When you use the Law of Attraction correctly even when things go wrong they turn out right in your favor.  I have had dead deals resurrect, lost sales come back, negative events transform into positive events, lost money return with increase, bad things turn into good things and blocked doors suddenly open.  I heard Dr. Fred Price say that when he found out the truth about the Word of God “It was like God suddenly starting liking Fred and Betty Price”.  What he did was find out how to use the Law of Attraction the correct way and everything started turning to his favor.  Therefore it would feel and seem like “God suddenly started liking you”.

The reason module one in our 1 Year Mentorship Course starts off with 52 weeks of intense Prosperity Saturation is that your mind and thinking will build and mold your belief system and therefore create a Wealthy Mindset.  If you believe it, you will see it.  I have seen terminally ill people get well and live and perfectly healthy people suddenly drop dead all due to what they believe.  The great question of so many people is how do we build or get faith?  The truth of the matter is the Bible gave us the answer thousands of years ago and brought to complete clarity in the New Testament when Paul wrote “Faith comes by hearing” (and hearing and hearing…).

If you want to believe in prosperity and increase and want to become wealthy you have to saturate and drench your thinking and mind with prosperity until the time comes when it takes over your believing and transforms into Faith.  It is virtually impossible to place an exact time or date when that transformation will take place but you are pretty safe knowing that 52 weeks of Prosperity Saturation is ample time for the change to take effect.

And once you believe something you will see it physically as a reality in your life…Guaranteed.

Don and Melinda Boyer

“It is my sincere prayer that something I write or something I say unlocks the greatness within you”.  I am asking you to let our team help you create financial freedom in your life through our 1 Year Mentorship Program.  Together we can get it done…I Guarantee it! For information about our Mentorship program email us and we will send you our “Money Magnet” audio that gives you the details.

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