Today is a “Magnificent Day” simply because it has the potential to be soand the deciding factor will be up to you based on your choice of thoughts,thinking and action.  Here are a few things to help you make it not only aMagnificent Day but to build a Magnificent Life.

1.      Guilt Free Living:  Life is composed of mistakes and corrections.We all do things and say things we wish we didn’t but that is called being human.  The key is to understand this and be quick to forgive yourself and refuse to dwell in guilt.  Never beat yourself up with Guilt.  God does not hold you guilty so don’t you do it.  Now, never ever let anyone put guilt on you.  People try and use guilt on us to make us feel bad, to get their way or to manipulate us.  Guilt is the evilest poison anyone can try to put on you.

2.      Take Care of Your Health:  It’s the most important asset you have.Make healthy living a main priority and invest in your health with yourtime, energy and money?

3.      Don’t Waste Your Time:  Evaluate everything you do and who you spendtime with.  Life is far too precious to waste and throw away.  Wasting timewith people and things is a bad habit we sometimes form.  Break that habit.Beware of people who love to suck up and waste your time.  The cure to thatis put a fee timer on your time; I let people know up front my normal fee is$500.00 hour.  It is amazing how time wasters will disappear from your life.

4.      Master the Law of Attraction:  Your life will go so much better, youwill have far more joy, happiness, fulfillment, effectiveness and you willearn so much money the easy way you will wake up every morning with a heartfull of love and gratitude!

Forget Plan B If You Don’t Have Plan A

Almost on a weekly basis I talk with individuals who try to explain to me a new business concept or explain what exactly their company does.  After 30 to 45 minutes of patient listening I have no clue of what they are trying to say and the strange thing is, neither do they!  It is just a bunch of exciting garble that eventually ends up producing absolutely nothing.

The Journey MovieAt a pool side, asking the man next to me what he did, it took him 30 minutes of non stop talking to finally explain that he was into Network Marketing.  I remember another time an individual trying to explain the answer to my simple question of “What do you do for a living?” Taking 15 minutes to answer the question he said that he was a “Multiple Transporter of humans to a higher level”.  I wasn’t trying to be funny but I said, “You are a Bus Driver?”   I was a hundred percent serious!

If you are going to even have the remotest chance of doubling and tripling your income you must know what business you are in.  Now that seems like anyone in business would be able to answer that, but shockingly I have found less then two percent could give me the correct answer.  To cut through all the blubber of garble trying to figure out and explain what you do, all business comes down to just two things.  Learn this and your money worries will be forever over.  All business comes down to…

“What Do You Want To Sell,

And How Do You Plan To Sell It?”

One main reason professionals and business owners are drowning financially is because they are surrounded with tons and tons of Business Blubber that does not allow the business of cash flow to reach their enterprise which is Attracting and Retaining Customers.  If clients are paying my $500.00 per hour consulting fees they can ramble on non stop until their Poly Grip Glue dissolves and their choppers begin to wobble.  However, if you are on my time, the moment you start to get lost in a mixture of Business Blubber (which is usually the first 3-5 minutes) I cut through the chase and say; 

“Just Tell Me… 

“What Do You Want To Sell

And How Do You Plan To Sell It?” 

The most important ingredient to over all success is having a plan, more specifically a proven marketing plan.

Talent plus skill with No Plan leads to endless ramble and zero profits.

Capital, talent, and skill with No Plan end in tears, endless ramble and zero profits.

Little skill, little talent, little capital, little brains plus a Proven Marketing Plan can lead to Extraordinary Profits and Success!

Unfortunately, most marketing plans that professionals and business owners follow barely bring in enough results to keep the doors open let alone doubling and tripling their annual income.  When my Mentors taught me how to use the “Painless Prospecting” and “Painless Selling” method that attracted to us is a flood of perfect customers and created an atmosphere of buying instead of an environment of selling, I asked them “Why in the world doesn’t every business use this system?” 

He just smiled politely and said, “Mankind has been inflicting self pain and misery since the garden and have refused to do things the painless way…and nothing you can do can change that choice for them. Only they can make that choice.”  As those words of wisdom fell from his lips and he got in his car and drove off, the main thought in my skull was “Gee he has a cool Mercedes!”  I am a perfect example; you don’t need a lot upstairs to strike it Rich…you just need a Proven Marketing Plan To Attract More Customers.

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See you all on Monday and remember, no need to focus on plan B until you have mastered plan A.

Don and Melinda Boyer