The Gift…

Every human being on the planet was given a special gift at birth.  For some it was musical, others mechanical, athletics, business, the arts, compassion, visionary, organizational, detail and a host of other ones.  The great journey of life is to discover your gift and make full potential of it.  To find it, develop it and treasure it is one of the great success secrets of life.

sunset and happy manThe important thing to remember is everyone has a gift within and it is designed to use without to benefit one self and others.  The great tragedy of life is the untapped, undiscovered and wasted Gift that lies within.  They say the graveyard is filled with buried treasure because of all the books, ideas, businesses, tools, answers and cures that died with the people who never developed them while they were alive on earth.

What is your gift?  Why are you here on planet earth and what are you meant to contribute?  Everyone has been given a Gift.  The discovery and then the development of your Gift is what makes life fulfilling, exciting, adventurous, and a key factor in bringing monetary wealth into your life.

The other important aspect to be aware of is that most people are multiple gifted, they have been given many gifts and each one must be discovered, developed, nurtured, maintained and put to use.

For me, I enjoying using my gift of helping people turn the “Simple into the Profitable”.  Our world is filled with way to many things that are complicated. When I was growing up you had a house phone with zero options, now our phones are space age and so advanced that it’s spooky!  I did not become a cussing man until I got an Iphone…(Melinda, how do you get this stupid #@%*^@!%^% to work!!!)

You want a simple formula for creating wealth in your life;

“Wealth comes from knowing what others don’t…even the simple things you think others should know but they don’t”. 

“Others are getting paid for knowing things you don’t” (but could and should know). 

A man was at the market and was looking over 2 loaves of bread that were exactly the same, however one had a price of $2.00 and the other was $2.75.  When he asked the clerk what was the difference between the two exact loaves of bread, the clerk paused then said “The loaf that is $2.75 cost more”.   I think this Jack Ass was twin brother to the auto mechanic who went on a call when a friend of mine had his car break down on the road.  The mechanic came out, looked under the hood, pounded on this and pounded on that then closed the hood.  He walked over to my friend who asked “What’s wrong with my car?”  The mechanic looked at him and replied “It’s broke down”.

This is the reason I tell Melinda sometimes, everyone drinks but me and I groupbooksam the one who needs it the most!  It’s Friday so let’s have a little fun with one more of my true but funny stories.  I got an email back yesterday from a member that I was offering a really valuable free gift to.  Now remember, this member got a free membership with lots of great content over the past three months, we also sent him a physical package of books, CD’s DVD’s with a retail value of over $300.00 absolutely Free and Postpaid.  He never sent one penny to our company, and received hundreds of dollars with of products from us at no cost.  Then when I sent an email to our members offering to write an ad copy piece for them for free he sends me an email that says;  “I cancelled my membership three weeks ago and I never got a refund”.  A Refund!  A refund on what???  Is this guy smoking his crusty shorts while watching porno flicks?

I am mailing this guy the biggest “Jack Ass Trophy” I can find because he just won the Biggest Jack Ass of 2013 Award.

Can someone give me a break around here and throw me a bone or Blue Moon!

Well that wraps it up for today, thanks for sharing a laugh with us, find your gift and bring it to the world.

My Best,

Don and Melinda Boyer