The Death Trap of “Assumption”

The two great detriments to Success and Achievement are “Assuming” and “Presuming”.  We all have experienced the pain of failure and disappointment because of “Assuming” we had all the information we needed to get the job done.  Assuming and Presuming are death traps to our Success, Income and Business.  “I assumed they were going to show up because they told me they were”.  Did you follow up, send a confirmation email, and make that last minute confirmation call or decide on a concrete definite plan? No…then it should be no surprise when they don’t show up.

Most mistakes are a result of “Assuming” something is one way but in fact is another way.  One thing Melinda and I work on daily and have a firm commitment is to eradicate “vehemently” Assumption and Presumption.  We operate our business on “Fact, Confirmation, Inspection, Follow up, and Confirmation again”.  You Must Inspect what you Expect!

The way to get people to lose confidence in your leadership and not trust you is to have a habit of making wrong decisions and choices because of “Assumption and Presumption” Many people who get into Network Marketing “Assume” their best friends are going to be as excited as they are and join up and base their judgment of the industry on that assumption.  Unfortunately, that assumption leads them to the harsh reality fact that this is not correct and for many that is their end for their Network Marketing Career.

Never Assume Anything…Always operate on facts, confirmation and follow up.

Before you execute your plans, base your hope or take action make sure that you are operating from a position of facts not assumptions.  You will find you will have far more success and far less pain of failure and disappointment.

Remember, Assumption will lead to False Expectation which always leads to Bitter Dis-appointment.