Why Businesses Fail

Business closed

As a business professional I want to share some inside secrets with you that I successfully use every day to sustain a thriving business, create financial freedom and how you can do the same.  Right now as I speak thousands of business are closing their doors and going out of business, and if you asked most of those owners many would point to a bad economy.  However, that is not the reason for business failure.

Businesses are closing down at a rapid pace because most business professionals have no understanding how money and wealth is created in the business world.  Many professionals think that money is a byproduct of hard work and long hours but they are not.

Instead, money and wealth are by products of positioning and systems.

The two wealth portals are Exposure and Association. Exposure of who you are and what you do and who are you associated with.  It’s through these two channels that money flows to you as a business person and the flow is dependent upon the size and quality of those two portables.  The larger and stronger they are the more flow and amount it can produce.

If you want to expand your income, expand your visibility in the marketplace. If you want to super charge your income, add the proper associations to that exposure.

They way I have created a financial fortune is to relentlessly capture every opportunity I have to become more visible in the marketplace and to constantly upgrade my circles of association.

Exposure and Rock Solid Associations are key factors of business and financial growth but the important thing to remember is that this type of marketing is a company lifestyle a business culture and not a marketing campaign.

Don and Melinda Boyer


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