Embracing The Journey


2010 started off in the right direction and with great momentum.  We kicked off January with the production of our 3rd Movie called The Journey.  We were really excited because we had just signed on Brian Tracy to play the lead role in our upcoming movie. Although 2010 was not developing into a spectacular year, it certainly was better than 2008 and 2009.  We had our Red Carpet Premier for the movie in December and in a private luncheon with all the cast members Brian Tracy began to share some very interesting information with us.  Many people know Brian Tracy from his many books and International Speaking career but what most do not know about him is that he is a very astute financial scholar of world economics and global currency.

He shared with us that things were going to get worse in the coming years not better.  And the economy will get into deeper trouble and is not close to recover from its troubles.  I remember sitting there thinking “Wow, this is the last thing I want to hear”.  He said the coming bad years was not the problem, the problem is not being “Prepared for the coming bad years”.

At the end of 2010 as we closed out, once again were stable, solvent and survived the storm but it was very sad to see so many professionals we knew well get wiped out.  We seen people lose their million dollar homes, lose over 70 percent of their incomes, have their companies go bankrupt and many of them lose everything.

As we geared up for 2011 we could feel the weight and the pressure of the economy and wondered what awaited us in this upcoming year.

2011 turned out to be a very interesting year but the biggest surprise came when… you know the drill by now, I will give the final facts of 2011, 2012, 2013, and why on July 1, 2014 a new bill was passed that may change the way we do business in America that is going to shock the socks right off your feet.

Don and Melinda Boyer


Do You Have The Millionaire Habit?

“Saving a Part of Your Income Each Week and Putting It into Gold” 

“Our mission is to educate you about the importance of owing Gold Bullion so that you can make an intelligent decision about your financial future”

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