Working to Hard For to Little…

Walk around everyday and everywhere you go you will find most people working way too hard for way to little.  It is a common trend that plaques our society and business structure.  There is no debate that working hard and harder than most people is a vital key to business and economic success.  The important thing however is working hard on the right thing.  “Working Hard on Things that Don’t Work, Don’t Make Them Work” was a classic saying of a motivational speaker I once heard.  Work hard we Leader Withinmust, but we must work hard on the proper things that work and bring us the results we are looking for.

There was a popular saying in 2006 with a lot of Law of Attraction gurus and followers that promoted that the hardest working people are broke, with the connotation and reflection that hard work is not the key to success and financial achievement.  They would give examples of blue collar workers or family members that were excellent moral human beings that worked their fingers to the bone yet had little and made little.  They were quick to quote “The hardest working people I know are broke”.  My thought is, if that is the case “you know the wrong people!” Yes it is true that many if not the majority of hard working people are broke and on the lower scale of financial revenue, but it is not that hard work does not work but in fact working hard on the wrong thing.

I watch a lot of professional salespeople, business owners, investors and professionals of every field working like crazy to get ahead, grow their business and client base with dismal results. Not all our hard work is going to pay off or bring us the results we want. The key factor is to constantly evaluate our ‘hard work’ and see if it is producing the results we want.  There are only two answers, a simple Yes or No.  No moving parts, no need to bring in an analytical genius to figure things out, no fancy computer software needed just a simple truthful answer, is this method working and is all this hard work giving me the results I want?

If the answer is yes, keep doing it you are on the right path.  If the answer is No you must abandon it, change it and do something different. This seems simple, logical and is only common sense…right?  Yet millions of people everyday get up, complain, moan and groan, ready to jump out the window because they are working hard on things that don’t work yet never stop to change things.  Most of the time it is a small change that will produce gigantic results.  I constantly evaluate everything I do in business (and life too) to see if it is producing the results I want.  If I am working really hard on something that just is not giving me the results I want, I dump it and move on to something else.  Never be married to an idea, plan, method, business or product that does not work.

Work Hard but be very selective where you apply that hard work. Working Hard and Working Smart is working hard on things that work…that produce what you want.  Want more sales, more customers, better customer retention and increased profits?  Here are 5 ways to make your hard work produce more of what you want.

  1. Use Lead Generating Gifts  One of the most powerful gifts I use that should be used by every sales professional and business owner is giving their prospective buyers a cup of the world’s greatest coffee, hot chocolate or tea.  I use the caption “Let me buy you a Latte”…  Using gourmet coffee as a lead generator is not only an appropriate gift, but it is one that is thoughtful, unique, and personal and makes you to stand out and be remembered.  I was recently working with a client who marketed to Fire Departments that needed a way to effectively reach them.  What better way to open the door and get your foot in then with a cup of premium coffee for the Chief and the crew? 
  1. Know What You Are Doing This seems obvious but it is quite obvious that most people don’t know what they are doing.  For instance, know why you are in business.  If you are in business to make money, get out and go get a job. Jobs are designed to earn money.  A business is designed to create wealth. 
  1. Know Who You Are Looking For Who is your ideal customer, supplier, partner, investor, or market?  It is amazing how many sales professionals work extremely hard trying to sell lawn mowers to people who live in apartments. This of course is a metaphor but you get the idea.  I know exactly who I am looking for and I immediately assess if the person I am talking or dealing with is that person and if they are not I end the dance and move on…Instantly! It is a waste of time, energy and resources to dance with the wrong partner.  Everyday I look for 2 professional people that want to earn a six and seven figure income over the next 18 months playing at the professional level in my Network Marketing business.  With that being the case do you think I am going to talk to the kid at Mc Donald’s who cannot even get my order right about my business?  Yet that is exactly the prospect many people who get into Network Marketing try to talk to and that is why they fail.  They simply do not know who they are looking for. 
  1. Know What To Expect In business you can expect to work hard, work long hours, encounter constant delays, setbacks and problems, and not make any money for 12 to 18 months and fund money into your business until your business starts funding your income.  I let people know up front what to expect in business both in traditional business or Networking Marketing and let them decide if they are willing to pay that price.  People are mislead into business with the idea that one eyed Sue who was living in a shoe 9 months ago and got into this business is now a Millionaire!  Wrong expectations will always lead to wrong experiences and results. 
  1. Wrong Way To Close There is always an exception to this rule but in most cases stop trying to close the wrong people with the right product over lunch!  All you end up with is wasting a lot of time and money and inherit a lot of anger and frustration as you are hit with a large lunch tab and the prospect gets up scratches his ass while picking pork out of his teeth and says…”Let me think about it, I will get back with you” (the only thing they think about is how can I get another free lunch out of this sap?) or this other losers phrase by Men who should be wearing a dress instead of pants, “Let me talk it over with my wife”.  Talk it over with your wife…what are you a freaking mouse, woman or a man? Do you Pee sitting down instead of standing up or what?  I shutter to think of all the money I wasted on this method of closing over the years and discipline myself now never to take this route in business.  Today, you do not get lunch until the contract is signed and the check clears.  When those two things happen, well then I pull out all the stops and we can party till the cows come home…on my tab! 

Well I know today’s writing made some folks mad as hell, some laugh out loud and slapped some folks back into reality…and I do not apologize for whatever reaction you had.  My point is to help you never again “Work Way to Hard for Way to Little”. 

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Don and Melinda Boyer