Wisdom Gumbo

Today I want to share a mixture of thoughts, ideas, insights and wisdom that I have gathered over the past 54 years of my life.  I call it “Wisdom Gumbo” because today’s blog has no real structure or format and includes a little bit of everything that creates a whole lot of good!

Have Class! One of the good fortunes I had as a child was having a mother who was a very “classy” lady and nurtured and mentored my brothers and I to have “class” in everything we did from how we treated 3people with respect, how we conducted business (she was a true entrepreneur) to how we dressed and groomed our self. ( Here is a picture of myself as a child.)  A couple of years ago I wanted to see how many books I could find on the subject of “Class” and I could not find one book on the subject and it dawned on me the reason why was because so few people have any.  Having “Class” is a real art, and it takes time and work to develop it, however, it is well worth the investment because it makes life so much better for you and others.

Consider The Source  A few months back my In-laws were in need of a new car, so I decided to give them our new honda fit (which was our second car).  Going back down to just our Mercedes, we needed a little run around putt putt car.  So we went down and purchased a new 2013 Nissan Cube.  I will admit this car has a certain look to it, and you have to be of a certain personality to drive one.  When our 6 year old granddaughter first saw it, she looked at Melinda and she yelled out, “Grandma, you got a Toy Story Car!

Anyway, the other day a perfectly healthy man was on the corner smoking cigarettes and begging for money. As I was at the stop sign, he looking at the Cube said to me; “It must get good gas mileage, but it’s an ugly piece of crap”.  My first response was anger but then I realized who was making the remark, a bum (by choice) with no car!  So, the next time someone offers you a rude or mean comment, consider the source.

Work on You Someone once said to me, “Life is not that hard” Are you kidding me, Life will kick your rear end so high up you will walk around Hunch Back.  Life is tough, challenging, as well as rewarding and fulfilling thinkingand in this Journey it is very easy to get caught up and filled up with stress.  Whenever things are not going right, or I am stressed out and feel like I have more projects than time, I know the only way to fix things is to fix me.  Take a time out and refocus on you, your peace of mind, the spiritual condition of your heart and emotions.  Let go of all the heartache in life and give it to God, because the Bible says “He Cares For You”.  It is amazing how much peace can come when you just utter a simple prayer of Gratitude.  We are not designed to be Superman or Superwoman, we cannot be all things to all people so relax and take some time just for you.

Passion Find out what you want to do and then go for it!  Stop dreaming and start doing. Have the guts and the nuts (no class there…sorry) to go after what you really want.  Stop selling yourself short.  Be willing to pay the price, to do whatever it takes to create the lifestyle you desire.  Spark up your passion and go for it.  Bring a death sentence to excuses.  The biggest book in the world is the “Book of Excuses” and most people are best selling authors in it.  Will it be hard? Will it be scary?  Will I fail a lot?  Yes, Yes and Yes…but Success is worth it all.

Love Your Spouse Melinda and I have now been married for 13 years and Loving your Spouceit has been the best 13 years of my life.  She is my best friend, business partner and loyal companion. When you look at us, we are the most opposite kind of people on the planet.  She is warm and fuzzy and loves to be around people.  I am old grumpy and like being alone.  Her favorite time is when we go to Disneyland; my favorite time is when we are leaving Disneyland! But despite our differences, our marriage is Heaven on Earth because we have chosen to “Love Our Spouse” above all the millions of little things that can make you jump out of your skin.

Make a Decision to Succeed All success starts and ends with one thing, making a decision to succeed.  Be it in your health, marriage, relationships, business or finances, when you come to that “place” where there is no more talking, no more B.S., no more farting around, and you come and make that decision, you will find that your success destination is just around the corner…and that is a good thing.

Have You Failed? We all have, therefore don’t sit back, jump up and make a come back! Forgive yourself, forgive others and then hit the F5 button…the refresh button. Start over, start fresh and start strong.

Well there you go, some good old fashion “Wisdom Gumbo” to help you kick start your success into high gear.  Let’s make this week a week we can walk down the street whistling and when someone asks how things are going, we can smile and say…”Business Is Booming”. 

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Changing Lives Through the Power Of The Pen

Dr. Martin Luther King proclaimed “I have a dream”. This is the mantra of every published, self published and unpublished author.  The dream lives with them 24 hours a day because inside their heart is the burning desire to “change lives through the power of the pen”. 

Let me start off by telling you a true story… 

My mind races back to the early 70’s when I was just a child and would love to watch the Walton’s on T.V.  Perhaps my favorite character was John-Boy because I could identify with him wanting to be a writer.  Since the age of 12 years old I knew that I wanted to be a writer.  When I read an ad in a comic book, “How to Become a Writer” I rustled some money from my folks and sent for the home course.

I can still remember the day I got the package in the mail, my heart raced with excitement and my mind zoomed with adventure.  It was a brown soft bound book and when I started to read it, I remembered thinking, “I don’t have a clue what this book is saying.”  But it did not matter to me; just having that book gave me hope and inspiration!

It allowed me to feed my dream of someday becoming a published author, to have the ability to paint on the canvas of paper the words, thoughts, dreams and visions that would flood my mind on a daily basis.

That little brown unattractive home study course on how to become a writer fueled my passion to share my thoughts and words with the world.  It did not matter that I did not understand one word that course said, it was my point of contact to dream, and dream big!

I share that story with you because there are many reasons why people have a dream to write a book; however this is what I have learned,

Millions of people want to write a book.

Most have the ability, some have the drive but few have the know how.” 

Finding Your PassionHaving a dream to become a published author is a wonderful and powerful element.  Did my youthful dream of becoming a published author ever come true?  Many people have wondered about that.  Well, 33 years after I got that home study course in the mail I have had the good pleasure to have published 19 books and create the best selling The Power of Mentorship book series that now have over 200,000 printed copies in the marketplace worldwide.

Yes dreams are important and yes they do come true, but not by themselves.  You see, many people have dreams, but not every one has wings.  Dreams without wings stay grounded.

“Will my passion support me? If your passion has a plan, your plan will support your passion”

How do we put wings to our dreams?  By good old hard work; my good friend and best selling author Brian Tracy says it best; “Success is 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent hard work”.

Did we say hard work?  Let’s make it clear that hard work is smart work, knowing what to do and how to do it to create the results you want.

“Working hard on things that don’t work, don’t

make them work”

If you have a dream of becoming a published author (or any dream for that matter) or if you are an author and want to sell more books, here are 5 important points to help you take that dream from your heart and turn it into reality.

1.        Find A Mentor.  Finding a mentor that can teach you how to get what you want is not only invaluable but a necessary ingredient to achieve your goal and dream.  It will save you years off the learning curve and save you thousands of dollars of costly mistakes.  When I went to my first mentor to teach me how to do a book series he asked me; “do you want to do this as a hobby or a business?  I responded I do not know?  He looked at me and said get out of my office; if you are not going to treat this like a business you have no business doing it!  That was the key advice that allowed me to create our highly successful book series.

Another book mentor of mine was the late Charlie Tremendous Jones.  I remember when we came out with our second Power of Mentorship book I put on the cover volume two.  I had already approved the cover, and the cover was done.  Charlie told me; get the word volume off that cover.  I said “why Charlie, it looks so good?”  He said if you keep it there it will hinder your sales.  Charlie had been in the book business for over 40 years and his mentorship proved once again to be invaluable.

2.        Get into an anthology. One the best ways to start your publishing career as well as boost an existing one and sell more books (if you currently have one) is to become published in an anthology.  An anthology is book that is composed of contributing authors or what I like to refer as “co-authors”. 

There are a number of anthology books on the market today that will give you the opportunity to be part of the book; however the best ones to be involved with are those who have best selling authors that are part of the contributing authors.

The keys to writing success is positioning yourself as an expert, establishing your credibility, massive exposure, and developing your brand.  Anthologies help you do exactly that especially those that have best selling authors that are part of that group.

3.        Keep your writing dreams alive.  If you have a dream to become a published author, you and you alone will have to be the “keeper of the flame”.  It will be up to you to stay excited, fuel your passion and fan the flame.  Your mentor can give you the plan; you however must supply the drive.  How strong is your desire to write?  How much passion do you have to get published, have a book and get your message in print form?   Only you can answer these questions and the answers will determine if you are willing to put wings to your dream or allow your dream to stay grounded.

4.        Take action now.  When I go speak in a certain city, I always have people come up to me and tell me they are in the process of writing a book, or plan to write a book.  What always amazes me is when I visit that same city the next year or so, 95 percent of those same people who told me about their writing dreams have done nothing to towards making them a reality.  Dreaming is worthless unless you add action with it.  My mentor Bob Proctor taught me how to make decisions based on what I want, not what I think I can do, not what circumstances dictate to me or what my bank account tells me what I can or cannot do. 

Start taking action now, today, and the plan, the people and resources will always show up along the way.

5.        Know your purpose.  You must know what you want and why you want it.  Many people know what they want, but when it comes to analyzing why they want it they become clueless.  Know why you want to become a published author.  It is because you have a burning message in your heart that you fill compelled to get out into the market, a desire to help people through the power of the pen, to sell a lot of books and create a fortune?  These are all worthy and honorable goals.  Whatever your reason, whatever your purpose is to become a published author know them and you will be well on your way to making your dream come true.

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Don and Melinda

Hard Times Are Not Necessary…

As Melinda and I drive around our city, the number of empty business buildings seems to be at record highs.  I am sure that empty buildings are also saturating your town and city.  One of the saddest things is to drive by a business and peer into the windows and see that there are no customers in there. The business seems like a dying ghost town.

Embrace the JourneyAs a business owner myself, I know how painful it is to be in a situation where you see your heart, blood, hard work and total investment dying and going down the tubes. Unless you been there, words cannot express the pain and heartache.  Driving to get a big Cheese Burger from Tommy’s the other night, waiting the for the light to turn green I was looking into a little mom and pop Mexican restaurant where there was not a single person in there, my stomach got a knot of compassion for them.

The thing that disturbs me more than seeing these dying businesses and empty buildings is realizing that all this shortage and hard times is Completely Unnecessary!  The reason these buildings are empty and business owners are failing is because they never took the time to develop an economy sustaining Marketing Plan and System to Attract New Customers and Sustain Current Customers.  If they had a Proven Marketing Plan they would prosper like an Oasis in the middle of a hot desert.

Although our economy is harsh, it does not cause professionals to suffer lack.  What a bad economy does however is demand us to take 100 percent Responsibility for the results that are happening in our business and life.

In a good economy, it allows us to coast and ride the wave of global prosperity without taking much responsibility for our business and therefore can thrive with a poor marketing plan or no marketing plan at all.

But all that changes when the economy goes south and now you are in the middle of a battle with no experience, no weapons, no way to defend yourself and the enemy comes in like a flood and turns you every way but loose and does you butt wrong!

If you are a business owner or professional, unless you make a strong change of direction in your marketing plan and put that plan at the very top of your priority list, it will be just a matter of time until you will become the next victim of these vicious economic times we are facing today.

Hear me well, things are not going to get better any time soon, we are a long, long way off before the financial pressure is going to let up, and only those who are Marketing Prepared and Strong are going to survive.  For those of you that are currently employed and do not have some kind of side business in the works, that’s like walking on a tight rope without a net on a very windy day.

The Good News is, you do not have to be a victim of this economy, Hard Times Are Not Necessary.  Wake up and realize the reason for your business lack is the lack of a Marketing Plan.  Your Marketing Plan and Plan of Massive Activity is going to be your Ark that will save you in this storm!

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