Peak Performance


One of the greatest realty we can come to is to acknowledge that all the success we desire is in our hands.  It is based on what we do and never what other people do.  Our business growth, income level and harmonious relationships are base on our performance, not on the performance of others.  It is however very easy to believe that our success is in the hands of what others do and on their performance.  We can look at our employees, our vendors, suppliers, business partners, associates, down line and up line and everyone else in our environment and it could very well be true that their performance is having a big impact on our results.  But the question goes back to “Who chose and allows them to stay in our environment?

Never complain about what you allow to remain. If a business is not working out, a partnership, friendship, vendor, supplier, landlord, office or whatever, if it is not giving you the results in you want it is in you “Power to Change It”.   I will be the first one to admit that many times this is a very hard thing to do.  In the past we have had to let people go from our companies, we had to end toxic friendships, eliminate wrong relationships, end businesses that no longer produced or fit our needs and that was never easy, but was mandatory for us to continue to grow and operate at our “Peak Performance”.

The key element is to focus on operating at your “Peak Performance”.  Look at every part of your personal and business life and ask yourself if you are performing at your “Peak Performance”.  There is nothing worse than a car that misfires, blows smoke out its back pipes and has no power.  30 plus years ago I had cars that kept running even after you turned the key off, looked like a white cloud driving down the road and had every gang banger on the corner throw rocks at me because every time I drove by them and had to shift gears it would back fire and sound like a gunshot!

Today I drive “High Performance Cars” that feel like you are riding on a cloud and for whatever reason no one throws rocks at me anymore.  Get your eyes off of other people and start looking on how to increase and perform at your “Peak Potential”.  If others around you are not giving you the results you want don’t get mad at them…Get Rid of Them!  “Peak Performance” it is in your hands!

Don and Melinda Boyer

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