“Conquer the World”

overcomeStarting today, right now, resolve to go out and “Conquer the World” which means living your life the way you desire too!  The truth of the matter is there is no shortage of wealth, no shortage of health or lack of any kind.

There is only the matter of “knowing how” to tap into the flow of plenty.
We could be in a house that is full of electricity, yet if we do not screw a
bulb in the lamp we could sit in darkness in a room full of potential light.
We could choose to screw in a 40 watt bulb and have a dim light or we could pop in a 100 watt bulb and light the whole room.  The flow of electricity does not care if we put in a 40 or 100 watt bulb or no bulb at all.  It just sits there until we give it the command what to do.

That is how the supply of abundance works; it sits there waiting for our
next move.  So, how bright your light shines is up to you, the power is
there and it will create for you any amount you want therefore choose big!

Don and Melinda Boyer

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