The Death Traps of Business

My early Mentor taught me a valuable lesson when I first started out in business.  He told me…”Never Get Excited About Anyone or You Will get Discouraged with Everyone”.  .What he was referring to was the acquisition of customers.  This is especially true for those in the Network don and brianMarketing Industry. For many Network Marketing people they join the industry only to almost instantly drop out because they launch their business on excitement only.  Of course excitement is important however, it is not excitement that produces success in business its systems that produce the success.

You see, excitement is a very tricky.  You can go to sleep with a heart and head full of it (excitement) and sometime in the middle of the night while you are asleep it will grow wings and fly out your window leaving you to wake up in the morning saying “What in the hell did I just get myself into?”  If you are going to be in business bee it traditional brink and mortar, Internet marketing or Network Marketing there is a foundation rule you must understand completely from the get go and that is…

“Business Is Not Designed To Make Money…

Business Is Designed To Create Wealth” 

Business is not designed to make you money it is designed to create you wealth.  Jobs are designed to make you money not create wealth for you.  Unless you understand that, know for sure business is going to be a rough and deadly road for you.  With the super high failure rate in business I want to share with you the “12 Death Traps of Business”.  Learn them well and you will do well in business, fail to learn or respect them and your chances to fail are inevitable.

Know Your Death Traps.  It is vital up front to understand the death traps, pit falls and circumstances that will destroy your business, dreams, income, future and make you quit.  The issue is not could these traps come, know right now…They Are Coming and they are Coming After You!! 

Death Trap #1  Trying to sell products and business opportunity to people.  We are not in the selling business; we are in the “Finding Business”. We are in the decision collecting business.

Death Trap#2 Getting discouraged when friends, family and strangers are not interested in what we offer and say No.  This business is not for most people so expect a no…from most people. But the good news is, there are enough people who will say Yes to our offer to make us rich!

Death Trap #3   Caring if someone says Yes or No to our business or product.  If you care if someone says yes or no you will get discouraged and quit your business.  Your attitude needs to be “Yes or NO, I have to Go”. It makes no difference if someone says yes or no, because we know who we are looking for.  You always take an attitude of control and never one of desperation.  Put a big sign on your wall that says

“I Refuse To Beg Anyone to Join My Million Dollar Business.”

Death Trap #4  Not using tools but using your mouth to build the business. Big Mistake. You will talk to much, confuse your prospect and not know how or when to shut up and drive people away. You now own a professional million dollar business that comes with state of the art business building tools.

Death Trap #5  Signing up anyone that has air in their lungs. The fastest path to failure and misery is signing up the wrong people on your team.  We are not looking for flakes, complainers, fault finders, know it all’s, whiners or butt holes; we are looking for the professionals wanting and willing to work for their dreams. When we expose someone to the business, they are not evaluating us we are evaluating them to see if they qualify to be on our team and business.  I have a mental sign in my head that says, “Quitters Need Not Apply Here”.

Death Trap #6  Not using the system that has already proven to work but instead trying to do things your way.  Just follow our proven system because it works.

Death Trap #7  Not listening or investing the time and training you need to build this million dollar business.

Death Trap #8  Working for money.  This business is not designed to make you money; it is designed to create you wealth and financial freedom.  Jobs are designed to make you money and keep you broke while you build your employers wealth.

Death Trap #9 Talking to the wrong people in our family and circle of friends. There are some around us, who love us but can’t stand it if we succeed at something and will do everything they can too pull us down with their words, laughter, and actions.  If you know they are like that, skip them, keep your sample for another and move on.

Death Trap #10 Not Keeping it Simple.  Our business is simple. All we do is pass out information, answer questions, and collect a decision. That is it!  Do you drink coffee? Try mine I think you will like it!  The great temptation you will have to fight off everyday is making this simple process complicated.

Death Trap #11  Never listen or allow anyone to speak negative to you about your business that is not a millionaire in this business.  Never listen to anyone who does not have what you want.  The biggest mark of losers is they want to give out a lot of free (worthless) advice.  Don’t be afraid to tell people who talk negative about our industry…”If I listen to you I would have to stick my head up your butt with you and I am not willing to do that, Thank you”. 

Death Trap #12  Forgetting what the death traps are.  Make sure you master and know your enemy because if you don’t they will destroy you, your wealth, dreams and future.  Know these death traps inside and out and you will never fall prey to them.

There is only one way to fail in this business and that is by quitting.  If you do not quit you cannot fail.

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Don and Melinda Boyer

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