Daily Success…

“Every day I am on my way to building a better life” Here is a motto and philosophy I live by and brings be spectacular results in life! Why not try it on for yourself and see if it fits?

overcomeToday’s thought and action is;

“Get rid of all the baggage that weighs you down, the little things you know you must do but hate doing!”  Procrastinating on things you don’t want to do but must do is a great energy leak and is like trying to swim across the ocean with a iron ball tied around your ankle.  Cut off those weights and soar like an Eagle.  Your vision and dream will take on a brand new zeal and excitement.

We believe in you…we suggest you do the same (believe in yourself).

Don and Melinda Boyer

Daily Success

The Power of Mentorship Books

As we all gear up to make new goals, new dreams, and new ambitions for the New Year of 2014 here are 3 things to implement that will “Drastically Improve” every area of your life if you make a habit of practicing them:

  • 1.      Practice Reciprocity.  Every time someone sends you a lead, helps you with information or does anything in the form that helps you personally and professionally, immediately seek ways to see how you can bless, help, support and benefit them.  This will cause your personal and professional relationships to flourish.

 2.      Practice Giving without Expecting Anything Back (from that person).  This is the exact opposite of receiving.  Give without any strings attached or ulterior motives.  When we give from this position we automatically put the law of the harvest into motion and God through His Universal Law of Life will reward us back with more than we gave. 

3.      Add 12 New Quality People to your Network.  Our network creates our net-worth. Seek to upgrade your business and professional relationships and eliminate the ones that have a negative impact on you.  Keep in mind the only way you attract quality people into your life is by you first becoming a “Quality” person.  Always invest in you to become the best you can be.  As my legendary and late Mentor Jim Rohn taught me many years ago…”If you want to attract quality people you must first become attractive”.  Become a person where people pay you high dollars to just to be around you and absorb your wisdom, knowledge and success.  

Have a Blessed Week-End, see you on Monday…(via email).


Don and Melinda Boyer