What’s the Value of Mingling With Millionaires…Priceless!

Over the years I have had the good fortune to associate and work with the highest paid, most well-known and recognized business leaders in the world like Brian Tracy, Bob Proctor, Les Brown, Marie Diamond, Jim Rohn and Zig Ziglar just to name a few. I can tell you from personal experience that the knowledge, insight, information and wisdom that I gained in their presence is priceless.  And it is for this very reason that if Network Marketing did not have a pay structure plan attached with it I would still get involved in it for the priceless education, wisdom, knowledge and insight you gain from associating with Successful business leaders.

Andrew Carnegie called this kind of price less association a “Master Mind Group” and considered it one of the most important ingredients and secrets to wealth acquisition and long term success.  This is one of the Success Principles Napoleon Hill wrote about in his all time best selling classic book “Think and Grow Rich”.  The day you truly understand all the dynamics that Network Marketing offers, you will immediately adopt it as one of your MSI in your business and wealth portfolio.

Network Marketing is one of the most powerful, professional and advanced business structures you could ever get involved in for financial independence.  This is why business moguls and Billionaires like Donald CIMG1014Trump and Warren Buffet endorse and are big advocates of the business model of Network Marketing.  It is the professional structure of this industry that causes most blue collar and the common work force employee to fail in this industry.  You cannot enter the industry of Network Marketing with the mindset, attitude and business habits of the workforce and expect to succeed.

If Network Marketing is anything, it is a professional organization that transforms the working class into the upper class in a very short time and puts people who are on the lower side of the pay scale to the higher side of the pay scale.  Network Marketing does not change a person’s income, it changes the person and that person in turn changes their income.  I am always amazed of the people who join Network Marketing with the goal to become wealthy and then quit because they found out they have to get product on auto-ship every month to qualify for commissions.

This is why they drive around in broken down, junkie old Mercedes Benz that barley runs.  There is only one thing worse than owning an old broken down Mercedes and that is…owning two of them!

What starts the cycle of Success in Network Marketing?  I have found three main things.

  1. You have to be “Fed Up” As my good friend Vic Johnson says, “You have to be sick and tired of being sick and tired”.  Just because people say they are fed up, they rarely are and that is why they choose to only complain about their misery instead of change it.
  2. You have to be “Hungry” The best teacher and example of this concept is my friend Les Brown.  He is a living example of being a booming success that was based on his hunger to succeed.  I remember talking with him on the set of my movie “Embrace the Journey” where we talked about his famous line “If you don’t keep fighting for the things you want, the things you don’t want will automatically take over”.
  3. You have to Get “Fired Up” Fire never continues without being constantly fed. The fire of your desire will quickly go out if you do not keep feeding it.  When your fire goes out your dreams grow cold and your bank account freezes over in lack.  Nothing will throw gasoline on your fire like the inspiration you get from the association and training you get from the Millionaire leaders in Network Marketing.  Your fire can be stone cold blue, not an amber in sight, and you get on a company conference training call and by the time it ends you will be so fired up that your shoes start to smoke!

If you are ambitious, fed up and hungry for success and financial freedom I invite you to invest 3 minutes of your time and listen to this pre-recorded message at 646-222-0072.  If you like what you hear and want to learn more contact me and I will show you how to create a six figure income with our company and team.  You have two choices in life, learn to accept it or take the responsibility to change it.  The choice is always yours.

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Get “Inspired” to “Aspire” To Be All You Can Be…

In a world that is saturated with doubt, hatred, evil, jealously, fear and every other negative element you can think of it is virtually impossible not to be affected by those things.  The negatives of life are like roaring crashing waves pounding against your dreams, desires and aspirations.  If we let the negative elements of life get to us they will kill our inspiration and dreams.  The key is to always keep yourself “Inspired” to “Aspire” to be all you can be and develop into the Champion God designed you to be.

Inside of you God has placed inherent Greatness, but it is your “Responsibility” to take that raw material within and develop it without.  Don’t let the negatives of the world beat you down and take you out.  Refuse to let negative people to control your life, dreams and future.  Never surrender your inner power to anyone or anything.  You are in control at all times, even when things are not going your way and you are a bit behind the eight ball.  Even during the times or seasons we lose, which happens to all of us, we are still in control of things in our life.

No matter what happens to us or what does not happen for us, those elements cannot control the one and most important factor in life and this is our “Attitude”.  Sure life gets hard at times, we do not always win every game, we strike out, we drop the ball, we mess up but that is part of the process we must go through on our Journey to achieve those things we desire.  You must believe in yourself because we believe in you but most importantly God believes in you!

There are number of proactive things we can do to keep inspired and to continually move toward our utmost potential.  Let’s take a look at what some of those things are.

  1. Association with Leaders One of the greatest things about the industry of Network Marketing is the fact that you can associate, work with and get trained by “Certified Millionaires”.  A certified Millionaire is one that actually makes the money from that industry…and can prove it!  Associating with those with small dreams, small minds and live in a world of blame the world for failure will bring you down and eventually take you out.  You can also associate with leaders by reading their books, listening to their audio programs and going to their seminars. 
  1. Invest In Yourself   Far too many people who have big screen televisions in their home, the latest smart-phones, and entertainment systems tell you that they could never invest a thousand dollars in a program that could teach them how to create sustainable wealth.  They are the ones to also say they are too busy to read and have no time to attend any seminars.  Our financial condition is a snap shot or the result of our investment into our life. 
  1. Activate the Law of Activity The biggest dream, the loftiest ambition, the grandest goals are nothing but invisible vapor producing nothing until action, activity, work, planning and implementation is applied to them.  If you do nothing, nothing will happen.  Take massive action to change things if you are not happy with the results you are now getting. Remember what Donald Trump says; “Hope is Not a Plan” Hoping things to get better without you doing the necessary things for situations to improve is a blue print for disaster, disappoint and despair.  If you are going to use hope in your life, give yourself a concrete reason for “hope” that is based on action and activity. 
  1. Dare To Be Great  I recently attended a business breakfast where the key-note speaker was the CEO of a major corporation.  He said something that has stuck with me this past week and I want to pass it on to you.  The guest speaker told us in his presentation… 

Don’t be afraid to Fail, rather be afraid

Of Succeeding at things that don’t Matter”.

It doesn’t take any courage, skill or talent to give up or quit when things get tough. It is easy to get caught up in the poison of busy work fooling ourselves to believe we are accomplishing things.  However, to release the Millionaire within you, to keep Inspired in order for you to Aspire to all that it takes courage, grit, determination, persistence, investment in yourself, and bull-dog power not to let up, let go or let loose until you obtain all things you want to get out of life.

I will close to say that you can be, do and have anything you desire if…

“You Simply Take The Time To 

Learn How To Get It” 

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Are You a Leader or A Filler? Our Business Needs Both

Many traditional business professionals do not take the industry of Network Marketing as a serious business model and vehemently do CIMG0726everything they can to stay away from it.  Although at one time I was in this opposing group I soon realized that was a big mistake on my end.  Talk to some of the worlds highest paid business tycoons including Warren Buffet and Donald Trump and they will tell you that Network Marketing is a brilliant business plan and a rock solid industry.

All top international motivational and business leaders are big components of Network Marketing with many of them having some of their MSI (Multiple Streams of Income) in this industry.  No one in their right mind would say that Network Marketing is an easy industry and business, no more than anyone would say that operating a traditional business was easy.  Network Marketing is an annual multi-billion dollar industry with 80 million people involved in it yet less than three percent make a six figure income.

It is no secret that thousands of people drop out of Network Marketing almost instantly after they sign up.  For many it just takes one No for their Network Marketing career to end.  This has been the case since 1969 when someone first uttered the first word “Amway”. 

I remember in the early 70’s going with my dad to my baseball coach’s house and having a meeting with folks and then my dad loading his trunk with cases of soap.  I had no clue what this was all about, all I knew was that we had more soap in our garage than the owners of Tide and my mom was so mad at my dad she made him sleep in the garage with all that soap!

I guess it was those memories that got stuck in my subconscious mind as a kid that made me tell people up front that the business side of Network Marketing is not for most people but the products were.  I was a proud (but stupid bird) ranting on my soap box (pardon the pun) that Network Marketing was not for most people until…

I Understood the Comp Plan.  Once I understood the comp plan of Network Marketing my motto instantaneously changed from this business is not for most people to…

“This Business Is For Everybody!” 

It is no secret that the key to building a six figure income in Network Marketing will be based on your ability to build a team of leaders.  It is also no secret that for those lacking knowledge of this industry bringing in people who do nothing at all is like having an open wound.  But what we must understand is the difference between Leaders and Fillers and that we need both of them in our business.

A leader of course is a professional business builder that we recruited and they go on to build a very successful down line and business.   A “Filler” is one who jumps into this business with us ready to tear up the world only to fizzle out and do nothing…except stay on auto-ship and love the products.  Many people in Network Marketing only want to recruit business builders, and do not even want to put “fillers” in their down line.

This is a major mistake because when you understand the comp plan, those fillers help close the gap and fill up your required business volume.  When you get to that place, you will jump for joy instead of wanting to give up this business when those who do not want to buy the big package and become a leader want to instead come in at the lowest possible level and take it slow.  Coming in at that level is fine just make sure they get set up for auto-ship!

I get as excited about signing up a filler as I do a business leader because I know that fillers help boost my paycheck, ranking and overall business volume.  However if you want to earn Financial Freedom in the industry of Network Marketing know for sure you will never do it as a “Filler” you must be a “Leader”.  So the next time a six and seven-figure income earner shares with you the business opportunity know for sure in the back of their mind they are wondering if you have the wisdom to see you can be the next millionaire leader on their team or is this stupid bastard a “Filler?”  It really does not matter much to them; they need both “Leaders and Fillers”.

The question is…which one do you want to be a Leader or a “Filler”?

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The Death Traps of Business

My early Mentor taught me a valuable lesson when I first started out in business.  He told me…”Never Get Excited About Anyone or You Will get Discouraged with Everyone”.  .What he was referring to was the acquisition of customers.  This is especially true for those in the Network don and brianMarketing Industry. For many Network Marketing people they join the industry only to almost instantly drop out because they launch their business on excitement only.  Of course excitement is important however, it is not excitement that produces success in business its systems that produce the success.

You see, excitement is a very tricky.  You can go to sleep with a heart and head full of it (excitement) and sometime in the middle of the night while you are asleep it will grow wings and fly out your window leaving you to wake up in the morning saying “What in the hell did I just get myself into?”  If you are going to be in business bee it traditional brink and mortar, Internet marketing or Network Marketing there is a foundation rule you must understand completely from the get go and that is…

“Business Is Not Designed To Make Money…

Business Is Designed To Create Wealth” 

Business is not designed to make you money it is designed to create you wealth.  Jobs are designed to make you money not create wealth for you.  Unless you understand that, know for sure business is going to be a rough and deadly road for you.  With the super high failure rate in business I want to share with you the “12 Death Traps of Business”.  Learn them well and you will do well in business, fail to learn or respect them and your chances to fail are inevitable.

Know Your Death Traps.  It is vital up front to understand the death traps, pit falls and circumstances that will destroy your business, dreams, income, future and make you quit.  The issue is not could these traps come, know right now…They Are Coming and they are Coming After You!! 

Death Trap #1  Trying to sell products and business opportunity to people.  We are not in the selling business; we are in the “Finding Business”. We are in the decision collecting business.

Death Trap#2 Getting discouraged when friends, family and strangers are not interested in what we offer and say No.  This business is not for most people so expect a no…from most people. But the good news is, there are enough people who will say Yes to our offer to make us rich!

Death Trap #3   Caring if someone says Yes or No to our business or product.  If you care if someone says yes or no you will get discouraged and quit your business.  Your attitude needs to be “Yes or NO, I have to Go”. It makes no difference if someone says yes or no, because we know who we are looking for.  You always take an attitude of control and never one of desperation.  Put a big sign on your wall that says

“I Refuse To Beg Anyone to Join My Million Dollar Business.”

Death Trap #4  Not using tools but using your mouth to build the business. Big Mistake. You will talk to much, confuse your prospect and not know how or when to shut up and drive people away. You now own a professional million dollar business that comes with state of the art business building tools.

Death Trap #5  Signing up anyone that has air in their lungs. The fastest path to failure and misery is signing up the wrong people on your team.  We are not looking for flakes, complainers, fault finders, know it all’s, whiners or butt holes; we are looking for the professionals wanting and willing to work for their dreams. When we expose someone to the business, they are not evaluating us we are evaluating them to see if they qualify to be on our team and business.  I have a mental sign in my head that says, “Quitters Need Not Apply Here”.

Death Trap #6  Not using the system that has already proven to work but instead trying to do things your way.  Just follow our proven system because it works.

Death Trap #7  Not listening or investing the time and training you need to build this million dollar business.

Death Trap #8  Working for money.  This business is not designed to make you money; it is designed to create you wealth and financial freedom.  Jobs are designed to make you money and keep you broke while you build your employers wealth.

Death Trap #9 Talking to the wrong people in our family and circle of friends. There are some around us, who love us but can’t stand it if we succeed at something and will do everything they can too pull us down with their words, laughter, and actions.  If you know they are like that, skip them, keep your sample for another and move on.

Death Trap #10 Not Keeping it Simple.  Our business is simple. All we do is pass out information, answer questions, and collect a decision. That is it!  Do you drink coffee? Try mine I think you will like it!  The great temptation you will have to fight off everyday is making this simple process complicated.

Death Trap #11  Never listen or allow anyone to speak negative to you about your business that is not a millionaire in this business.  Never listen to anyone who does not have what you want.  The biggest mark of losers is they want to give out a lot of free (worthless) advice.  Don’t be afraid to tell people who talk negative about our industry…”If I listen to you I would have to stick my head up your butt with you and I am not willing to do that, Thank you”. 

Death Trap #12  Forgetting what the death traps are.  Make sure you master and know your enemy because if you don’t they will destroy you, your wealth, dreams and future.  Know these death traps inside and out and you will never fall prey to them.

There is only one way to fail in this business and that is by quitting.  If you do not quit you cannot fail.

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Make a Habit of Studying Success

When I refer to making it a habit to study success I am not talking about reading motivational or self-help books in this context although reading those kinds of books are essential and important.  What I am referring to is a technique I use in my business boot camps with my students.  On day two of our boot camp I take the entire class on a field trip to a business that by all apparent reasons should not be succeeding and then to a second business that should be succeeding but is not and in fact failing.

CIMG0733Our mission is to figure out the “Why” factor in both businesses.  Most of the time success and failure is not open to the naked eye and therefore many misconceptions are formed on what works and what does not work.  My early mentors taught me “Become a Serious Student of Life and Business”.  That wisdom has served me well over all these years.  To give you an example, we went into a franchise yogurt shop to enjoy their tasty treats and to evaluate their business.  This was one of those businesses that by all appearances should not be succeeding but in fact was booming with business.  Let’s take a look at them from the naked eye.

They were located in a non busy hard to reach business area with not much traffic.  The parking was mediocre at best.  The yogurt was average of all other yogurt places.  Two other yogurt places are less than a mile away located in a very populated high foot traffic mall.  They only had one restroom for customers, a very small eating section, the chairs and table were hard and very uncomfortable and their prices were higher than the other franchise yogurt places.  Yet this store out performed the other yogurt stores and no matter what time or day you went, even in the winter time the store was jammed packed with customers.  To the natural eye this does not make any sense.  Oh, if you are wondering about the staff, they were typical teenagers with a job… (Need I say more?).

Their success is not a by-product of luck, it is not a temporary fad of good fortune.  Their success is a by-product of very sound, predictable and concrete principles that overrides all the other factors of should be failure challenges and allows them to enjoy the unparalleled amount of success that they do.  Once you understand the underlying principles of business success it was not hard to spot and understand why this company in spite of all natural appearances of challenges was in fact succeeding.   I have not yet had a business student in my class that could figure out the correct answer on the first visit.  Some came close however.  They could not figure it out until I showed them the reasons of why that yogurt place was so successful and it was sitting right there in front of them all the time we sat there eating our yogurt.

Knowing that information is what takes any business or career into the highest earner bracket of their industry, not knowing this information is the reason why most companies and professionals never reach their full potential. Now I know many of you reading this want to know what this information is, but I am also sure you wouldn’t want me to revel it to you for free since each student that comes to our business boot camps pays three thousand dollars to attend.  Sharing it for free would not be fair to them…right?  I knew you would agree.

So make sure from now on every time you go out to eat, or go shopping start evaluating why that business is succeeding or failing.  What are the mechanics that drives success or failure in that company?  Make sure you do not let your eyes fool you, because most of the time what you think the answer is, is not the answer at all.  Just like that yogurt shop in our town we evaluated.  The saddest place to be is to fail in business and not know the real reason why. Oh you will have a million and one blame excuses why you failed.  The second saddest place to be is to succeed and not know why.  Success is never permanent, and the reasons that got you there must be repeated continually.  However, if you have no clue of what really got you there how can you repeat them?  The answer is you can’t and that is why most people fly high in the sky only to fall out of the sky like a lead balloon.

Whatever results you are now experiencing in your life and business is a direct result of your daily actions and current business plan and methods.  I always ask people if what they are now doing giving them the results they want.  When they answer no, I ask them if they expect continuing doing the same thing they will get different results.  They all say no.  Then I sit back and wait to see if they do anything about it and most of them…don’t!

Melinda asked me why people do that.  I said I have no more of a clue than I have of how a brown cow eats green grass and makes white milk.  Human behavior, it can drive you to drinking.  There have been many occasions after watching human behavior better known as down right stupidity I have slammed my head on the table and said…”I need a Beer”! (And I don’t even drink).

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Fresh Breath and a Million Dollar Smile

Who doesn’t want a great smile and Fresh Breath?

As a professional that faces the public everyday having a Million Dollar Smile and Fresh Breath is a very important issue.  Having supreme oral health is not only important from a cosmetic and business aspect but even more importantly from a health perspective.  Science has shown the link between our oral health and many diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart attacks and many more serious health problems.

smileBack in 2006 I spent $26,000.00 on fixing my teeth. I went through 3 grueling surgeries over a year and half period to correct my teeth with implants.  Although it was expensive and painful it was nothing in comparison to now having a Million Dollar Smile and Fresh Breath. But most of all, to be rid of the embarrassment of bad teeth and bad breath is priceless!  Now that I went through all that I discipline myself to keep the highest form of Oral Hygiene and because I fight diabetes which diabetics are prone to have gum disease I make sure I do everything I can to stay on top of my oral health and smile.

(If you know anyone with diabetes, tell them about this toothpaste!! http://donandmelinda.organogold.com/r/US/personal-care.html).

One of things I use to maintain my oral health is I brush with toothpaste that is infused with an organic herb called “Ganoderma”.  It is a very powerful healing mushroom that has so much scientific and medical research done on it that you will be amazed.

If you want to drastically improve your smile, enjoy fresh breath, and be on your way to greater oral health I encourage you to try this toothpaste.  You can order on our website http://donandmelinda.organogold.com/r/US/personal-care.html 

If you battle with bleeding gums, bad breath or any type of oral problems, give this toothpaste a try.  If you want excellent Oral Health and Fresh Breath this toothpaste is a must.  Like me, I think you will experience extraordinary results from the “Gandoderma” in this amazing toothpaste. Best of all it tastes Fantastic!

Here are 5 Important Tips to Sell More and Increase Your Income…

  1. Dress for Success Nothing will kill a sale faster than poor improper dress.  Clothes that do not fit, not ironed, dirty, outdated or too provocative is a great way to lose a sale and future customer.  You want to look your best at all times.  You do not need to have the most expensive clothing around, you just need to have your current clothing looking and fitting good, ironed and cleaned.  Look at your shoes.  They should be polished and scuff free.  If you dress like a Million dollar earner before you are one, it will not be long before your income will match your clothing and image.  Your image tells the marketplace a lot about you. 
  1. Keep it Short and Simple My Millionaire Mentor told me many years ago that if an executive gives you 30 minutes of their time take 15 minutes instead.  They will respect you more and want to do more business with you.  Most professional presentations are way too long and destroy more sales than make more sales.  There was a very talented salesman that I knew well that was just not producing sales of what he was capable of producing.  I was talking to his sales manager and I said I knew how to fix the sales persons problem and it will only cost about $5.00.  The sales manager asked what is it that he needs to buy.  I said a roll of “Duct Tape” and put it on his mouth. He talks too much! 
  1. Give a Gift Treat your prospects to a cup of a high quality Latte.  Everyone drinks coffee and using a high quality latte is classy and appropriate.  I guarantee you that your competitors are not doing that.  If they give anything, it will be a cheap pen that leaks or pocket calendar that nobody wants or uses.  If your prospect gets excited about getting a pen or calendar that person does not have the authority to say yes or no to your offer that is for damn sure! You can order the best tasting high quality coffee from our online coffee café http://donandmelinda.organogold.com/r/US/beverages.html 
  1. Fresh Breath Once again the best thing you can do for your career, sales and income is to make sure you show up with fresh breath.  Do everything you can to improve your smile and oral hygiene. Whatever you do, do not use gum or mints to try and cover up bad breath, it makes matters worse!  Get to the root of the problem and attack the bacteria and the infection in the mouth.  The best way to do that is use a tooth paste that is infused with “Ganoderma”.  It will go along way in improving your overall oral hygiene.  You can order here http://donandmelinda.organogold.com/r/US/personal-care.html 
  1. Talk to the Right People  Far too many professionals waste a lot of time, energy and resources talking to the wrong people.  Boost your sales by doing a better job in qualifying your prospects.  It is better to find out in the first five minutes they are not the right ones than find out hours, days or weeks later after you put in a lot of time and effort in presentations and follow up. 

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Working to Hard For to Little…

Walk around everyday and everywhere you go you will find most people working way too hard for way to little.  It is a common trend that plaques our society and business structure.  There is no debate that working hard and harder than most people is a vital key to business and economic success.  The important thing however is working hard on the right thing.  “Working Hard on Things that Don’t Work, Don’t Make Them Work” was a classic saying of a motivational speaker I once heard.  Work hard we Leader Withinmust, but we must work hard on the proper things that work and bring us the results we are looking for.

There was a popular saying in 2006 with a lot of Law of Attraction gurus and followers that promoted that the hardest working people are broke, with the connotation and reflection that hard work is not the key to success and financial achievement.  They would give examples of blue collar workers or family members that were excellent moral human beings that worked their fingers to the bone yet had little and made little.  They were quick to quote “The hardest working people I know are broke”.  My thought is, if that is the case “you know the wrong people!” Yes it is true that many if not the majority of hard working people are broke and on the lower scale of financial revenue, but it is not that hard work does not work but in fact working hard on the wrong thing.

I watch a lot of professional salespeople, business owners, investors and professionals of every field working like crazy to get ahead, grow their business and client base with dismal results. Not all our hard work is going to pay off or bring us the results we want. The key factor is to constantly evaluate our ‘hard work’ and see if it is producing the results we want.  There are only two answers, a simple Yes or No.  No moving parts, no need to bring in an analytical genius to figure things out, no fancy computer software needed just a simple truthful answer, is this method working and is all this hard work giving me the results I want?

If the answer is yes, keep doing it you are on the right path.  If the answer is No you must abandon it, change it and do something different. This seems simple, logical and is only common sense…right?  Yet millions of people everyday get up, complain, moan and groan, ready to jump out the window because they are working hard on things that don’t work yet never stop to change things.  Most of the time it is a small change that will produce gigantic results.  I constantly evaluate everything I do in business (and life too) to see if it is producing the results I want.  If I am working really hard on something that just is not giving me the results I want, I dump it and move on to something else.  Never be married to an idea, plan, method, business or product that does not work.

Work Hard but be very selective where you apply that hard work. Working Hard and Working Smart is working hard on things that work…that produce what you want.  Want more sales, more customers, better customer retention and increased profits?  Here are 5 ways to make your hard work produce more of what you want.

  1. Use Lead Generating Gifts  One of the most powerful gifts I use that should be used by every sales professional and business owner is giving their prospective buyers a cup of the world’s greatest coffee, hot chocolate or tea.  I use the caption “Let me buy you a Latte”…  Using gourmet coffee as a lead generator is not only an appropriate gift, but it is one that is thoughtful, unique, and personal and makes you to stand out and be remembered.  I was recently working with a client who marketed to Fire Departments that needed a way to effectively reach them.  What better way to open the door and get your foot in then with a cup of premium coffee for the Chief and the crew? www.DonandMelinda.OrganoGold.com 
  1. Know What You Are Doing This seems obvious but it is quite obvious that most people don’t know what they are doing.  For instance, know why you are in business.  If you are in business to make money, get out and go get a job. Jobs are designed to earn money.  A business is designed to create wealth. 
  1. Know Who You Are Looking For Who is your ideal customer, supplier, partner, investor, or market?  It is amazing how many sales professionals work extremely hard trying to sell lawn mowers to people who live in apartments. This of course is a metaphor but you get the idea.  I know exactly who I am looking for and I immediately assess if the person I am talking or dealing with is that person and if they are not I end the dance and move on…Instantly! It is a waste of time, energy and resources to dance with the wrong partner.  Everyday I look for 2 professional people that want to earn a six and seven figure income over the next 18 months playing at the professional level in my Network Marketing business.  With that being the case do you think I am going to talk to the kid at Mc Donald’s who cannot even get my order right about my business?  Yet that is exactly the prospect many people who get into Network Marketing try to talk to and that is why they fail.  They simply do not know who they are looking for. 
  1. Know What To Expect In business you can expect to work hard, work long hours, encounter constant delays, setbacks and problems, and not make any money for 12 to 18 months and fund money into your business until your business starts funding your income.  I let people know up front what to expect in business both in traditional business or Networking Marketing and let them decide if they are willing to pay that price.  People are mislead into business with the idea that one eyed Sue who was living in a shoe 9 months ago and got into this business is now a Millionaire!  Wrong expectations will always lead to wrong experiences and results. 
  1. Wrong Way To Close There is always an exception to this rule but in most cases stop trying to close the wrong people with the right product over lunch!  All you end up with is wasting a lot of time and money and inherit a lot of anger and frustration as you are hit with a large lunch tab and the prospect gets up scratches his ass while picking pork out of his teeth and says…”Let me think about it, I will get back with you” (the only thing they think about is how can I get another free lunch out of this sap?) or this other losers phrase by Men who should be wearing a dress instead of pants, “Let me talk it over with my wife”.  Talk it over with your wife…what are you a freaking mouse, woman or a man? Do you Pee sitting down instead of standing up or what?  I shutter to think of all the money I wasted on this method of closing over the years and discipline myself now never to take this route in business.  Today, you do not get lunch until the contract is signed and the check clears.  When those two things happen, well then I pull out all the stops and we can party till the cows come home…on my tab! 

Well I know today’s writing made some folks mad as hell, some laugh out loud and slapped some folks back into reality…and I do not apologize for whatever reaction you had.  My point is to help you never again “Work Way to Hard for Way to Little”. 

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Don and Melinda Boyer