is no debate that one must be excited about their company, product and service however; misplaced excitement is the number one error of most professionals.  Expecting the sale to be a by product of your excitement or that it is your job to transfer your excitement to the prospect in order to get them to purchase is misplaced excitement.  Excitement is designed to keep you in the game and not quite during hard times. It is designed to keep you “sold” on your company and product line.  In order for you to win you have to keep excited and nothing kills that excitement more than when we expect or hope that our excitement will close the deal…and find it doesn’t. 
  1. Moving to Fast:  Marketing, Prospecting and then Selling is like the fine art of dating with the objective of marriage.  Moving to fast up front will mess up the whole deal.  No integral (or intelligent) persons want to go from the first date to the bedroom.  That plan can and usually does lead to disastrous results.  What leads to relational success is taking the proper steps of bonding. 
  1. No System:   A professional system is comprised of initial exposure, growing tank, and then a harvesting process.  This writing does not give me the time or space to elaborate on this system but my other writings do, make sure you get them. 

Now that we know what the top 3 mistakes of marketing and selling are, let’s focus on the number one Success Secret of growing your business that is taught in the Bible.

Gift Giving to Grow Your Business and Income 

In the book of Proverbs King Solomon one of the wealthiest men that ever walked the earth wrote; “Your Gift Giving (that is how it is written in Hebrew) will make room for you and bring you before Great Leaders”.  Great leader’s referrers to decision makers, those who have the power to say Yes to your offer.  Are you sending your prospects and customers appropriate gifts?  Are you using a gift to grow your business?

stock-photo-15246083-green-businessman-in-touch-with-natureThe Apostle Paul quoted a saying of Jesus in the book of Acts stating; “It is more blessed to give than to Receive”.  Now most people interpret this wrong, thinking that we should not be interested in receiving but that is not what Jesus is saying or referring to you.  In fact it is quite the opposite.  Jesus is referring to the exact same principle that King Solomon wrote about that a Gift brings you before great decision makers.  Jesus also was bringing to light that “Giving is the pathway to Receiving”.

Just look to nature to understand this law.  You have to first sow a seed in order to get a harvest.  You have to put wood in first, then you get heat.  You have to release the air in your lungs in order to get more fresh air in.  You have to put gas in your car before you can get to your destination.

In my opinion, experience and what I use as a very powerful and appropriate gift is a high quality premium Latte!  In fact let me list 5 reasons every business owner, professional sales person and those in the professional trade of any sorts should be sending your prospects and customers a Latte with the caption “Let Me Buy You a Latte… 

  1. It is an appropriate gift: Most prospects and customers (as well as most companies) frown on getting inappropriate gifts, viewing it as an unethical bribe and manipulating tactic.  But giving a Latte as a gift is an appropriate high quality jester without the conation of an unethical bribe or intention of manipulation. 
  1. It is personalized:  Most gifts that are given by the few that practice this are dull, boring, and impersonal. Pens, calendars, and key chains get thrown in the trash and are a waste of time and money and the receiver does not want them.  But giving a Latte, is a personalized gift letting the receiver know that you took the time to find something that they can use and enjoy.  That speaks volumes. 
  1. It Shouts “Class”:  What all customers want and few professionals give is “Class”.  No gift and just as bad, poor, cheap gifts like leaky pens and desk pads portray you in the wrong light.  However giving a cup of Premium Latte shouts “Classy” all the way to the bank! 
  1. It Separates You:  The key factor to business success and customer-prospect acceptance is the ability to show up in the marketplace different from your competition.  There are 10 million white bunnies speaking English trying to sell a Spanish speaking audience and one Yellow bunny speaking Spanish, you do you think is going to get noticed?  Be the Yellow Bunny in the marketplace of 10 million white bunnies.  How many of your competitors are sending their prospects and customers a high quality Latte?  I assure you, not many. 
  1. Follow Up:  Sending a Latte gives you the perfect reason to follow up with a prospect and client in a non intrusive manner just to ask, “How did you enjoy the Latte?”  You will be surprised and shock how a cold distant prospect now has become a warm fuzzy friend.  It is amazing and what gold will come your way from just giving a thoughtful cup of Latte! 

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Special Note: Relax…When you see my offers they are designed to give you the essential tools and resources you need to help you achieve everything you desire.  Here is where the “Relax” part comes in.  You will only respond to our offers when the “Timing” is perfect for you and not a moment sooner…I Guarantee It! 

When someone does not respond to an offer it is simply because the “timing” is not right for them, and when they do respond it’s because the “timing” is perfect for them and both situations are a good thing! So relax and feel safe reading our resource offers, it’s not about selling its all about timing and you are in control of that not me.

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