What you need to know about setting goals.

sunset and happy man

Don’t set goals for 2014 instead give your subconscious instructions to fulfill in 2014. You will be far more productive in reaching them than by setting just goals.  Most goals are dreams and destinations that the intellectual and conscience mind is ill equipped to accomplish and that is why most goals are never reached and soon abandoned. New Year’s Resolutions are an embarrassing joke and is never something successful people allow themselves to take part in.

However, when we take those so called goals and dreams and convert them into “Instructions” for our subconscious mind, our subconscious mind which is by far capable and in fact designed to fulfill those instructions, we find that those things start to show up or manifest in our life without the help, aid and struggle of our intellectual mind.

The most important aspect of life, business and success is to understand the correct usage of both our conscience and subconscious mind.  When you learn and practice this you will find that you wake up every morning with excitement and joy for another day of living…(despite what is going on around you in life).                                   

You are Magnificent!  Believe It, Live It, Enjoy It and Share It!

Don and Melinda Boyer


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