The Journey of 2008


If you did not read yesterday’s email, go back and read it or you will not understand what I am talking about today.  With that being said lets continue the story…

January 4, 2008 we flew back home and I went back to work as usual, ready to keep the pace we left with.  Still not really knowing what was wrong I just put it on the back burner and continued to work.  However by March I had noticed that my list seemed asleep.  Meaning sales had been down and sluggish and my following customer base just was not responding like normal. I remember telling a friend of mine “My List has fallen asleep and I need to wake them up”.  I was half way joking not really being concerned about it because we were still making a lot of money and I figured it was a slump that would soon pass.

By October of that year 2008 it started becoming acutely visible that something now was drastically wrong.  My list was not waking up and I started seeing people who once had a lot of money now suddenly starting to struggle.  Financially our companies were still fine and we even were expanding in some new areas.  By the end of the year of 2008 when our taxes were done we were down about 100k from 2007.  Still not worried or scared but was certainly concerned now.  Something strange was happening in the fact that many wealthy people I knew were finding themselves in financial trouble for the first time in their professional lives and while incomes were going down the price of Gold kept going up.  That was an alarm bell I did not hear or recognize.

As 2008 closed we had new plans, new formats and new products and we were going to turn things around in 2009 by…  (We will pick up story tomorrow)

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