Have you ever heard anyone sigh?


Have you ever heard anyone sigh?  Perhaps you find yourself sighing at times.  The only reason we sigh is we are unhappy with the present and uncertain about the future.  But life is not designed to live that way and you don’t have to live that way either.  When you lean the “Secrets to Life” life starts working for you.  Everyone has experienced things not going
right, and then it seems like nothing is working and everything goes wrong. However, very few know how to live life where everything goes right and things start working in your favor.  The good news is, I can teach you how to live life like this.

Let me give you a recent example.  On Tuesday Melinda had to fly back to New Mexico and be with her mom that took a turn for the worst.  When Melinda got there she realized she lost her laptop.  She did not know if she left it at a restaurant, at the airport or on the plane.  One thing for sure every where she called no one had seen it.  I told her not to worry about it, it was just a computer and we could replace it.

For whatever reason I was cool as ice and it did not rattle my cage at all. On Thursday the airline called and said “We found your laptop, but it is under another name”.   For some strange and unexplained reason it was under my name.  How that happened we have no idea.  This is just an example when you know the Secrets to Life things work for you instead of against you. Everything just goes right instead of everything going wrong!

Don and Melinda Boyer


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