The Journey of 2008


If you did not read yesterday’s email, go back and read it or you will not understand what I am talking about today.  With that being said lets continue the story…

January 4, 2008 we flew back home and I went back to work as usual, ready to keep the pace we left with.  Still not really knowing what was wrong I just put it on the back burner and continued to work.  However by March I had noticed that my list seemed asleep.  Meaning sales had been down and sluggish and my following customer base just was not responding like normal. I remember telling a friend of mine “My List has fallen asleep and I need to wake them up”.  I was half way joking not really being concerned about it because we were still making a lot of money and I figured it was a slump that would soon pass.

By October of that year 2008 it started becoming acutely visible that something now was drastically wrong.  My list was not waking up and I started seeing people who once had a lot of money now suddenly starting to struggle.  Financially our companies were still fine and we even were expanding in some new areas.  By the end of the year of 2008 when our taxes were done we were down about 100k from 2007.  Still not worried or scared but was certainly concerned now.  Something strange was happening in the fact that many wealthy people I knew were finding themselves in financial trouble for the first time in their professional lives and while incomes were going down the price of Gold kept going up.  That was an alarm bell I did not hear or recognize.

As 2008 closed we had new plans, new formats and new products and we were going to turn things around in 2009 by…  (We will pick up story tomorrow)

Don and Melinda Boyer

Do You Have The Millionaire Habit?

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“Think Independent of Circumstances”


One of the greatest gifts we have been given to create wealth and financial independence in our life is “Imagination”.  Because of this great gift we have been given we are able to “Think Independent of Circumstances”  If you are earning 50k annually you can think and imagine yourself earning 300k annually.

If your current business is generating 100k annually you can think and imagine it earning a million dollars annually.  The great thing about imagination is that it is unlimited, has no restrictions and is controlled 100 percent by our choice.  The most powerful thing about imagination is that it becomes our reality in the physical realm.

No matter what your current circumstances are in business, cash flow, relationships, or health you can drastically improve them and create them to be what you want them to be through your “Imagination”.

Imagination is your wealth gift and tool from God to enjoy and create a magnificent life.  On the flip side imagination used wrong as in the form of worry will create all the things you don’t want therefore make sure you use it for what it was designed to do…create the good in your life.

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Don and Melinda Boyer

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I Hope Things Get Better…

Have you ever heard any one say “I hope things get better”?  Of course you have and perhaps this is even something you say on a consistent basis.  Many people are buckling under the pressure of everyday life of business, work and finances.  I had a stranger ask me today if I ever bought Lotto tickets. I told him no, never.  He glazed off in deep thought and said, “It’s the only way out of this financial misery everyone is in”.

When you do not understand or practice the fundamentals of sound business principles then you don’t have much choice but to live your life on the basis of “I Hope Things Get Better”.  The problem with this philosophy is that things rarely get better but has an automatic tendency of getting worse!  Living this way is like speeding down the highway, closing your eyes and let go of the steering wheel and then “Hope Things Get Better”.  You can see why they rarely do.

The good new is however, you can move from “I Hope Things Get Better” to “I Know Things Are Going To Get Better”.  The transition comes when we do certain things that we know will cause things to get better.

I have a lot of people tell me their problems and after I let them ramble on for a while I ask them a simple question; “What are you doing about them”.  That usually gets that same symptom of the bottom lip begin quivering, the top lip start moving but no words come out.  Then out of some kind of desperation they let out a Monster growl like Ahhhhhhhh!

Everyone goes through tough times; it is a process and cycle of life.  The jjimrohn_seated_2late and legendary Jim Rohn called them the Seasons of Life.  The important thing to comprehend is the importance of developing the skill of doing proactive actions that change those challenging times.  When you are practicing the fundamentals of business you move from “I Hope Things Get Better” to “I Know Things Will Get Better” because you are doing the things that will make them better.

Here are a few things you want to do to keep you in the realm of “Knowing Things Will Get Better”.

  1. Daily Activity Prospecting daily is crucial element to help you navigate through the cycles of business.  It is your deed of guarantee that things will get better when you hit a dry spot or selling slump. 
  1. Daily Marketing  After all is said and done, after all the fancy wrapper is stripped away, the impressive vernacular is put back, when the make up comes off selling comes down to a numbers game.  The numbers game, its old, its simple, but its accurate and dependable.  The degree of your long-term success in selling and business will be a reflection of how many people hear your offer. 
  1. Massive Exposure   The old saying of “It’s not what you know but who you know” has a twin sibling “Its not who you know it’s who knows about you”.  The more people who know about you, your company and product line the more business you are going to do.  This is based on the law of the built-in market.  There are thousands of people worldwide that want to buy what you are selling.  And the only reason you have not gotten rich so far is not enough people know about you.  Once your name, branding, company or product hits massive exposure the momentum of increase in business and profits begin to grow exponentially. 

So when things get tough and challenging (and they will) you can look people in the eye and say “I Know Things Are Going To Get Better”.  And iflaw of attraction anyone ask how you know that you can simply tell them…”Because I Am Doing the Things to Make Them Better”.  Knowing and practicing these three business insights will help you get a better night sleep, remove fear and stress from your heart and renew your strength to keep moving on!

Special Note: Relax…When you see my offers they are designed to give you the essential tools and resources you need to help you achieve everything you desire.  Here is where the “Relax” part comes in.  You will only respond to our offers when the “Timing” is perfect for you and not a moment sooner…I Guarantee It!  

When someone does not respond to an offer it is simply because the “timing” is not right for them, and when they do respond it’s because the “timing” is perfect for them and both situations are a good thing! So relax and feel safe reading our resource offers, it’s not about selling its all about timing and you are in control of that not me.

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Don’t Worry About Sales…

In the world of business and Entrepreneurship sales are the most vital ingredients of any company, for without sales the organization ceases to exist.  With all this pressure on a business, it is not unusual that everyone from the President to the Sales rep fight a constant battle of worry over sales so much that they walk around looking like they are wearing extra small underwear!  However, the key to Sales Success in not to worry about sales, but to focus on massive, constant, and daily prospecting and marketing activity.

If you focus on activity, sales will be the natural end result.  Double and triple your daily activity and sales will start showing up on their own.

Faith and Action

More people have become bitter and disillusioned, and extremely disappointed because they sought to reach their business and financial dreams with faith and belief alone.  But faith is not the absent of action, rather it is the Reason for action.  The Bible states that “Faith without Works (action) is Dead”.  Meaning, if you do not add action to your faith the results you are looking and hoping for will not come to pass.

You have to have a reason to believe you are going to get a harvest.  When you market and prospect everyday, you are like a farmer planting seed in the ground.  As long as the farmer plants seed in the ground, he has every Reason to believe and expect that he is going to get a harvest.  In other words his faith has substance.

Show me any professional entrepreneur or business that does not put prospecting and marketing as their top priority and I will show you a business that is or headed straight to financial problems.

On the other hand, no matter how severe a business is in trouble, it has a very high rate of survival and turning things around if it will revamp and restructure their marketing plan and system.

When people come to me and ask me what they need to do to make their business successful or get it out of financial trouble, my answer is the same.  In fact it is the same answer I give to successful business owners or professionals who want to become more successful.  Here is the plan I give them.  Stop trying to Sell Products and…

  1. Create An Audience by using lead generation products. 
  1. Develop a Following by giving them high value information and solving their problems. 
  1. Create an atmosphere of buying instead of an atmosphere of selling. 

Success and business solutions are quite simple, but we have been conditioned and trained to complicate things and make things far more difficult than they need to be.

Here is one thing to always remember;

Hard and Difficult Problems

Don’t Always Require Complicated Solutions

It is amazing how little hinges can swing open big heavy doors!  The same is true in life and business.  Whatever financial goals you or your business wants to achieve, the solution is very simple to implement.  Now, I did not say it was without effort, but it is something any average person can do.

What is the first step?  It is so simple and easy yet if I showed you the actual results of the number of people who actually take this simple step to achieve their goals was, it would blow a hole in your shorts the size of the Grand Canyon!

What is the first step?  Simply email me what you want and I will send back free of charge a plan how to get it.  How hard is that?

In closing today, I would like to it put it to you this way…

“It’s Not Faith and Action, It’s

Really Faith In Action That Produces


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The Cure for Chronic Lack

The cure for Chronic Lack is daily, massive and obsessive prospecting and marketing “Activity”.  Mild to severe to chronic financial lack in business can be directly traced back to insufficient prospecting and marketing which results in lack of sales.  When we face any type of financial crunch is never due to external causes, but always internal causes.  As negative and dreary as this sounds, it really is a positive thing because we hold the cure and remedy to fix this condition of lack any time we choose to do so.

However, we must understand that excuses and activity do not mix and cannot coexist in the same atmosphere any more than oil and water mix together. Let’s do some simple math which governs the dynamics of the child’s lemonade stand to a massive comprehensive empire like e-bay.  All business functions on this one dynamic, “the selling of products and/or service for profit. Take this one dynamic away from any business and that business ceases to exist.

Business, product, service, marketing, and leadership have a matrix of diversity yet they all come into synergistic agreement in this one element…”Sales”.  Here is the other intricate dimension that is both simplistic and profound, “Sales do not occur without the element of a customer.  Now as simple as this illustrated equation of mathematical business mechanics is, very few companies or professionals have a working knowledge of this, at least not to a degree that causes them to put it into daily action.

Find the leader within who you are.

Find the leader within who you are.

There is however a few companies out there that have a complete understanding of this concept and perhaps you may have heard of some of these firms like…

  • Disneyland 
  • Wall Mart
  • McDonalds
  • Goggle
  • E-Bay 

Therefore, if sales and customers are the driving force of all businesses and the main factor in Ultra Mega businesses why in the world would are you focusing on other aspects of your business and not making Prospecting and Marketing your Number One Daily Priority?   Do you realize that the above mentioned mega companies make advertising, marketing and sales their Number One Priority?  This called a clue to why they are so successful.

Now I wrote all that to try to get you to realize that you do not have a financial, business, product or service problem, all those are minor things that can be fixed while in the midst of making a profit.  If lack is showing up in your career or business its because you have a marketing problem.  Fix your marketing problem and the rest will be easy to fix.

If you want to learn how to double and triple your income with the most comprehensive, non intrusive and profitable marketing system on the market, then join our Free Exclusive Inner Circle Membership today at 

You have nothing to lose by joining except of course…”Lack”.

Hope this helps you and look forward to spending time once again on the horizon called tomorrow!  Thanks for your faithful readership, positive post and sharing us with others.

Don and Melinda Boyer