Our subconscious mind is designed to prosper, promote, increase, heal and guide us into every good thing and keep us safe at all times.  And the only thing we need to do to tap into those wonderful benefits is to program our creative mind to those things by using our thoughts and imagination to see and think those things we desire in our mind on a constant basis.  When you think about something, mediate on it, dwell on it, and verbally affirm it the time and place will come that you will actually “Believe It” and then you will see those things show up in your physical world and reality.

When most people start off wanting to change their life and results and start using these methods to change their thinking they do not believe in their heart those things are true because they cannot see them with their physical senses and therefore believe those thing they are saying do not exists.

If you discipline yourself to practice these mental skills and determine to think independent of your current circumstances the time will come that your faith will match your thoughts and words and then your results will be the next thing that lines up to your thoughts, words and faith.  Make it a daily practice to say everyday…

“My Subconscious Mind Guides and Prospers Me Today” 

Every morning I set my attention to help 20 people a day improve their life, relationships and finances.  I know without a shadow of a doubt that I can drastically improve any one’s life and help them create balance, harmony and financial freedom in their business with 3 simple tools.  It is my intense desire that we may be a service and help to you to create the life and lifestyle you desire.

Don and Melinda Boyer

“It is my sincere prayer that something I write or something I say unlocks the greatness within you”.  I am asking you to let our team help you create financial freedom in your life through our 1 Year Mentorship Program.  Together we can get it done…I Guarantee it! For information about our Mentorship program email us and we will send you our “Money Magnet” audio that gives you the details.

Inner Meaning of Success


The true inner meaning of success is to be successful in the enterprise of living.  Jim Rohn said “Be a serious student of life and business”.  The first and foremost key to success is finding out what you love to do and then get on doing it.  Many people find themselves at a place where they have no clue what they love to do or even want to do.

If that is your lot, pray this prayer until the answer comes (and come it will if you follow this prayer/affirmation). “The Infinite Intelligence of my subconscious mind revels to me my true place in life” 

When you love what you do you cease from your labor and enter into the joy of play.  That does not mean you won’t get tired, or need time to rest or even some diversion.  As a child we played many outdoor games that we loved and we were oblivious to time, space, and heat or cold.  We were just having fun, but a time finally came when we got tired and it was time to rest and go home.  But as soon as that rest period was over, we shot out of the house like a bullet, playing outside with vigor, enthusiasm, gust and excitement once again because we loved what we were doing.

As adults nothing has changed except the game has changed and rewards of winning are higher in the form of financial freedom!  As children we all excelled at different games. Some are good at baseball, some at football while others are great at basketball.  As a child I was great at baseball but horrible at basketball therefore I spent 5 years playing baseball and two weeks playing basketball.  In baseball I was an All-Star player in basketball I was a bench warmer.  I had the joy of my life playing baseball and downright misery trying to play basketball. As a kid I was smart enough to dump what I hated and indulge in what I loved.  Let’s take this same approach as adults.  You will make more money doing what you love and less money doing what you hate.  The choice comes down to doing what you love and earning more or doing what you hate and earning less!

Don and Melinda Boyer

“It is my sincere prayer that something I write or something I say unlocks the greatness within you”.  I am asking you to let our team help you create financial freedom in your life through our 1 Year Mentorship Program.  Together we can get it done…I Guarantee it! For information about our Mentorship program email us and we will send you our “Money Magnet” audio that gives you the details.

Personal Economy


Wonderful Wednesday March 12, 2014

When it comes to your Personal Economy the best thing you can do to make it what you want it to be is to understand Seasons. There are other certain things you want to keep in mind and pay attention to as well.  For example;

  • Your opportunities are not limited, so why settle for a limited income? 
  • Most people spend way too much time focusing on the outgoing of their money, instead of putting all of their energies on the incoming of their money.  You will never get rich trying to cut back and save money.  Do not concern yourself too much with what you are spending, but on ways to improve what you are earning. 
  • Learn how to spend money, not save money.  Sure saving money is important and I think we should all be doing it, however, how you spend money is by far more important.  In order to spend money right, look at the results that spending will bring.   I will spend $100.00 at Barnes and Nobel without blinking an eye.  Why?  Because the knowledge I get from those books result in ideas that I turn into thousands of dollars in profits.  Over the past 30 years if I state that I spent $10,000.00 on buying lunches on perspective clients, it would be an understatement.  Much of all that money was wasted on clients who did not qualify for lunch.  Today, I take people out and will be happy to pick up the tab no matter how much it is, after they signed the contract! 
  • The biggest ROI (return on investment) that has worked for me is investing in marketing, exposure, building lead generating products, positioning myself as an expert, branding and associating with industry leaders. All this costs money, but it is little money in comparison to the big money it brings in.  I do not waste my money on conventional advertising when street smart marketing is so much more effective. 
  • Everyone wants to be associated with you if they know you are associated with the alpha dog.  You do not need to be the top gun; the big honcho you just need to be in association with them and people will be attracted to you like bees to a honey comb. 
  • Here is the most important information I can share with you in this email.  For the most part, the challenges many face today is not due from lack of competence, but stems from being unprepared for the inevitable down turn of the economy better known as the winter season.  From the time civilization begun to engage in commerce there has been cycles of lack and abundance.  It follows the natural rhythm of nature; spring, summer, fall and winter.  Financial shortage, lack of cash flow and money struggles today are not the byproducts of business failure, but failure to plan for the winter season. 
  • During the winter season, you plant much but reap very little. The ground is not conducive to produce an abundant harvest.  You labor much and produce little.   If you stocked your panty well in the season of plenty, you will have plenty in the season of shortage.  The problem for many is that they failed to stock the pantry in good times, and now when the land yields little for the much seed you plant, you have nothing to sustain you from your bare pantry.  There is a great lesson in the Bible about Joseph and the 7 years of plenty and the 7 lean years.  You should read it sometime. 
  • In the winter season if you did not stock up from the season of plenty, you engage and have to endure a survival experience until the winter season passes.  If you have a well stocked pantry you will Thrive in the winter season because it is a buyer’s market.  Things that cost thousands of dollars in the season of plenty can be purchased for pennies on the dollar in the winter season.  Why?  Businesses are not selling from a position of Thriving but rather from a position of Surviving. 
  • The best thing you can do right now is work smart; that means work hard to survive this winter season while you plant seeds to reap big when things change to a season of plenty.  But remember, just because it is a season of plenty does not guarantee you will prosper, nor just because it is a winter season guarantees you will suffer.  The steps you take, the relationships you build and the actions you put forth is the deciding factor of what you experience in a season. 
  • Whatever you do, know that you have the Power and Ability to change your Personal Economy to be what you want it to be.  Choose well my friend! 

Don and Melinda Boyer


Tremendous Tuesday March 11, 2014

Right now it is easier to become a Millionaire than at any other time in the history of mankind.  With the internet and digital age doing business globally and creating International wealth is at the finger tips of every person regardless of their age, race, location or education.  With it now being so easy to create financial independence and accessible to everybody why are the majority of the population not wealthy?  We know for a fact that it is not because of a lack opportunity for the opportunity to get rich is all around us.  We find the lack of wealth in the midst of abundance culprit in the fact that we simply do not know where the “Real Gold” is at.

This is why I take everyone in our 1 Year Mentorship Course to take “The Challenge”.

“Take the Challenge to Change the World with What You Do” 

When you take the Challenge to Change the World with What You Do you will find your pot of Gold at the end of the Rainbow.  In our 1 Year Mentorship Program we help people create financial freedom in a 12 month period.  How do we do that?  We use 3 simple but very powerful principles:

  1. We change their Thinking
  2. We change their Marketing
  3. We change their Positioning 

The only question is, “Are You Ready for Financial Independence in 2014?  And you answer that question not with the words you speak, but the actions you take.  97 percent of people will “Say” they want financial freedom but statistics show that only 3 percent take the necessary actions to make it a reality.

Take a look at your paycheck and your annual income, it is a perfect reflection what you know and believe about creating money, and those results will never change unless you change your knowledge and beliefs. It comes down to that simple equation.  The first step to take towards financial independence is to start revamping your Money Knowledge and Kathi Bridge not only makes that easy, she has made it Free of Cost.

If you have not signed up for her free Inner Circle Money Program do so right now at 

I love this membership because the materials work and they are Free!  As one million was asked what his favorite beer was he replied…”Cold and Free”!

We were told that “hard work” was the way to get rich but some of the hardest working people I know are flat broke.  How do people work for 45 years, sometimes with great incomes end up at retirement with no money and have to live on government assistance?

This is not only a very sad fact it is an alarming dilemma that you do not want to face.

We only really have two choices; we can get a Mentor to teach us how to create financial independence or become proficient at begging and living in lack in our later years.

Don and Melinda Boyer

Business Is Not a Game!

groupbooksBusiness is not a Game!  In a game you have a winner and a loser.  Business should not be conducted where one wins and one loses and that is why true business is not a game but a relationship of service and mutual benefit to all parties.  Your life, business and income will go so much smoother and grow much more rapidly when we go about it with the “Service Mentality”. Now here is the real secret to that.  Your first priority service is to yourself and your ability to have all your needs met and become rich.yes I mean wealthy, Millionaire Status if you please.   When you learn to tap into the “River of Plenty” that God has designed and given you and all your needs are met, you will fly out of bed every morning with “Joy Unspeakable” and diligently seek who you  can serve, help and bless.   It’s when our financial needs are not met that business and life becomes a struggle.

All financial lack, or lack of any kind for that matter is simply due from
not understanding how to work the laws of life the correct way.  It is as
simple as that.  The good news is, you can lean and master them and turn things around in your life in a very short time.   Life is spectacular and designed to be enjoyed.  Does that mean challenges and roadblocks will disappear from our life?  Of course not, it just means you will find the Golden Gem in each situation in life and you will no longer look at things as problems but opportunities.   Let me give you an example of this;  I recently had to go onto taking insulin shots, which one has to give themselves right in the stomach every day.  When I share this with people in sincerity they say “I am so sorry”.  I share with them not to be because every morning I wake up and thank God for the insulin, I have so much “Gratitude” for medical science to help keep me healthy and live long. Without Insulin shots people with diabetes (who need the shots) would die without it.

With the insulin shots my body feels great and allows me to function
physically at my best!  I have had people tell me, “I thought you believed
in divine healing?”.  What do you think advance medical science is?  Do you think it comes from the devil?  Now, for the past 30 years I have been an advocate of natural living and health and for many years I had the wrong belief about doctors and modern medicine.   I still live naturally with vitamins and green products but now adding modern medicine to the plan helps me live life to the fullest.

Yes one could look at giving yourself a shot in the stomach as a horrible
thing, or one can find the Golden Gem and turn it into a thing of great

I share this personal story with you today so that you can understand no matter what life throws at you, you can still Win!

Don and Melinda Boyer

Get Clear and Remove the Fear


Get Clear and Remove the Fear.  Fear of failure, fear of the future, fear of lack, fear of sickness and every other fear is a byproduct of not being
fully clear of the things we want.  People sometimes think because they know what they don’t want that this is the same thing as of knowing what they do want.  Just knowing what you don’t want does not mean you are crystal clear on what you do want, and when you are not clear on what you want it creates a breeding ground for fear.  I have found over the past 30 years being in the self help business that most people have a hard time getting clear on what they want because they cannot figure out how they could ever achieve those things they would really love to have.  Of course you cannot figure out how to get the things you want, if you could you would already have them.  The reason we cannot figure out how to get the things we want is because the intellectual mind was never designed to figure the how, it is only designed to figure out the “What” we want.

Fear will grip your mind and heart and attract all the wrong things to you, so you must learn how to conquer and defeat fear and give it no place in your life.  The starting point to eliminate fear is to become crystal clear on what you want.and then keep that image no matter what.

Don and Melinda Boyer

Living an Extraordinary Life

overcomeHere are some tips that will help you live an extraordinary life.

1.      Find your talent (that which you love to do and are good at) and “Do It”.  Some call this your passion, and it is here that you will find your
joy, happiness, energy and monetary reward.

2.      Stop Wasting Time. Stop wasting your time with things and people that bring you no value.  Don’t compromise on this vital issue.  It will make the difference whether you live an extraordinary life or a mundane miserable existence.

3.      Every day you are investing in your Success or Defeat by what you do, what you say, what you think and who you associate with.

4.      Master the book “Think and Grow Rich”.  If you are not reading and studying this book on a regular basis you are not really serious about eliminating the things you don’t want and attracting and getting the things you do want.

5.      When you invest in you (your personal growth) the marketplace has no problem investing in your product whatever price tag you put on it.

I like what fellow Master Mind Group Member Terence Winslow says.”Just Get It Done!”

Choose faith over fear, love over hatred, appreciation over selfishness, joy over sadness and forgiveness over anger.

Sit back, relax and enjoy a cup of coffee in your Millionaire Cup!  A big
cheer goes out to fellow member Kathi Bridge who sent me a photo of her “Millionaire Cup”.  Drinking from this cup daily will bring you
extraordinary money results!

Don and Melinda Boyer

Forgive First and Feelings Will Follow

Loving your Spouce

There are many road blocks that arise on the pathway of success and one of them are things that people do to offend us.  Most of the time it’s not the actual offense that does the damage but the opportunity it affords to hold un-forgiveness in our heart. Un-forgiveness harms no one but our own selves. It is like drinking poison and then expecting the other person to drop dead.

Forgive first and feelings will follow.

Forgiveness is a choice not a feeling; the feelings of forgiveness follow our decision to forgive as a physical form of validation of our decision. Don’t allow the short comings of others to plug up the river of plenty!  Live free, live powerfully, live wealthy, choose to forgive…and sometimes that means even forgiving you!

Don and Melinda Boyer

Make a Habit of Studying Success

When I refer to making it a habit to study success I am not talking about reading motivational or self-help books in this context although reading those kinds of books are essential and important.  What I am referring to is a technique I use in my business boot camps with my students.  On day two of our boot camp I take the entire class on a field trip to a business that by all apparent reasons should not be succeeding and then to a second business that should be succeeding but is not and in fact failing.

CIMG0733Our mission is to figure out the “Why” factor in both businesses.  Most of the time success and failure is not open to the naked eye and therefore many misconceptions are formed on what works and what does not work.  My early mentors taught me “Become a Serious Student of Life and Business”.  That wisdom has served me well over all these years.  To give you an example, we went into a franchise yogurt shop to enjoy their tasty treats and to evaluate their business.  This was one of those businesses that by all appearances should not be succeeding but in fact was booming with business.  Let’s take a look at them from the naked eye.

They were located in a non busy hard to reach business area with not much traffic.  The parking was mediocre at best.  The yogurt was average of all other yogurt places.  Two other yogurt places are less than a mile away located in a very populated high foot traffic mall.  They only had one restroom for customers, a very small eating section, the chairs and table were hard and very uncomfortable and their prices were higher than the other franchise yogurt places.  Yet this store out performed the other yogurt stores and no matter what time or day you went, even in the winter time the store was jammed packed with customers.  To the natural eye this does not make any sense.  Oh, if you are wondering about the staff, they were typical teenagers with a job… (Need I say more?).

Their success is not a by-product of luck, it is not a temporary fad of good fortune.  Their success is a by-product of very sound, predictable and concrete principles that overrides all the other factors of should be failure challenges and allows them to enjoy the unparalleled amount of success that they do.  Once you understand the underlying principles of business success it was not hard to spot and understand why this company in spite of all natural appearances of challenges was in fact succeeding.   I have not yet had a business student in my class that could figure out the correct answer on the first visit.  Some came close however.  They could not figure it out until I showed them the reasons of why that yogurt place was so successful and it was sitting right there in front of them all the time we sat there eating our yogurt.

Knowing that information is what takes any business or career into the highest earner bracket of their industry, not knowing this information is the reason why most companies and professionals never reach their full potential. Now I know many of you reading this want to know what this information is, but I am also sure you wouldn’t want me to revel it to you for free since each student that comes to our business boot camps pays three thousand dollars to attend.  Sharing it for free would not be fair to them…right?  I knew you would agree.

So make sure from now on every time you go out to eat, or go shopping start evaluating why that business is succeeding or failing.  What are the mechanics that drives success or failure in that company?  Make sure you do not let your eyes fool you, because most of the time what you think the answer is, is not the answer at all.  Just like that yogurt shop in our town we evaluated.  The saddest place to be is to fail in business and not know the real reason why. Oh you will have a million and one blame excuses why you failed.  The second saddest place to be is to succeed and not know why.  Success is never permanent, and the reasons that got you there must be repeated continually.  However, if you have no clue of what really got you there how can you repeat them?  The answer is you can’t and that is why most people fly high in the sky only to fall out of the sky like a lead balloon.

Whatever results you are now experiencing in your life and business is a direct result of your daily actions and current business plan and methods.  I always ask people if what they are now doing giving them the results they want.  When they answer no, I ask them if they expect continuing doing the same thing they will get different results.  They all say no.  Then I sit back and wait to see if they do anything about it and most of them…don’t!

Melinda asked me why people do that.  I said I have no more of a clue than I have of how a brown cow eats green grass and makes white milk.  Human behavior, it can drive you to drinking.  There have been many occasions after watching human behavior better known as down right stupidity I have slammed my head on the table and said…”I need a Beer”! (And I don’t even drink).

This Week’s Featured CD

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Hope you enjoyed today’s blog.  Thank you for sharing us around the world and at home.  We strive to bring you the best marketing and money making information available and put it in a personal and fun format.  We appreciate all of you who read our daily blog and whatever you do today join our Free Inner Circle Membership at

Don and Melinda Boyer

The Gift…

Every human being on the planet was given a special gift at birth.  For some it was musical, others mechanical, athletics, business, the arts, compassion, visionary, organizational, detail and a host of other ones.  The great journey of life is to discover your gift and make full potential of it.  To find it, develop it and treasure it is one of the great success secrets of life.

sunset and happy manThe important thing to remember is everyone has a gift within and it is designed to use without to benefit one self and others.  The great tragedy of life is the untapped, undiscovered and wasted Gift that lies within.  They say the graveyard is filled with buried treasure because of all the books, ideas, businesses, tools, answers and cures that died with the people who never developed them while they were alive on earth.

What is your gift?  Why are you here on planet earth and what are you meant to contribute?  Everyone has been given a Gift.  The discovery and then the development of your Gift is what makes life fulfilling, exciting, adventurous, and a key factor in bringing monetary wealth into your life.

The other important aspect to be aware of is that most people are multiple gifted, they have been given many gifts and each one must be discovered, developed, nurtured, maintained and put to use.

For me, I enjoying using my gift of helping people turn the “Simple into the Profitable”.  Our world is filled with way to many things that are complicated. When I was growing up you had a house phone with zero options, now our phones are space age and so advanced that it’s spooky!  I did not become a cussing man until I got an Iphone…(Melinda, how do you get this stupid #@%*^@!%^% to work!!!)

You want a simple formula for creating wealth in your life;

“Wealth comes from knowing what others don’t…even the simple things you think others should know but they don’t”. 

“Others are getting paid for knowing things you don’t” (but could and should know). 

A man was at the market and was looking over 2 loaves of bread that were exactly the same, however one had a price of $2.00 and the other was $2.75.  When he asked the clerk what was the difference between the two exact loaves of bread, the clerk paused then said “The loaf that is $2.75 cost more”.   I think this Jack Ass was twin brother to the auto mechanic who went on a call when a friend of mine had his car break down on the road.  The mechanic came out, looked under the hood, pounded on this and pounded on that then closed the hood.  He walked over to my friend who asked “What’s wrong with my car?”  The mechanic looked at him and replied “It’s broke down”.

This is the reason I tell Melinda sometimes, everyone drinks but me and I groupbooksam the one who needs it the most!  It’s Friday so let’s have a little fun with one more of my true but funny stories.  I got an email back yesterday from a member that I was offering a really valuable free gift to.  Now remember, this member got a free membership with lots of great content over the past three months, we also sent him a physical package of books, CD’s DVD’s with a retail value of over $300.00 absolutely Free and Postpaid.  He never sent one penny to our company, and received hundreds of dollars with of products from us at no cost.  Then when I sent an email to our members offering to write an ad copy piece for them for free he sends me an email that says;  “I cancelled my membership three weeks ago and I never got a refund”.  A Refund!  A refund on what???  Is this guy smoking his crusty shorts while watching porno flicks?

I am mailing this guy the biggest “Jack Ass Trophy” I can find because he just won the Biggest Jack Ass of 2013 Award.

Can someone give me a break around here and throw me a bone or Blue Moon!

Well that wraps it up for today, thanks for sharing a laugh with us, find your gift and bring it to the world.

My Best,

Don and Melinda Boyer