Short Cuts Never Pay!

Business people

Short Cuts never pay…they cost!  This is why my Millionaire Mentor never took them, nor ever tried to get the “Rock Bottom” price on anything.  He knew that “we get what we pay for” and knew that law cannot be manipulated or beat.  He said the way to the top both in riches and happiness is by buying the best and honoring its price tag.

If you look at the unhappiest people on earth both those who are broke and rich are those who are constantly looking to save a dime on everything.  It amazes me to see gas stations filled to the brim when they lower gas prices 3 cents.  The lines, the people getting mad, getting into fights over the pumps just to save 3 cents.  It’s a miserable way to live.

I felt the pain of this dysfunctional system the other day.  Our normal procedure in our warehouse is to ship all products out UPS.  Since I don’t work in our warehouse and I had a package to ship I thought I would just save some time and ship it out flat rate postal.  Hey it only cost $12.00 bucks what a deal.  The only problem was they messed up on the delivery, the customer never got his package, it made me look bad and I had to resend the package overnight UPS and it cost me $118.00.  It made my Mentors words 30 years ago ring out loud and clear; “Mr. Boyer never take short cuts in life and never worry about saving a dime, to do so will cost you a fortune”.

Look at your life and see if it is riddled with trying to take short cuts and save a dime here and there.  I am told that my mother never washed our cloth diapers (this was in the 50’s) she just threw them out. I guess this is why my father held down three jobs!  Her comments were, “I’m not touching that Mess”.  When it comes to taking short cuts in life and business and trying to save a dime, take on mom’s advice and say, “I’m not touching that Mess!”

Don and Melinda Boyer

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