Do Prospects and Customers Drive you Crazy?


Prospects and customers can drive you crazy…if you believe they are your source of income.  You know those customers who say they are going to buy then don’t, or buy then cancel, or walk around the new car and just can’t or won’t make a decision.  As long as you think your business expansion and financial income “comes” from people instead of “flows” through people you are going to lead a life of frustration, anxiety and anger.  Plus you will actually repel money away from you instead of attract money and results to you. 

When it comes to business, sales and income just “Relax” letting pressure and people go and let your perfect life unfold by keeping your thoughts on the things you want.  It is that easy.

You see, we cannot control what people do, if they buy or don’t buy or buy then send it back.  We have very little influence on the actions of others, yet most business professionals try to focus all their time on this and end up with dismal results.  A much easier and more productive way is to tap into the real source of supply by simply taking control of your thoughts (the only thing you do have control of) and thinking of the income and things you desire and realizing that the “Universe does not need your help, it simply needs your cooperation”.

You see, abundance is all around us ( In our upcoming conference call I will be sharing the scientific details of this) and we tap into that river of plenty by simply aligning our thoughts to the things we want.  Our thoughts every day are the instructions we give to our creative mind to produce the results we now have.

Never worry or fret on what people do or don’t do, it has no bearing on you, your business or income as long as you focus on the Law of Attraction and realize when you “think about prosperity” prosperity will show up!

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Don and Melinda Boyer


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