Are You Up For the Challenge?


I am so excited, fired up, exploding with gratitude for having been taught 20 years ago how to use the Law of Attraction to bring me everything I want in life…the easy way!  Until we learn how to use Universal Laws and incorporate them into our daily lifestyle, wealth creation, money flow, business expansion, and overall success will be a tough treacherous path producing far less positive results than you want.  The good news is you can learn to master these laws and create the lifestyle you desire.

One of my primary Missions this year of 2014 is to “Challenge 1 Million People to Challenge This Economy…and Defeat it!”  You can defeat the economy with one book, the most powerful Wealth Creation book on the planet that can forever solve your money problems once and for all.  This book has been responsible for creating more Millionaires than perhaps any other book that has been written in the past 100 years.

I only have one question for you…”Are You Up For the Challenge?”  Do you have the courage, the true grit to stand up and challenge this current economy that has robbed so many of financial prosperity and made them sick with worry because if you do I have the tool, the book that will cause you to defeat this economy once and for all!

This book project has not been officially launched to the public yet, so take a moment and view a short commercial for the book we are working on for our massive global launch in the near future: 

I am attaching this Millionaire Money Book that links up with the all time master law of attraction book “The Science of Getting Rich” for you not to only enjoy but to change your life forever.   The statement I am about to make, you may think is exaggerated hype but I assure you it is not. And that statement is…

“This Book is the Most Powerful Money Book on the Planet”

If you take this book seriously and study it like a text book, reading and taking notes everyday and put into practice what you learn, I promise that you will learn to master Universal Laws that will give you everything you want in life that is not a violation to nature.  The only request I ask of you is do not share it with your list or send it to anyone because we are doing a major launch for this book, and this copy is just for you as being part of our Master Mind Group.

Remember, you are building 2014 to be a “Magnificent Year of Success”.

Don and Melinda Boyer

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