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If you have followed and worked with me for any length of time I have shared with you how at the young age of sixteen I would go down to skid road in Los Angeles, California by myself every Friday night and give the homeless people money.  From my teenage years I had this unrelenting depth of compassion for the lack and struggle I see in people. In my early twenties when I would see homeless people tears would stream down my face as I whispered a prayer “Please God make me a Millionaire so I can help these people”.  The reason I do what I do with our Mentorship programs is based on that compassion for people.  On Saturday Melinda and I went to an auction that was for the estate sale of the Legendary Rock Star Tom Petty.  It was not that he died, but went through a very bad divorce and the majority of the possessions had to be liquidated.

As I watched many people with deep pockets pay outrages sums of money for these items without blinking an eye, there were many there that only had a few dollars to spend.  As these people would bid there small bids were soon wiped out by much higher bids and I watched the disappointment and sadness on their face as they were not able to purchase anything.  One lady was there for over 9 hours (we stood 12 hours) always bidding and being disappointed.

Finally an old scarf came up for bid that nobody wanted (his bed was valued at 40k and sold for about 3k) and she got it for $40.00.  The joy on her face was amazing because she was able to get something (that nobody else wanted).  My heart and compassion went out to this lady and sadness filled my heart.  An unbelievable surge of determination once again griped my soul to help everyone I can to become financially independent and enjoy all the good life has to offer.

It took me years of hard dedicated study and tens of thousands of dollars educating myself to find the key and secrets to riches and how to help anyone obtain wealth and financial freedom. And now that I have those exact plans how to do it, I reach out every day and invite and compel people to let me help them eradicate lack and obtain riches in their life.

Many times I feel like Noah preaching to the masses of his time to enter the Ark and be safe and prosper.  Most days I come across people who are “Overwhelmed” with stress and problems.  But do you realize you can be “Overwhelmed” with success, joy, health, and riches!

The greatest gift we can give to anyone is to teach them how to help themselves and this is the true meaning of Mentorship. I hope you make a decision to come join us in our Mentorship family.

Don and Melinda Boyer


The Mentors Code of Ethics:  If you are a coach, speaker, trainer, author or Mentor it is your responsibility to do everything you can to become the best you can be, utilize and maximize every tool in our industry in order to help and reach as many people as you can.  This is the code of ethics of every true Mentor

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