Fathers Day Tribute…

me and dad

Me and my Dad at the Age of 14

First and foremost a hearty salutation to all fathers, grandfathers and great grandfathers for all the care and investment you made into your children’s lives.  I look back on the role my father played in my life and I could never express the gratitude I feel for him (he has since passed away) nor say Thank You enough for being the great dad he was to me.  The best way I know how to thank him and make the most of the investment he made in my life is to become the best human being I possibly can and succeed to the heights that he desired for me.

The great thing about Fathers Day is to remember that our Creator has provided many benefits as well.  In fact, we are Rich because our Heavenly Father is Rich.  He owns cattle on a thousand hills and all the Gold of the Earth and He has given set laws to get that wealth to us.  Did you notice I said set laws?

Many people have an internal view and belief of God bringing them prosperity by means of faith and giving a whole lot of money to some Ministries.  The metaphysical group believes they are going to “Think and Grow Rich” using positive affirmations, visualizations and accurate thinking.

Although both these schools of thought have some truth in them and both carry a certain amount of importance, the true way God brings wealth and prosperity is through laws that are governable, traceable and predictable. Here are a few of those set laws.

1. The Law of Hard Work   Whenever you set out on a task be it growing your business and income or finding new customers, the key ingredient is hard work.  When you work hard at something you will be able to see the MastermindGroupresults of your labor.  It also gives you the feeling and knowing that you are doing something, that you are a part of the success you desire.

2. The Law of Exposure   If you are selling something, anything, the rate in which you do that is based upon exposure.  The more people who know what you are selling the higher percentage of a chance you have of selling that item.  You could have the greatest product in the world but if no one knows about it what good does it do.  On the other hand, the moment you understand and make a commitment to the law of exposure you begin to tap into that unlimited wealth that God has provided for you.

3. The Law of Activity   This is one of my favorite of all success laws because we alone control this factor.  When we are out selling we cannot control who will say yes and who will say no to our offer but what we can control is the activity of how many people we present to. And because artofbusinessipodselling is a numbers game, we can control our business growth, income and sales through the law of activity.  There are very few money problems that cannot be solved with the law of activity.  The great fallacy of sales is to believe that after we get a yes, we get so excited we emotionally feel that we will never get another no or rejection.  On the flip side of that, after we encounter a no, we emotionally feel that everyone we talk to from then on is going to be no.  Of course both situations are incorrect.  Once we understand the law of activity we will no longer wonder what our income is going to be at the end of the month, or where our next sale is going to come from.  Our income, growth and sales will become predictable and measurable before we step in front of one prospect.  When you master these 3 laws of Success you never have to worry about money again, because the flow of money into your life will be completely in your control and not in any other factor in life.

Knowing how God really gets success and money to you will save you from a lot of disillusionment, confusion, disappointment and bitter despair.  You cannot really “Think and Grow Rich” but you can work your ass off and get rich.  I would write a book with that title but too many people would get mad at me for it!

So in closing today make this week and day of massive exposure, hard work and activity and you will be surprised how many miracles will come forth.

Special Note: Relax…When you see my offers they are designed to give you the essential tools and resources you need to help you achieve everything you desire.  Here is where the “Relax” part comes in.  You will only respond to our offers when the “Timing” is perfect for you and not a moment sooner…I Guarantee It!  

When someone does not respond to an offer it is simply because the “timing” is not right for them, and when they do respond it’s because the “timing” is perfect for them and both situations are a good thing! So relax and feel safe reading our resource offers, it’s not about selling its all about timing and you are in control of that not me.

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The Number One Asset Of All High Income Earners…

artofbusinessipodAll business and financial success comes down to one thing, the ability to make right decisions.  If you study the habits and work ethics of Millionaires and high income earners the one thing that stands out, is their ability to make “Right” decisions and make them almost instantaneously and then rarely if ever change them.  On the hand, if you study those who are always financially struggling and never do anything not worthy in business you will find the dominate trait is they constantly make the “Wrong” decisions and take forever to come to a decision and then change that decision multiple times.

One of the saddest things I come across is highly talented people, or high potential companies that fail completely because they never developed the skill of making good and quick decisions.  My mind is constantly being blown and shorts blown down to my ankles of the stupidity of small business owners, professionals and entrepreneurs who simply cannot make a decision quickly and then when they do make a decision it is the wrong one!  I want to ask them if they are campaigning for the “Jack Ass of the Year Award” because if they are, they are sure to win.

Here is a check list to gauge and predict if failure is headed your way.  If any one of these items is in your present, you can be sure that failure will be in your future.

  1. Seeing Opportunity and then making the wrong decision to let it pass.  There are thousands of reasons why people do this but I think the biggest two factors is fear and complete stupidity.  Once you get into the habit of operating this way, your chances for sustainable wealth or success is almost zero.  Here is the culprit; you have (in your mind) every right reason to justify your wrong decision. 
  1. Keeping the Safety Lock On.  When you cannot make a quick and accurate decision it is like going out in the jungle with a gun but keeping your safety lock on permanent mode.  When a roaring lion comes chasing full speed to eat you, you stand there with a loaded gun unable to save your self.  I have had people tell me, “I never make an instant decision, I always sleep on it for a few days” in which I want to reply “Should you ever wish to succeed in business and finances you must remove your head from your Ass”! 
  1. When The Cheese Looks To Good.  If it was not so sad it would be comical of how “Spooked” people are out there in the marketplace, including business people.  Have you ever watched a bird eating French fires you threw at them?  You just wanted to feed them and yet many would not come get the fries in fear you had ulterior motives.  Those that did come, they were in a constant state of fright and apprehension, moving their head this way and that way, and the slightest sound causes them to take flight.  Even a mouse, when the cheese looks to good and too easy will reject going for it.  If you are “Spooked” you have no business being in business. 

CIMG0683Bob Proctor personally taught me how to make a quick, accurate and correct decision every single time.  In fact, this skill he taught me was the causative factor in producing 4 Success Films successfully with massive amounts of money at stake all requiring instant and correct decisions.  Here is the formula he taught me.

When making a decision you ask yourself two questions;

  1. Will this decision move me closer to my dreams?
  2. Is this decision in harmony with what I am doing? 

If the answer is yes, you move forward with it.  You do not ask if can you do it, do I have the resources or anything else because everything you need will show up.  That skill and using it has made me a fortune!

Take a look at your decision ability, it reflects your current conditions as well as predicts your future ones.

Special Note: Relax…When you see my offers they are designed to give you the essential tools and resources you need to help you achieve everything you desire.  Here is where the “Relax” part comes in.  You will only respond to our offers when the “Timing” is perfect for you and not a moment sooner…I Guarantee It!   

When someone does not respond to an offer it is simply because the “timing” is not right for them, and when they do respond it’s because the “timing” is perfect for them and both situations are a good thing! So relax and feel safe reading our resource offers, it’s not about selling its all about timing and you are in control of that not me.

This Week’s Featured CD:  “The Greatest Discovery of the 21st Century”-Why Napoleon Hill Went Broke. Yours Free when you order any product at www.donboyerauthor.com Offer ends Friday June 14, 2013 (all products shipped Free).

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Success Requires… Everything You Got!

groupbooksSome surveys report that 95% of people never achieve the success they pursue and some report that the number is as high as 97%.  Whatever the correct number is, the facts are conclusive that more people fail to reach their dreams that those who do achieve them.  It’s easy to dream about the lifestyle and income you desire, we put up dream boards, say affirmations until the poly grip glue on dentures dissolves, we write out goals, visions and statements.  These are all really good and necessary things to do, but we must address in spite of all these positive things we do, why so many fail to achieve their ultimate goals?

It all comes down to this, the high cost of success!  One of the wealthiest men on earth was asked what does it take to be successful.  He said: “It comes down to two things:’

  1. Decide what you want
  2. Find out the price of what you want and then pay for it 

When it comes down to individual success, everyone can afford it, but very few are willing to pay for it.  Have you ever had a booming year in business? Most people and companies have.  Have you ever faced a business slump? Of course, the answer for most professionals is yes.  But have you had a business slump last for 5 years?

I have, and it came right after the best year I had ever experienced.  By the end of the fifth year, I was delirious, exhausted, wore out in every aspect and completely devoid of answers and solutions.  During those years I did everything I knew how to do to turn things around and nothing worked.  I did everything that used to work that no longer worked.  There was not a rock that I did not turn over and by the end of the fifth year I had nothing left.

There was no more “end of the rope” no more “running on fumes” it was the worst business experience I ever faced and although I kept telling myself it will turn around, after 5 years that story gets very old.  But after 5 tough years the dry spell ended, I bounced back and came back stronger than ever and started creating “Record Success” all over again.  What you have to realize is that Success is going to cost you everything you got…and then some.

Here are 3 things you must due to avoid such a dry spell and slump:

stock-photo-17026598-holding-the-sky1. Let Your Hands Go:  I remember watching a boxing match years ago where the challenger was a very talented and worthy contender for the championship belt.  After every round, his corner kept yelling at him, “You have to let your hands go”.  Each round he was moving, dodging and bobbing but not punching very much.  At the last round, his corner told him the only way you can win this fight is by going in there and letting your hands go, there is no other way.  In business and pursue of your dreams, you have to get in there and let your hands go, you got to fight with everything you have, give it all you got and keep on swinging for the knock out!  For goodness sake Jr. get your ass out there and let your “Hands Go”. 

people2. Stand Up and Stand Out:  Standing up is what you do for yourself, standing out is what you do for others.  Standing up is about personal courage, facing down fear, not giving up or giving in.  It is about keeping faith and hope alive, it’s about picking yourself up after every knock down.  Even in the Bible, when great leaders where at the end of their rope and it looked like everything was lost and they were on the ground exhausted, crying and ready to give up, God would tell them, “Stand Up and Get Up”.  Standing out on the other hand is what you do for others. What you do to get noticed in the marketplace and found by your ideal customers.  What makes you different than everybody else?  What makes people want to do business with you instead of others?  What are you doing to make your future customers notice you?  Find out what makes you stand out, and then stick it out and get noticed. 

3. Pay the Price of Success:   Doing many radio shows, the host often asks me at the closing of the program what one last and most important tip I could give people about success.  My answer is always the same; “Success always cost, and it is never sold at bargain or discounted prices, and the sooner you understand and accept this, the faster you will experience success”.

Much failure and misery comes by trying to avoid paying the high price of Success.  Always remember, Good Luck is the by product of Hard Work.  After all is said and done, Success is going to cost you all you got and then some but it is well worth the asking price.  There is only one thing more painful and expensive than the price of Success and that is not paying the and letting your dreams go unfulfilled.

Hope you enjoyed today’s blog.  Thank you for sharing us around the world and at home.  We strive to bring you the best marketing and money making information available and put it in a personal and fun format.  We appreciate all of you who read our daily blog and whatever you do today join our Free Inner Circle Membership at www.DonBoyerAuthor.com

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Wisdom Gumbo

Today I want to share a mixture of thoughts, ideas, insights and wisdom that I have gathered over the past 54 years of my life.  I call it “Wisdom Gumbo” because today’s blog has no real structure or format and includes a little bit of everything that creates a whole lot of good!

Have Class! One of the good fortunes I had as a child was having a mother who was a very “classy” lady and nurtured and mentored my brothers and I to have “class” in everything we did from how we treated 3people with respect, how we conducted business (she was a true entrepreneur) to how we dressed and groomed our self. ( Here is a picture of myself as a child.)  A couple of years ago I wanted to see how many books I could find on the subject of “Class” and I could not find one book on the subject and it dawned on me the reason why was because so few people have any.  Having “Class” is a real art, and it takes time and work to develop it, however, it is well worth the investment because it makes life so much better for you and others.

Consider The Source  A few months back my In-laws were in need of a new car, so I decided to give them our new honda fit (which was our second car).  Going back down to just our Mercedes, we needed a little run around putt putt car.  So we went down and purchased a new 2013 Nissan Cube.  I will admit this car has a certain look to it, and you have to be of a certain personality to drive one.  When our 6 year old granddaughter first saw it, she looked at Melinda and she yelled out, “Grandma, you got a Toy Story Car!

Anyway, the other day a perfectly healthy man was on the corner smoking cigarettes and begging for money. As I was at the stop sign, he looking at the Cube said to me; “It must get good gas mileage, but it’s an ugly piece of crap”.  My first response was anger but then I realized who was making the remark, a bum (by choice) with no car!  So, the next time someone offers you a rude or mean comment, consider the source.

Work on You Someone once said to me, “Life is not that hard” Are you kidding me, Life will kick your rear end so high up you will walk around Hunch Back.  Life is tough, challenging, as well as rewarding and fulfilling thinkingand in this Journey it is very easy to get caught up and filled up with stress.  Whenever things are not going right, or I am stressed out and feel like I have more projects than time, I know the only way to fix things is to fix me.  Take a time out and refocus on you, your peace of mind, the spiritual condition of your heart and emotions.  Let go of all the heartache in life and give it to God, because the Bible says “He Cares For You”.  It is amazing how much peace can come when you just utter a simple prayer of Gratitude.  We are not designed to be Superman or Superwoman, we cannot be all things to all people so relax and take some time just for you.

Passion Find out what you want to do and then go for it!  Stop dreaming and start doing. Have the guts and the nuts (no class there…sorry) to go after what you really want.  Stop selling yourself short.  Be willing to pay the price, to do whatever it takes to create the lifestyle you desire.  Spark up your passion and go for it.  Bring a death sentence to excuses.  The biggest book in the world is the “Book of Excuses” and most people are best selling authors in it.  Will it be hard? Will it be scary?  Will I fail a lot?  Yes, Yes and Yes…but Success is worth it all.

Love Your Spouse Melinda and I have now been married for 13 years and Loving your Spouceit has been the best 13 years of my life.  She is my best friend, business partner and loyal companion. When you look at us, we are the most opposite kind of people on the planet.  She is warm and fuzzy and loves to be around people.  I am old grumpy and like being alone.  Her favorite time is when we go to Disneyland; my favorite time is when we are leaving Disneyland! But despite our differences, our marriage is Heaven on Earth because we have chosen to “Love Our Spouse” above all the millions of little things that can make you jump out of your skin.

Make a Decision to Succeed All success starts and ends with one thing, making a decision to succeed.  Be it in your health, marriage, relationships, business or finances, when you come to that “place” where there is no more talking, no more B.S., no more farting around, and you come and make that decision, you will find that your success destination is just around the corner…and that is a good thing.

Have You Failed? We all have, therefore don’t sit back, jump up and make a come back! Forgive yourself, forgive others and then hit the F5 button…the refresh button. Start over, start fresh and start strong.

Well there you go, some good old fashion “Wisdom Gumbo” to help you kick start your success into high gear.  Let’s make this week a week we can walk down the street whistling and when someone asks how things are going, we can smile and say…”Business Is Booming”. 

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Hide and Seek?

Help…I am desperately looking for you. I cannot see you and cannot seem to find you.Where are you? 

Believe it or not, this is the heart cry of millions of people who are looking for you and want to fill your bank account full of cash; they are called your Ideal Customer. There is no shortage of ideal customers, no shortage of sales and no shortage money.  So what is the problem with your cash flow and business growth?  These ideal customers cannot find you because of a Book Postcardlack of exposure on your part.

Finding “New Customers” is the life blood of every business.  However, for the masses of those seeking success, finding new customers is as painful as getting dental work with out Novocaine.  The good news is…it does not have to be that way.

How do you find new customers?  You don’t…you let customers, the people who have the money and desire to buy what you are selling find you. I assure you, those kind of people are out there by the groves.  Why do you think infomercials have been so successful?  Selling billions of dollars of products that will end up in a few years at the 99 cent store.  The key is not finding and prospecting for new customers but making yourself visible and seen in the market place so that your ideal customer can find you and fill your pockets with cash.  Many people have a hard time conceptualizing the fact that right now, no matter what you are selling, millions of people are out there desperately looking for you wanting to buy your product.

Please, write this next statement in bold letters where you can see it everyday…”There is No Shortage of People who have the Money and Desire to Buy what I Sell”.  At this very moment, your perfect customer is looking all over for you, but can not find you.  Why?  You are like the indivisible man or woman walking around and no one can detect your presence.

In order for your customers to find you, you have to have a fog horn sounding, flashing lights, fireworks going off, beam lights flashing in the sky…in essence, you must be a shining lighthouse.  How do you do that?

Exposure and the power of Leverage

chriswisebookYou must let the masses know you exist and how to find you, because in the mist of the masses are more ideal customers than you could handle.  Everything I do is about exposure and making my presence known in the market place, allowing people to find me.  Listen, you do not sell products or services, what you do is solve problems, help people and make their lives better.  Customers are looking for you, you do not have to sell them, just let them know how to find you.

Most people spend their entire life trying to sell people their products and services.  That is a hard road to travel that is laced with a very high failure rate.  You can succeed with this method…if you are addicted to misery.  Why not do it the easy way and make more money and enjoy life more?

The more exposure you get, the easier it will be for people who want what you have to find you.  That is the key to more profits and business growth.  So I ask you, what are you doing to gain massive exposure?  One of the best things you are doing is being a Co-Author in our books, which leads me to our next secret…

Leverage:  If you do not employ leverage in your business, you are working to hard and robbing yourself of a financial fortune.  You want to make sure you blow your fog horn in a crowd of thousands, millions is even better, and not just a group of 10 people at a time.  On the other hand, you do not want to spend a ton of money on advertising that does not work.  The key is to ask; “How can I get the most bang for my exposure buck?  Yes there is an investment in making your presence known in the market place.

People will say the best exposure is free, that my friend is the death gargle of an under achievers.  When it comes to growing your business, do not build it on free stuff.  Excellent quality is never free!  Why do you think the commercial at half time during the Super Bowl is so expensive?  Prime exposure.

Take a moment and think about shifting your mindset from finding customers to learning how to get customers to find you.  Not only is this type of method a lot easier, is far more productive and profitable.

Here is a little exercise I encourage you to do everyday; Visualize people with a fist full of cash, running in a mad rush, calling out your name to find you so they can exchange that fist full of cash for your product and then ask yourself this question; “What can I do today to help those people find me?”  Then write that answer down and implement it.

What is the best way to create massive leverage, attract more customers in a month than most attract in a year and drive massive traffic to your website?  Becoming a published author with bestselling authors like Bob Proctor, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar and many more.  If you would like increase your income, attract more customers and take your business to the next level of success by being featured in our upcoming Power of Mentorship book contact me at don@donboyer.org for more details.

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What Does It Take To Earn A Six and Seven Figure Income?

Ok, enough of the hoopla, the smoke screens, the fast track to success plans and every other horse manure systems out there, all promising to be the path to riches.  What does it really take to earn an annual six and seven figure income?  First and foremost you must realize that millions of individuals are earning those annual figures and much more, and a six and seven figure income is out there waiting for you and is within your grasp.  Now, with that being said…

Bob ProctorHere Is The True NO B.S. Facts on What You Need To Build a Six and Seven Figure Annual Income.

What do you need to build a six and seven figure annual income?

Superior Tools An ordinary craftsman with superior tools can out perform a superior craftsman with inferior tools.  It still amazes me how many professionals work with inferior tools yet expect to achieve superior results.  One of the best lessons my Mentor taught me early on was; “Never buy the cheapest tools you can, always buy the most expensive ones you can afford”.

Proven Plan Over forty percent of all individuals and companies I interview and ask the question “What is your plan to attract new customers, retain existing customers and increase profits” look at me with a blank stare and have their lips move and quiver but no words come out!  (Once in a while a weird Monster growl leaks out that sound like Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh).  Your marketing plan has to be so simple and effective and proven that even the janitor could implement it should the sales staff not come in.

The Journey Movie

The Journey Movie

A Qualified Mentor A lot of people out there who are selling How to Get Rich products are not qualified to Mentor a mouse how to get cheese! Yet people spend millions of dollars annually with them.  A qualified Mentor is one who has what you want, has done and is doing what you want to do.   I asked one Bozo who was selling a coaching product on how to write a book and get published, how many books he has published?  He looked at me and said, “Who Me?”  (The answer was zero).  I thought to myself, this guy should be a circus clown.

No B.S. Questions and Answers

How much Money will you have to invest up front?  $4.10 a day

How much Time do you have to invest everyday?  About 60 minutes, 6 days a week.

How Long will it take you? 12 months or less.

This system works for any type of business and profession and for those starting a new business venture.

The plan is simple and easy to do, the cost anyone can afford, and the time frame is not that long, but the reward and dream of financial stability is worth it!

To find out if this plan is right for you, you can set up a phone appointment with me and by answering 7 simple questions you will be able to make an intelligent decision on your own if this plan is for you.  I promise you this, after you answer the 7 questions you will have no doubt in your mind if it is or is not for you.  You will not have to think about it, it will be an absolute Yes or NO!

It will cost you nothing to find out, but could be the vital key that will financially give you everything you want.

How does the plan work?  3 Simple Steps

  1. Create an Audience (by giving away no cost informational products)
  2. Develop a Following (by providing them more no cost resources)
  3. Sell Them Products (that they now are willing and happy to pay for) 

Try my proven system for 12 months and if you have not created a six figure income and doubled your income, I will give you One Thousand Dollars…Guaranteed!

I have created and published 26 books, produced 4 major motivational films and work with the most recognized leaders in business and have over 220,000 printed copies of our books in the marketplace and one million e-books worldwide all because My Proven System Works.  I used this same system to start a Spa business in 2009 from scratch and in 9 months went from zero customers to over 900 customers and in two and half years built our paying client base to 3500 then sold it for an outrages profit in 2012!  I use this same system to create our Reality Show, The Millionaire Picker (you can see it at www.MillionairePickers.com) and use this same system to build our MSI Antique Store working with top celebrities which are my friends not paid endorsements.

This same system is what I use everyday that built our Seminar, Mentoring, Book Publishing and Film Company Empire over the past 20 years.  It is also the reason we can afford to spend thousands of dollars a month on giving away products all over the world at no cost and postpaid, changing and improving lives all over the globe! In fact our give away product budget is more than the average American earns in a single year.

It all started 20 years ago when I started giving away a Zig Ziglar audio cassette to prospects and clients.  Back then, I did not start it as a marketing tool, I was just a nice guy who was helped by this tape and wanted everyone to have it.  So I made a bunch of copies at home and started giving them away.  I had no clue that this was the beginning of building my future financial fortune.

Every dollar I have ever earned from that day to this, I can trace back to this system of giving away informational products.  After 20 years and lots of success under my belt of course, I have perfected this turn key system to a science or what I call Predictable Wealth.

One thing you will learn about me the more time you spend with me, is the fact that I Hate with a Passion B.S. and Exaggeration.  Do not give me bluff, just the solid facts. Because I am this way, I operate my business on the same principle; I will never give you a bunch of horse crap dressed up as a promise, just the true facts of the good and bad points of everything in business.

Our Marketing system works for any business to create any income you desire if you work and use the system.  So remember, just email me at don@donboyer.org a time you want to talk and find out how we can put you in the drivers seat toward your six and seven annual income.

Now you got the facts, without the bluff, you decide what you do next…

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See everyone tomorrow.

Don and Melinda

My Orange Socks

If you can figure out a way to give people what they want, you will become very rich.  Most people want long-term success, but are only willing to pay for things that bring instant gratification.

I love what my mentor Bob Proctors says; Tell me what you want and I will show you how to get it.

dee wallaceThe reason people struggle with selling their products and services is because they are doing just that; trying to sell people a product.  They do not take the time to listen to people in order to find out what people really want.  People look at your products as a problem not a solution.  In their mind, they are thinking, that is just what I need, more payments and spend money I do not have.

I can tell you from almost 30 years experience, in a challenging economy people are not interested in buying products or services!  That is why selling is so hard for most people.

What do people want?  I have no clue; that is, until I sit down with them and listen with my ears open and my mouth closed.  People are happy to tell you what they want; in fact it is virtually impossible not to let other people not know what we want because what we want pours out of us like a fountain.

A couple of years ago I went into a clothing store with the intent to buy 3 or 4 suites, some shirts, ties and dress pants, not to mention socks, shoes, belts and pocket squares.  I went in there ready to unload some serious money on that shop, and knowing that the salesperson was paid on commission, I figured I was going to make one chap a happy camper for the day.

As I walked in, I fell in love with four suites, wow; they were my style, big bright colors.  All I needed was a big hat and a feather and I would be ready for the side walks of Hollywood!

As I went into full swing trying on the coats the salesman kept trying to tell me those suits were not for me, kindly at first and then the pressure kept mounting.  Finally he said in a stern voice; Sir, I can not possibly sell you those suits; I would be doing you a dishonor!

I said okay, call that other salesperson over here to see if he will sell them to me?

Once he realized I was serious, he took off his glasses and wiped them and said; Sir, those suites look fabulous on you!  He even ended up selling me orange socks.

In your business you are operating as a servant or a judge.  The only way to become rich is by being a servant, that means giving people what they want, not what you think they need.

Business folks with the right intent try to sell people what they need instead of what people want and then wonder why business is so bad.  They are conducting business as a judge not a servant.

Try to sell me a bottle of your potion because it comes from the bottom of the ocean and has more nutrients than anything on the planet and I am not interested.   However, tell me that I can lower my blood sugar and improve my diabetes with your potion and I will buy a case of it, even if the potion comes from the butt of a camel!   Why?  I am not interested in buying products, but I will open my wallet for solutions and things I want.

Tale a look at your business today, and ask yourself if you are trying to sell your products or focusing on what people want?  It will be the difference between breaking the bank or breaking your back!

So in closing, if you drive the streets of Hollywood, and see some cat in a bright color suite, wearing orange socks, honk, it just might be me!

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Master of Money

Until you become a Master of Money you must be a serious student of money. Many people say money is not important yet millions of people are killing themselves trying to get it.  What most don’t understand is that earning money is an art and science based on the foundational principals that anyone can follow.  As a student of money, your paycheck is your report card. Now that reality will kick your chicken McNuggets right to the moon!  The truth of the matter is, we will live with Buckets Full of Money or Buckets Full of Excuses.

The More excuses that flow off our tongue the Less money flows into our pockets. That’s a law, a sound principal of financial creation.  The worst anti-wealth attraction habit that repeals and chases money away from us is the “Habit of Excuses”.  That habit will double and triple your Loss of Income faster than a monkey eats a banana.  What do we replace the Habit of Excuses with?  The Habit of Taking Massive Action Towards Our Dreams!  Now that my friend is one of the most powerful wealth creation laws you can put into practice.

On my phone screen I have a photo of Walt Disney with his quote “The Way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing”.  If you are going to Master Money you will have to have a working understanding of Working Hard and Hard Work.  Working hard and Hard work is as different as Night and Day.

  • Hard Work Breaks Your Back!
  • Working Hard Breaks The Bank! 
  • Hard work is doing something you hate. 

Working hard is consistent, daily, focus and taking massive action doing something you love and are passionate about.

Master Money Key #1.  Controlled Activity.

“I cannot control what you do, but I can control  

What I do and what I do, not what you do,

Creates My Wealth” 

Let me give you an example of that statement.  When I make an offer to the marketplace I cannot control who will say yes and who will say no.  But what I can control is my activity of how many people I present my offer to, and if I present it to enough people, enough people will say yes to make me rich.  If you are not making the money you want (Mastering Money) you are not seeing, talking and presenting your story to enough people…period.  You are in control of your activity and activity is what creates wealth. MastermindGroup

Controlled Activity will defeat the bully of a J.O.B. that you hate, the lack of cash flow in your business and the frustration of not having enough of what you want, be it time, money or relationships.  I will close today with a true story that recently happened to me.

I was at a mall where I own a retail store and was conversing with 2 other business owners and talking about a hot investment we were about to take part of.  As we were talking the mall janitor walked by with his trash can and we all said hello to “Eddie” as we always do.  What I did not know was Eddie over head us talking about this investment.  After I left our group and started walking down the hall, Eddie flagged me down and said; “If there is any room for me in that investment, let me in” and then fled off to return to his duties.

As I walked away I kept thinking about “Eddie” and said to myself, “This is one smart guy, it won’t be long before he goes from janitor to millionaire”.  After a couple of days I met up with Eddie and told him how smart I thought he was to jump on opportunity.  I said you can invest a thousand dollars and make about five thousand dollars profit in 60 days or less.  He said “great, let me talk to my wife tonight and I will get back with you in the morning”.  Next day, he came beaming up to me and said, “My wife said we can’t afford it right now”.

I smiled and said, “I totally understand”.  About three weeks later, I saw “Eddie” again when he told me that last night he and his wife went to the Guitar Center and she bought him a $1600.00 guitar.  I said wow, I didn’t know you knew how to play the guitar?  He said “I don’t but the salesman threw in a book to teach me how”.  I said, “Eddie do you mind if I give you a little advice?”  Please do was his reply.  I said, you told me you could not afford a thousand dollars to make you money, but here you go buy a $1600.00 guitar that you don’t know how to play.  He looked at me and said, “But Don, you don’t understand, we got it on Credit!”

As I smiled I thought this time as I walked away, “This is one stupid bastard”! 

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Psychology of Prospecting

If you are going to win, prosper and get way ahead of this business game, whether we are in a great economy or an upside down economy you are going to have to be…Obsessed, Consumed, Focused, Dedicated and 100% Sold Out to daily “Selling and Marketing”.

The Journey Movie

The Journey Movie

This formula and this formula alone is the great secret behind any kind of sustainable business and financial success.  Every business that follows this system wins and prospers, everyone that does not follow this path eventually fails no matter how great their product or service is.

You will be amazed, the harder you work in this area of selling, the more the “Law of Attraction” works and the more your faith will produce “Miracles”.  There are few business problems that “selling” can’t fix.  Any person or business that is in financial trouble can “Sell their way out of the Crisis”.  With that being said, it is amazing how many professionals and entrepreneurs focus on everything else but selling and marketing.

Here are four dynamic systems that if you put into place starting today, you can double your income in the next 120 days or less.

  1. Understand Selling.  The most important aspect of selling is to get your noodle on straight about this subject; you have to have a proper paradigm of selling right out of the gate.  So, here is my definition or paradigm of selling: “Selling means providing provision and solving problems for the right people at the right time”. 
  1. Painless Selling.  Painless selling is a providing a product or service to people who are ready and willing to buy and/or ready to have their problem solved. You do not have to convince, persuade, push, beg or plead for them to buy; you only have to provide them with what they want and need. Selling is all about timing. 
  1. Painless Prospecting.  The way to practice “Painless Selling” is finding those ready to buy customers to serve and the way to find them is through “Painless Prospecting”.  Painless Prospecting is knowing how to use an e-book (or printed book) as a marketing lead generator.  Giving away an e-book that you co-authored with top leaders is the fastest, easiest and non-intrusive way to turn a complete stranger into a loyal paying client. 
  1. How to Use Painless Prospecting.  When I was a kid there was a commercial for the tootsie roll pop.  The caption was how many licks does it take to reach the tootsie roll center?  They asked Mr. Wise Owl that question to which he replied, “Well, let’s see; One, Two, and on the third lick he bit into it and said…Three”.   When I saw that I thought, the little bastard cheated!  In order to practice “Painless Prospecting” I use some very specific tools because when it comes down to it, effective prospecting is never about those you seek, but the seeker (you) itself.  Prospecting is a game that is played and won or lost in the head. So here are the tools to win the game. 
    1. When I prospect everyday, I do not view myself as a hunter out to kill game so I and my family can eat and have enough money to pay my bills.  I view myself as a Coast Guard out on a mission to help those who are in need of my services and products.  I am out to seek and to save.  Therefore, when I am prospecting on line (sending out e-books) I wear my bright red and orange T-shirt that says “Search and Rescue”. It keeps me mentally on track. 
    1. Decide up front how many No’s it will take before you quit and give up.  For me, its 10,000.  Therefore when I get number 7 or 8 No, it means nothing to me in comparison to the 10,000 number before I give up! 
    1. Deck of Cards.  No matter what you sell or market there are thousands of people out there that are ready to buy from you.  Your job is to find (rescue) them or make yourself visible so they can find you.  Therefore, I keep a deck of cards on my desk to remind me to keep flipping because I know without a doubt the Aces are in there and I will find them if I just keep flipping. 

I encourage you to put these systems into place and watch your business and income go up as the economy keeps going down. Now for those of you who are ready to double and triple your income and start using our “Painless Prospecting and Painless Selling” by becoming a co-author in our upcoming Power of Mentorship book, email me today at don@donboyer.org so we can get you started.

As I sign off, once again thank you for reading the post and sharing it with your friends, family and contacts.