Fresh Breath and a Million Dollar Smile

Who doesn’t want a great smile and Fresh Breath?

As a professional that faces the public everyday having a Million Dollar Smile and Fresh Breath is a very important issue.  Having supreme oral health is not only important from a cosmetic and business aspect but even more importantly from a health perspective.  Science has shown the link between our oral health and many diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart attacks and many more serious health problems.

smileBack in 2006 I spent $26,000.00 on fixing my teeth. I went through 3 grueling surgeries over a year and half period to correct my teeth with implants.  Although it was expensive and painful it was nothing in comparison to now having a Million Dollar Smile and Fresh Breath. But most of all, to be rid of the embarrassment of bad teeth and bad breath is priceless!  Now that I went through all that I discipline myself to keep the highest form of Oral Hygiene and because I fight diabetes which diabetics are prone to have gum disease I make sure I do everything I can to stay on top of my oral health and smile.

(If you know anyone with diabetes, tell them about this toothpaste!!

One of things I use to maintain my oral health is I brush with toothpaste that is infused with an organic herb called “Ganoderma”.  It is a very powerful healing mushroom that has so much scientific and medical research done on it that you will be amazed.

If you want to drastically improve your smile, enjoy fresh breath, and be on your way to greater oral health I encourage you to try this toothpaste.  You can order on our website 

If you battle with bleeding gums, bad breath or any type of oral problems, give this toothpaste a try.  If you want excellent Oral Health and Fresh Breath this toothpaste is a must.  Like me, I think you will experience extraordinary results from the “Gandoderma” in this amazing toothpaste. Best of all it tastes Fantastic!

Here are 5 Important Tips to Sell More and Increase Your Income…

  1. Dress for Success Nothing will kill a sale faster than poor improper dress.  Clothes that do not fit, not ironed, dirty, outdated or too provocative is a great way to lose a sale and future customer.  You want to look your best at all times.  You do not need to have the most expensive clothing around, you just need to have your current clothing looking and fitting good, ironed and cleaned.  Look at your shoes.  They should be polished and scuff free.  If you dress like a Million dollar earner before you are one, it will not be long before your income will match your clothing and image.  Your image tells the marketplace a lot about you. 
  1. Keep it Short and Simple My Millionaire Mentor told me many years ago that if an executive gives you 30 minutes of their time take 15 minutes instead.  They will respect you more and want to do more business with you.  Most professional presentations are way too long and destroy more sales than make more sales.  There was a very talented salesman that I knew well that was just not producing sales of what he was capable of producing.  I was talking to his sales manager and I said I knew how to fix the sales persons problem and it will only cost about $5.00.  The sales manager asked what is it that he needs to buy.  I said a roll of “Duct Tape” and put it on his mouth. He talks too much! 
  1. Give a Gift Treat your prospects to a cup of a high quality Latte.  Everyone drinks coffee and using a high quality latte is classy and appropriate.  I guarantee you that your competitors are not doing that.  If they give anything, it will be a cheap pen that leaks or pocket calendar that nobody wants or uses.  If your prospect gets excited about getting a pen or calendar that person does not have the authority to say yes or no to your offer that is for damn sure! You can order the best tasting high quality coffee from our online coffee café 
  1. Fresh Breath Once again the best thing you can do for your career, sales and income is to make sure you show up with fresh breath.  Do everything you can to improve your smile and oral hygiene. Whatever you do, do not use gum or mints to try and cover up bad breath, it makes matters worse!  Get to the root of the problem and attack the bacteria and the infection in the mouth.  The best way to do that is use a tooth paste that is infused with “Ganoderma”.  It will go along way in improving your overall oral hygiene.  You can order here 
  1. Talk to the Right People  Far too many professionals waste a lot of time, energy and resources talking to the wrong people.  Boost your sales by doing a better job in qualifying your prospects.  It is better to find out in the first five minutes they are not the right ones than find out hours, days or weeks later after you put in a lot of time and effort in presentations and follow up. 

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Don and Melinda Boyer