Daily Success


First and foremost let me wish all of you a very “Merry Christmas Eve”.  Let this day be a day of reflection, gratitude, appreciation and giving from the heart.  I will be the first one to agree that current culture has ruined much of the Christmas Season through the commercial aspects of gift giving.  Gifts are now given out of guilt, compulsion and duty, rather than love, appreciation and good will.  Although I am saddened by all the commercial aspects of giving, I love the gift giving aspect of life including that of Christmas.  Gift giving is a great revealer of our financial future.  It reveals our relationship with money and our relationship with anything; be it people or money determines out future outcomes. 

Do you feel good about spending money?  Most people love to buy things but don’t feel good about spending money.  This comes from a fear of a lack of money flowing into your life and/or belief that money is hard to obtain and replace.  Change your thinking to “I feel good about investing money in things I enjoy and desire and betters my present and future”.

Totally eliminate the word “Bill” from your vocabulary and exchange it for the word “investment”.  Therefore you never will again pay a “bill”, you are making an investment that brings about instant and future gain.  (The word “Bill” carries the negative energy of lack, fear, worry and a dragging weight of defeat).  A small change that makes a big difference in your life! 

Focus on the skill and art of making (earning) money and you will always feel good about spending (investing) it. The Art of earning money is this: “Share your life and love with everyone Freely No Charge, but your knowledge and skill sell it for Top Dollar and never take less for it!” 

Remember, God’s continual Blessings are always resting on your life. 

Don and Melinda Boyer


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