“Inner Contentment”

Loving your Spouce

“Inner Contentment” is the root of all the things we desire in life.  The only reason we desire financial independence, extraordinary relationships and complete health is because we believe those things will bring about that “Inner Contentment” that our soul seeks and craves but for most people their conscience mind is completely oblivious to this fact.  And the truth of the matter is many of those things do in fact bring about the contentment and happiness we seek, at least for a while.

Does that mean we cannot have “Inner Contentment” while we seek to acquire or manifest the things we desire? No of course not, in fact the real secret is that we can obtain that “Inner Contentment” while we seek those things, and if we learn how to obtain it before actually having those things in the physical realm, that Inner Contentment will carry over when they do show up and continue to stay long after those material things have passed away from our life.

The “Secret to Life” is what I will be teaching about in our 2014 Boot Camp.  This is an exclusive event that will be by invite only, I hope you make plans to part of this life changing event.

You can have what you desire, be who you want to become and do whatever you want if you simply take the time to learn how life really works…and it works by divine immutable laws.  If you are not bursting with faith, excitement, hope and concrete plans to make 2014 the most magnificent year of your life you and I need to talk!  Forgive all things you were not happy with in 2013 and say a prayer of gratitude for all the things you were able to accomplish and make it through this year.

Don and Melinda Boyer

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“Proper Education Pertaining to our Pursuit”

People Prospecting

We are just days away from bringing in a New Year.  For millions across the globe it’s like a massive marathon race.  Runners are excited they are pumped up, warming up, gearing up and ready to blast out of the gate to their Success Dreams on January 1, 2014.  This is all good and praise worthy however the studies show that less than four percent (4%) will reach their goals and seventy five percent will abandon their dreams after the first ninety days.

Why such a high rate of goal and dream fatality?  Because the majority base their New Year Journey on excitement, motivation, hope, and determination instead of the one main ingredient that we all need and that is “Proper Education Pertaining to our Pursuit”.  This is completely different from formal education.  Let me give you an example; more people will have financial goals this New Year of 2014 than any other type of goal, even higher than weight loss goals.

No matter how healthy or sickly your financial condition is right now, you should have financial increase and financial independence as one of your primary focus points for 2014.  That being said, most will fail in this pursuit due to a lack of “Financial Training and Education”.  You don’t need to learn how to manage money because of a lack of money but because of an abundance of money.

Here is an interesting fact: In 2012 President Obama paid 20.5% in taxes on approximately $3 million in income.  Governor Mitt Romney paid 14% in taxes on $21 million in income.  Who do you think is smarter when it comes to managing money and financial increase?  Instead of poor people getting mad at these facts, it should have prompted them to ask how Mr. Romney got so financially smart.

If you are serious about increasing your financial worth in 2014 I highly encourage you to contact fellow Master Mind Group Member Kathi Bridge.  She is one of the best money coaches on the market today who not only knows what she is doing but really cares for people.

I never endorse products or people based on money or payment, I refuse to do that (as many of you who have been with me for years know that) and I am not being paid a dime nor was I asked to promote Kathi Bridge.  I am doing so because I know she can help you come out of your money challenges as well as help you reach your financial goals. Do not let 2014 be a financial repeat of 2013 even if 2013 has been a financially good one for you.  Inflation keeps rising, the economy keeps sinking and you what to do bigger things this New Year so you need more money in 2014 than you made in 2013!

Visit her website today at www.KathiBridge.com

She offers a free consultation and will be able to share some fantastic insights with you.  You will find her a jewel as I have.

Unless you upgrade your financial education, financial increase will stay at bay…

Don and Melinda Boyer

What you need to know about setting goals.

sunset and happy man

Don’t set goals for 2014 instead give your subconscious instructions to fulfill in 2014. You will be far more productive in reaching them than by setting just goals.  Most goals are dreams and destinations that the intellectual and conscience mind is ill equipped to accomplish and that is why most goals are never reached and soon abandoned. New Year’s Resolutions are an embarrassing joke and is never something successful people allow themselves to take part in.

However, when we take those so called goals and dreams and convert them into “Instructions” for our subconscious mind, our subconscious mind which is by far capable and in fact designed to fulfill those instructions, we find that those things start to show up or manifest in our life without the help, aid and struggle of our intellectual mind.

The most important aspect of life, business and success is to understand the correct usage of both our conscience and subconscious mind.  When you learn and practice this you will find that you wake up every morning with excitement and joy for another day of living…(despite what is going on around you in life).                                   

You are Magnificent!  Believe It, Live It, Enjoy It and Share It!

Don and Melinda Boyer


Live your Life

The Power of Mentorship Books

“Live your life as though you had an assured life span of 125 years…because you do!”  Doesn’t that thought and mental affirmation make you feel fantastic!  God created you to be a Master of the Earth and Environment.  If you do not believe this go back to the Bible and read the first 3 chapters of Genesis.  We are either creating life or reacting to life and I assure you creating life is a lot more fun, prosperous and fulfilling than living a miserable life of reacting to it.

There is an easy way and a hard way to life, and unless you have been taught the Secret formula of life that is based on scientific natural and Universal laws, your life will be one of lots of hard work and few rewards.  The good news is, you can learn the Universal and Immutable laws that govern success and make your life a Magnificent Creation instead of an Enduring Existence.

Make 2014 a year to “Live and Love Life and Create a Magnificent Journey”. 

Don and Melinda Boyer

P.S. Make sure you get information for my 2014 “Master Life Formula” Boot Camp.  It is the first boot camp that we have ever done where I reveal the Secret Formula of Life that was taught to me by my Millionaire Mentors.  It will teach you how to succeed and why life has been such a struggle up to this point in your life.

The Gift of Power


During this Christmas Season, all over the world gifts were exchanged.  And it’s great to be a giver of gifts, especially when those gifts are an expression of our love and appreciation on those we bestow them upon.  The kind of gifts we give people are only limited to our imagination, however there is one gift we should “Never” give away.  That gift is your “Power”.  Never give anyone your power…when you allow people to make you feel guilty, angry, upset, fearful, pressured, or any other negative feeling you are giving them your power.  You are allowing them to control you instead of you controlling you.  You are the one in control of your life it’s called Self Mastery, better known as your “Power”.

Take control this Season, and give gifts but never give your Power away! God gave that gift to you to create a spectacular, magnificent “Wonderful Life”.

Merry Christmas,

Don and Melinda Boyer

Daily Success


First and foremost let me wish all of you a very “Merry Christmas Eve”.  Let this day be a day of reflection, gratitude, appreciation and giving from the heart.  I will be the first one to agree that current culture has ruined much of the Christmas Season through the commercial aspects of gift giving.  Gifts are now given out of guilt, compulsion and duty, rather than love, appreciation and good will.  Although I am saddened by all the commercial aspects of giving, I love the gift giving aspect of life including that of Christmas.  Gift giving is a great revealer of our financial future.  It reveals our relationship with money and our relationship with anything; be it people or money determines out future outcomes. 

Do you feel good about spending money?  Most people love to buy things but don’t feel good about spending money.  This comes from a fear of a lack of money flowing into your life and/or belief that money is hard to obtain and replace.  Change your thinking to “I feel good about investing money in things I enjoy and desire and betters my present and future”.

Totally eliminate the word “Bill” from your vocabulary and exchange it for the word “investment”.  Therefore you never will again pay a “bill”, you are making an investment that brings about instant and future gain.  (The word “Bill” carries the negative energy of lack, fear, worry and a dragging weight of defeat).  A small change that makes a big difference in your life! 

Focus on the skill and art of making (earning) money and you will always feel good about spending (investing) it. The Art of earning money is this: “Share your life and love with everyone Freely No Charge, but your knowledge and skill sell it for Top Dollar and never take less for it!” 

Remember, God’s continual Blessings are always resting on your life. 

Don and Melinda Boyer



Pay close attention to your emotions for emotions are “Energy in Motion”.  Energy that is traveling or moving in a certain direction; if you really want to get scientific its energy vibrating at a certain frequency.  Positive emotions attract the things we desire towards us and repel the things we don’t want away from us.   However, negative emotions attract the things we don’t want and repel things we do want. 

Emotions are the end results of our thoughts and what we continually think about.  Make a decision today, right now that you will take control of your thoughts.  To think only what is pure, honest, lovely and positive.  Right now, many of you know that my son is in the last stages of Leukemia and my mother in law is in stage four Cancer.  As horrible of an experience this is to our family, both Melinda and me take control of our thoughts and emotions and make every day a Spectacular day.   We control life instead of letting life (and its many crises) control us.  We keep our faith high, our emotions positive and strong and this is how we win in life!  Make your life one of meaning, contribution, and “Excitement”

We love all of you, see you on Monday!

Don and Melinda Boyer

P.S.. Remember…Jesus is Lord!

Live an Extraordinary Life

stock-photo-15246083-green-businessman-in-touch-with-natureHere are some tips that will help you live an extraordinary life…

  1. Find your talent (that which you love to do and are good at) and “Do It”.  Some call this your passion, and it is here that you will find your joy, happiness, energy and monetary reward.
  2. Stop Wasting Time. Stop wasting your time with things and people that bring you no value.  Don’t compromise on this vital issue.  It will make the difference whether you live an extraordinary life or a mundane miserable existence.
  3. Every day you are investing in your Success or Defeat by what you do, what you say, what you think and who you associate with.
  4. Master the book “Think and Grow Rich”.  If you are not reading and studying this book on a regular basis you are not really serious about eliminating the things you don’t want and attracting and getting the things you do want.
  5. When you invest in you (your personal growth) the marketplace has no problem investing in your product line…at whatever price tag you put on it.

I like what fellow Master Mind Group Member Terence Winslow says…”Just Get It Done!” 

Choose faith over fear, love over hatred, appreciation over selfishness, joy over sadness and forgiveness over anger.

Sit back, relax and enjoy a cup of coffee in your Millionaire Cup!  A big cheer goes out to fellow member Kathi Bridge who sent me a photo of her “Millionaire Cup”.  Drinking from this cup daily will bring you extraordinary money results!

Don and Melinda Boyer

When life goes South..

iStock_000008830604SmallWhen life or business goes south…just keep flying North!  Your true north is your dreams and goals that you desire.  Storms come and storms pass the key is to never let them get you off course for long.   Melinda and I was driving one time early one winter morning while it was still dark and we hit very heavy fog.  We were in an area that we were not familiar with and although I was not lost, I just did not know where in the heck I was.  I asked Melinda what she thought we should do?  She said “Just keep driving”.  That is good advice for business as well.  If you get stuck in the fog and have no clue where you are at, just keep going!  When you don’t know what to do just do what you know to do and everything will work out.

Keep enjoying your coffee and share some with other people every day!

Don and Melinda Boyer

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Dare to Dream Big

sunset and happy man

The Best Investment you can ever make is in your own personal growth and development.  For who we are determines what we can do and the possibilities we can achieve.  Dare to dream Big, live life on your own terms, be the master of life instead of life mastering you.  Live large, live loud (why do think I wear bright green suites and orange ties) live without fear of man and complete faith in God.  Make everyday an “Investment in Yourself”.  Turn off the negative and turn on the positive by reading and listening to teachings that inspire, educate and motivate you.  Crack open your “Think and Grow Rich” book and read some of it every day…

Conquer your fears and release your faith!

Don and Melinda Boyer