Life, a wonderful University

Everything that comes your way is a “great learning experience” when you live and conduct your life from an energetic platform.  The legendary and late Jim Rohn, was fond of saying, “Take it all in, the good and the not so good, because it’s all precious “.   The fact of the matter is, “Life is a wonderful learning University” filled with opportunities for us to grow and expand and it can be an enjoyable experience even when it does not fit in our comfort zone as long as we operate and live from an Energy based platform of understanding.  What do I do when things seem to go astray, when it seems like most people on the planet have lost their marbles and gone crazy, when friends and family behavior and actions disappoint you and it seems like you are being drawn into a vacuum of crazy lead by Bozo the Clown?   I laugh out loud, as hard as I can until my eyes water and my cheeks turn red, and lift my hands to the sky and start praising and thanking for all the good in life, sending up pure unadulterated, sincere gratitude for all things and for all people and all situations and of course open up the champagne.

Once I do that, I get recharged, reenergized, refocused and everything goes right back into place.  It is kind of like going to the Chiropractor, when they adjust your back and you crackle like a fourth of July firecracker and you get off the bed and feel great!

I rejoice in all things, and choose a positive attitude, taking control of my thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions.  I had a wonderful conversation one day with Troy McClain in which the discussion included, “when things seem like they are going in the wrong direction, just as act as if they were going in the right direction”.  What a great spin on the concept of “Care, but not that much”.  I love our good friend Ed Foreman because he has taught me how to always keep smiling and laughing in all situations.  As we learn in our GIN curriculum, “look for the Gold”.

Don and Melinda Boyer